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  1. Yes post in ot 8-) That other rants forum is for RS
  2. If a woman/mother can show she has real or ethical for not enlisting, she can appeal to the "conscience committee" and be relieved of duty, but for men it's much harder and they are often sent to military prison (and some women don't pass the committee's scrutiny/don't even know it exists) Being a father is rarely a reason for the committee to relieve the man from military duty. A woman with a child doesn't get automatically exempted either if she is young. 30-40 and older men/women naturally don't have to enter the service for example if they just obtained citizenship. The maximum age of entering service is 29, minimum is 18, and conscripts stay in the reserve until 45 years old (proposed law reform to drop the age to 40)
  3. I was barely playing anymore back in 2003-2004, but due to friend's recommendations, logged in on easter & halloween to get the ears and scythe, still hold them in my inventory although I haven't logged in for ages. I'm 100% certain both were in RSC, I still have a distant memory image of walking in the wilderness and seeing a server message "happy halloween" + about 5 scythes spawning on the ground near me (you could only pick up one). I also found the ears definitely in RSC.
  4. When women in Israel get drafted for active military duty (which is compulsory) which can also involve combat situations, the grandparents and other relatives usually look after the kids if the women have any. The families tend to be very tight-knitted and it's usually not a problem. So I also concur that it seems like a bit of a strawman argument. What I agree with is that not everyone should be on the front lines... The military needs supplies just as bad as it needs manpower. After serving in the military for a while I enormously started to respect the maintenance crews and the meal preparers, transporters/drivers, radio operators etc... Without them, the soldiers are nothing and can't do anything. Jobs during a draft/wartime should just be given based on training, education, the person's capabilites etc., regardless of gender, just like in Israel. They don't draft women who design microchip structure at Intel for machine gunners. They draft family mothers, physical labourers, etc..
  5. Not as clear as you'd think. Google results for any given terms don't prove anything... IMO a very horrible basis to make assumptions on It's pretty much historical fact Jesus did exist (his divinity can be debated), I'm just saying appealing to the results of a search engine is a strawman argument. The above query gets more than ten times the results, and it's obviously not true. Search engines don't work like that.
  6. Slumdog Millionaire Now that I think of it & think about all the stuff I've seen, it's probably the best movie I've seen in my entire life. From an artistic point of view it's also nearly 100% perfect. If you don't understand different cultures or realities other people have to live in, you might find it weird or boring though.
  7. And how about my Chinese church? There's no way we depict him as some Asian dude who looks like Confucius. (That's how you spell it, for the record) I think I read somewhere that the Romans actually did know something about China. Of course that doesn't mean Jesus was Chinese (not like you guys are serious), but it...could...be...possible? They did... Rome sent multiple ambassadors to Chinese imperial courts, they actually had pretty good relations & Rome never even considered military hostility against the various dynasties governing those areas
  8. Dark purple is probably one of the coolest colors. I got 3 shirts in that color, and don't really care if anybody 'digs' it or not, it looks great. Not sure about bright pink though.. My grandfather has some light pink shirts and it looks average. Not 'gay' at all IMO..
  9. The most brutal and disgusting exploiters, ruthless gangsters in the world have almost always been white people like russians, british, italian etc... (Also recently asian) But yes these days youth often take it as "a guy who wears baggy clothing" and organise with other small-minded teens to beat up passers-by thinking they're tough. [hide=real gangster] [/hide] These people are real gangsters, maybe if those 17 year old kid "chavs" realized their intelligence isn't high enough for them to ever 'rise up the ladder', maybe they'd get real jobs and quit acting. That guy was holding more cash in his hideout apartment block than a group of a few dozen typical chavs would ever make in multiple lifetimes.
  10. In the case of reviving old, dead MMO's like Asheron's Call or Helbreath, I even respect those GM's running the server. The owner no longer has any potential to turn a real profit from the games, they are old and outdated & the official servers are permanently down, but the community still likes them. What about RSC? Supply and demand just don't meet. There are thousands of people who want to try the old version, and only people who played way back can still log into the server (a couple hundred active ones now). That's the primary reason why private servers exist. Jagex's version is much safer than unstable private RSC servers, just about impossible to cheat or dupe in any longer, the only threat is 'autoers'. Other than that, they could just charge the typical $5 and just let people play it, instead of filing costly lawsuits against students who run those servers for other people's enjoyment. I don't really understand Jagex's motives on this one. They should be only concerned about cash flow. With maybe 2,000 or more people paying for RSC (about 1% of RS2 paying members), $10k a month might seem like a drop in the ocean, but that would still be $120,000 extra revenue every year in Jagex's pocket. They could even put a disclaimer "no customer support" and run low-end servers, they'd get practically free money just by running RSC to all interested players again.
