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  1. Training 'away from keyboard' is against Jagex rules.
  2. Merged with "Things that you HATE" topic
  3. You can advertise things in this topic: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=144061 In any other place referrals are prohibited for a simple reason... They ruin the forum when people start posting click wars /referral schemes & make unnecessary spam posts to get more exposure for their own link.
  4. Jagex rarely reads fansite forums, if you want to influence the issue in any way just continue the discussion on the official forum at runescape.com
  5. Most (unwealthy average) people in capitalist western societies are enslaved by money and debts, living in delusional 'freedom'. You don't have to wear a steel ball chained to your legs, but you're still doing things you hate just to pay off necessities. The steel ball is mental unlike in feudal Europe or old America when it was physical. Living conditions have improved and you can have your own/rented residence & family now, but you'll still be working a job you despise for 'big money' which is only interested in accumulating increased profits for their quarterly reports to appease even bigger money and investors. Of course that doesn't apply to some of the smart people here who probably have a shot at landing a job they enjoy working (or already have one), but even in the US, the vast majority of the population works tedious labour jobs that could be likened to slavery, jobs that should be only fit for a machine. Slavery exists and will always exist; People with money outsourcing dirty and tedious jobs to poorer people who have no option except compliance (or starvation). Being able to afford a TV or a vacation isn't really relevant. By working minimum wage or close to it in the US you are practically a slave like those in ancient Rome; living from hand to mouth every paycheck without the possibility of advancement. Instead of an actual master telling you what to do, your master is now simply currency; Money. It's inanimate and cold, yet it makes the same clear, cruel point to poor people without saying a word: If you don't continue working your tedious job, your existence will crumble.
  6. Yes there's a similar game with 18 pages at: viewtopic.php?f=81&t=730113
  7. Some countries in Europe have a pretty working system, in which you can buy light alcoholic drinks (such as beer) at age 18 (even 16), and after you hit 21 you can buy strong spirits, liquors, etc. A person is only technically an adult at 18. I think it's appropriate that strong alcoholic beverages can't be bought instantly when you hit that magical number.. 3 years should be more than enough to learn responsible drinking. People wonder why 18 year old's can join the army and smoke cigarettes (which can cause direct deaths just as alcohol does)... It's just politics. The army of any country can't ultimately survive without a continuous supply of young recruits. Contrary to what you might believe, a 18 year old can be often more naïve than a 21-year old, who could be harder to persuade into joining (compared to a person who just hit adulthood and wants to 'prove' himself) Cigarette companies also direly need the business they get from young people who are a major demographic in their business scheme. Lifting the smoking age to 21 would cost them enormous amounts of money which in turn hurts the state economy because less cigarette taxes and tariffs/import duties are paid. Alcohol is also a major tax revenue source in western countries, but 16-21 year olds are not the main demographic [1]despite consuming some of it and engaging in binges They are a quite marginal drinking group, and limiting their drinking only gives a positive image to 'care-taking' politicians who in turn get more votes from concerned parents. The vast majority of new soldier recruits and cigarette smokers are young, but alcohol consumption mostly concentrates on ages 24 and upwards.
  8. Just another case of making a 'example' of an average person to deter others... The RIAA operative apparently just went for an easy target who isn't using a proxy to hide her identity, determined she has downloaded 24 songs and asked the ISP to release her personal information. If RIAA wanted to really go after users, let's just say there are countless people who have songs in the range of 10-20,000 per hard-drive and more.. No, this isn't about punishing a typical mother, it's like a theatre scene played over and over again.. They sue a 'normal' person, so that another 'normal' person will think twice before downloading. It obviously doesn't work since piracy is still exponentially rising every year and has been for over 5 years [1], maybe instead of suing normal consumers they could work out different distribution schemes, cheaper albums, no DRM, etc... To make consumption of movies/music as easy as possible... I'd say around $0.10 per track is still a very profitable business scheme when you consider all the new customers you'll be getting
  9. Same thing happened to me, except it was a traffic light. Just maybe 6 months after getting the license as well. You have to be careful if you're a new driver driving in slippery conditions, it's nothing like driving during summer.
  10. No. Learning two almost opposite-structured languages is a much better option than say, learning German and Dutch at the same time (having studied multiple languages, I can only imagine the pain of two closely related germanic languages at once) Latin and German have nothing in common, it's a great combination.
  11. If you like heavier rock/metal, the album Whoracle by In Flames, just realized how great it is, had it for a long time but only recently had time to properly listen to it. Good songs include 'The Hive', 'Jotun'
  12. 'They' at Hollywood or corporations are not some unreachable superhumans. Often they are excellent social manipulators, even with hints of sociopathy and lack of empathy towards fellow employees. A lot of them have average IQ's and are otherwise quite average. Todays 'celebrities' have done nothing worth celebrating or anything at all making them 'role models'... Look at it objectively, those stories sell because people buy them. Gossip magazines will make articles about the past girlfriends of ex-Big Brother competition winners as long as there are people dull enough to keep reading about them. I don't judge those people, but it's a market and those magazines tap into them. The only 'obsession' with celebrity is amongst a small niche of people in society, statistically gossip is marketed towards women with low education (though there are people of all social classes/races/genders into gossip). Most people in society are not 'obsessed' with the latest drunk adventures of Britney or Amy Winehouse. If you asked around in your circle of family and friends you'd likely find a minor percentage is actually obsessed with 'celebrities'
  13. Yes post the question here sorry it's just the rules
  14. I'd never censor my productions, even if it meant less sales. Not only does it give a sell-out signal (and a big middle-finger) to all the fans, it's pathetic. If Wal-Mart doesn't like it, their loss. They also lose money on the huge commissions they'd get from all the sold GD albums. I'm not a fan of the band at all but they made the right decision.
  15. Post here to continue the discussion (without flaming)
  16. Curse words being censored on TV is a joke. A lot of family-friendly formats like 24 have had their scripts altered since the beginning to only use mild swears like 'damn' or 'dammit', which is also a good direction, but if swears are used... Why bother blanking them out? For example, in France and some other European countries this practice doesn't exist. You can hear swearwords, see nudity and other 'bad' things during the day even at 15.00PM. People quickly become desensitized to things. They are no longer a taboo or something bad. If you forbid something, it just becomes more fascinating to young people.
  17. R-really? If you can name two people who even remotely fit that description, I'd be impressed, 'cause I gotta tell ya, I'm currently residing at one of the top ten schools in the nation, in engineering, and I really frikkin can't attest to that. Except for the Asians. For some reason they're immune to all stereotypes except for the fact that they're all frikkin smart. http://www.uniquerocks.com/news/10-mill ... banks.html [hide=][/hide] I'm talking about the truly smart people, who are maybe 0.01% of the population. Their brain activity is at the level of a born genius, they usually don't show any outwards signs of being 'geeks', nor are they physically unfit or socially awkward. It's hard to meet such a person (actually, because they rarely reveal their other interests until you get to know them) A lot of people do meet the stereotype though, I'm not surprised at your findings at the engineering school
  18. Looks can be extremely decieving. I personally know people in real life who are extremely into coding/bypasses (sadly some also are into trojans etc. for credit card numbers) and on the outside, you couldn't distinguish them from Armani models. You could almost assume they do sports for a living. They are very alert and can read people's emotions, intentions etc., which is almost the exact opposite of the stereotypical "nerd" who is socially inept and codes bizarre applications for his own amusement. I don't think it will ever be cool to be a "nerd". It doesn't correlate with being smart or a 'geek'. Some computer nerds (using this word in a neutral context) model their entire lives around meaningless video games, reading tons of comic books, etc., such as people who label themselves Hikikomori in Japan (a young man/woman living at their parents home spending all their time on usually-electronic activities). In general, society tends to find them repulsive, or parasitic. Then again, those people made their own choices and probably don't want any approval from society in the first place. Their lifestyle makes them happy. They likely don't care whether they're percieved as 'cool' or not.
  19. He made the signature 3 years ago. He doesn't even have it anymore. No point in bumping this
  20. If you drink it, you'll just get wasted fast and have a massive hangover due to the extremely high alcoholic content (towards 75-80%) after heavy consumption. It tastes like crap if you don't dilute it enough, too. It's not really a magical drink. It's a bunch of herbs in high percentage alcohol.
  21. BlueLancer