  11. http://www.religioustolerance.org/chr_jcfa.htm The pictures you see in churches and frescos are just that, imaginary speculation... It's just about impossible he was "white" in the modern sense of the word. He was from the middle-east and more likely than not looked like all the other arabic people living in Palestine 2,000 years ago.
  12. It's nothing more than a matter of societal values. In China every citizen is drafted for 2 years of service, in western countries every man is drafted for ½-1 year or more of service. That means women serve in the military as well. Say what you want about communism or human rights, but some societies like Israel and China are way ahead when it comes to equality between genders (ignoring the fact that uneducated rural people in China often abort their child if they suspect it's a girl - they tend to think a boy would bring them more money and honor, this practice doesn't really exist in the big cities) There isn't an "excuse". There isn't a reason why women shouldn't serve their society in societies where men have to, not even in civil service. Maybe the idea will catch on from Israel/China to other countries as well one day.
  13. Trapical is like a mirror of me when I was still studying and yet to finish school at like 18-19. Pretty much exactly my sentiments on regular life & why I joined the military at the time. It wasn't just for the money; I couldn't stand working some crappy office job and not moving anywhere all day, being subject to the whims of some lousy mid-level manager and bringing them reports and coffee. (I did quit once something else happened in my life and I got a bit more capital though) Ever since, I really only concentrated on investment. It's definitely not an 'ordinary job', because there are no employees or superiors. You just execute sell/buy orders online. I did create a LLC company for all the stock holdings, but that only has 1 person besides me managing assets, so that's probably unconventional too. I could recommend it once you settle down, it's not that boring, because everything that happens in the real world, affects funds, raw material and stock prices. It keeps your mind sharp and you can even keep a day off if you feel stressed. If it's a slow day you can just post on forums etc. while waiting for something to happen.
  14. The charges were bogus, orchestrated by money-hungry parents of some kids who got to visit his ranch, and the court found him not guilty. He may have self-esteem issues and undergone massive plastic surgery, but I hope with time people can quit that B.S...
  15. BlueLancer


    Kreator and Sean Baker Orchestra have some pretty good heavier metal production. Just got into them last year by a friend's recommendation. It's never too late to find great bands that always existed.. You simply didn't know, or didn't care enough in the past to look into them
  16. I never liked the combat system of RS2, and never played that version actively (only leveled to 108 on RSC). In classic you can't escape for three rounds, in RS2 it's just sloppy and weird. If it was more like the combat system of Diablo I'd be all over this game again in my spare time. Now it seems they want to orient more & more to kids under 14 judging by the storylines and quests they come up with. Not to mention the 'hilarity factor'... Old players can't forget the witty 'examine' humor Andrew and Paul put on various objects. Now the 'funny' parts of RS consist of supposedly funny creature names or cities, which aren't really funny at all. Guess you could say they "sold out", instead of providing the best game possible, they switched to providing the shareholders at Jagex the best return on investment possible. The focus switched from user experience to maximum profit and the game got a bit lame for some (not all) older players
  17. Without saying what everyone said already (immature kids are sensitive to what their peers think about them) I guess there is some truth to the stereotypical 'mmorpg' player, no matter if it's RS or WOW or some other fantasy game. The few random WoW players I met in real life age 16-25 were without exception socially awkward (everything they said and did just distanced them from other people), significantly overweight, reads masses of sci-fi and even Halo books while not on a computer, and lived at their parents either playing the game full-time or only studying & playing. The few RS players I've met during my life were mostly pretty normal people, who spent maybe 1-2 hours a day playing the game, some days not playing at all. It would be a lie to say RS players are more "normal" than WoW players, because all kinds of people play both games. But if you pay $15 a month, you're sort of committing yourself to spending hours & hours on a game which can affect a person & his health negatively. I haven't paid for RS or even played it actively since 2002/3, but it's always available for free at no commitment if you want to log in just for fun, to check if any old friends play etc.
  18. ATITool 0.26 / 0.27 -> Settings -> Fan speed -> Set 80-100% constant, some noise will occur but the card stays cool... Runs Radeon 4870 at 32C idle with 80% fan speed constant
  19. It's not the same, I also had trouble listening to teachers and various authorities, in the military it's different. You have the knowledge that some of those older men (and a few women) have been in service for years, maybe got cadet academy training, maybe even have combat experience; You see them in a different light. Every man from Lance Corporal to Captain earned his rights for those collar and sleeve tags. If you just follow the simple guidelines (tip: If something is in the army, it means it's so dumb anyone could do it) that recruits & privates must obey, the first phases will be a breeze. A commanding officer/NCO can't punish or correct you for mistakes you didn't make. Remember proper saluting manners; Heels together at all times and only talk after lowering your hand. Don't leave shoelaces in sight. Wear the equipment that your unit is ordered to, complete the daily training, and you should have no issue with authority (unless some idiot petty officer starts abusing power/ordering attention & at ease dozens of times in a row, in which case you can file a report to the unit's chief officer)
  20. Black people in general are more likely to be physically able than other "races". Asian people in general are more likely to be skilled in analytical/organised thinking than other races. White people in general are much more likely to be skilled in planning businesses/extracting resources than other races. I've never been racist and had friends from nearly all continents since childhood, but I don't feel any need to be politically correct. People do have physical differences. I've observed it all the way from kindergarden to the military. Ignoring physical realities and statistical probability (such as east asians having an average of 105 IQ, or 5 points above western white people at 100 IQ) [1] is hypocritical and illogical. That doesn't give anyone the right to discriminate though. I don't hate anybody for their skin color or attributes even subconsciously. Why would you hate someone for something they can't change?
  21. I can only act 'friendly' with either my brother, or direct cousins whom I'm very close with, both female and male. I don't consider it "gay", I don't have anything against gay people either so I couldn't give a damn what some angry skinhead teen thinks is "gay" either way. If anything, I find most of western culture repugnant when it comes to family and close friendly relations. Everybody is distant, avoids their non-immediate family and usually doesn't want to have much to do with them. Slavic countries and Italy have got it right though, even the distant relatives get taken care of, if they bear your blood and family name, they are like your own family & help you with business, you help them, take sick elderly relatives to a hospital, lend money at zero interest, to an extent you practically share your life with them etc...
  22. BlueLancer


    I really don't see the point considering how expensive the "proper" ones are ($70-$300 for a very small bottle), the price isn't the issue, it's the sleazy product you get in return. Shaving lotion+ a few drops liquid aftershave is enough. I also got gift bottles of davidoff coolwater/black armani but rarely use them. I have to concur with a previous poster... Smelling strongly like something distinctive is not always an advantage especially in professional situations. That davidoff stuff smells like cut grass, lemon and mint mixed together. But each to their own. Yeah that's Mennen Cheap and effective. Detested by few and appreciated by many. It's all you need really. [/salespitch] Probably one of the first bathroom items a lot of kids recognise from childhood too, besides toothpaste brands.
  23. DK3 (the host) went bankrupt and eventually all related domains went inactive, that was after the old boards changed to "scapeboard.com". They also had the nerve to exploit any remaining traffic visiting that address, & sold it to servage.net for a few thousand dollars (Silverion, boss of tip.it didn't get a cent of that amount) They also "lost" all the forum databases that contained countless topics full of information and posts from old famous players (they likely cleaned all server hard-drives so they would be sellable for what scraps they could gather from their business operation), so we had to start over in summer 2004, when the forum was again hosted on tip.it and still remains as such.
  24. That isn't a problem in Finland, you are required by law to obtain 6, 9 or 12 months of military/combat training (12 mostly for petty officers/officer school and heavy equipment drivers, 6 months for corporals and below, 9 for medics etc.) by the time you're age 18, entering service at 19, or later if you have good reasons to postpone up to 29 years old. If you refuse, you can either complete compulsory 12 months of civil service (used to be 13) or the MP takes you to prison for 180 days. Few other countries except Israel have such harsh laws concerning this issue. Personally the army was like a second home to me when I was way younger, later as my financial situation improved I also lost motivation. The pay is horrible and being away from civilization for such long periods starts eating you from the inside, the only good thing about it is the ability for peacekeeping abroad. If you can do something else for money & you're young, do so...
  25. The new content tripsis wrote is pretty good, included that in the topic & due credit. The topic is currently in the recycle bin though (deleted items) but it's been updated in case it's necessary in the future.
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