    Simo Hayha killed more people than the fictional hero Jack Bauer on television... Not saying I necessarily admire killing, but he did what needed to be done. Despite not being the biggest guy around physically, I think it's harder to find a more "badass" man than him, he wasn't psychotic or unstable either. He had extremely rational strategies, like mentioned, putting snow in his mouth to prevent breath from revealing his location, freezing the snow around him, killing his attacker even with his jaw missing etc.
  22. BlueLancer


    [hide=]- Three businessmen, a canadian, a frenchman and an american are stuck in an elevator. The american presses the alarm and says "Could we get a maintenance guy over here? We're kind of stuck." 20 minutes later, the elevator goes to the upper floor and the three men leave for work.[/hide] [hide=]- What did the eskimo basketball player say to the chinese ice hockey player? - Hope your team has a good game tonight. Personally, I missed two rebounds yesterday.[/hide] I love breaking stereotypes.
  23. Chocolate is a mixture of a huge amount of chemical compounds. Chocolate isn't universally good or bad. Only the dark variety has any positive health effects though, as the study shows. There are no benefits at all from eating other kinds such as white or milk chocolate, you only gain calories from them. That's not to say they don't taste good; It's just that from a scientific point of view, the only 'good' chocolate is dark.
  24. I drink rarely, when it's alcohol it's usually Captain Morgan's Black label rum (Or appleton) and cream liquors like Baileys are the best IMO. Scotch whiskey goes fine too, never drink just for the sole purpose of getting 'wasted' though. It's just a substance amongst others, there's nothing glorious or great about overconsuming it.
  25. BlueLancer


    Those examples are almost straight out of Family Guy episodes (very similar). I admit even though sometimes they're childish I've always found "anti-humor" jokes funny in the right context. There are a lot of people who hate shows like FG and think 'why do people watch this trash'. I find it slightly amusing :lol:
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