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  1. You're not alone, people of all social classes, genders and backgrounds have that view, they just prefer to keep it to themselves, or are afraid of being branded as criminals. Many persons just don't want to publicly post what you wrote. There is also undisputable evidence that these downloads are really free, effective advertising that lead to increased sales The study and article have even more facts about p2p downloading. Instead of branding people as crooks, research facts first. I usually stay out of discussions like this but there is too much misinformation and too few people bringing out the truth.
  2. Dark Blue. It's about undercover officers in the US, just started airing last month I think. It's ok.
  3. Helping misfortunate people who really deserve it even if it ends up costing me a bunch of $. I don't expect anything in return nor am I religious. It's one of the few genuine sources of satisfaction I can still find in life. Not talking about people whose favourite football team went bankrupt, I mean people who are the real victims in this 'game'.
  4. There are dozens of reasons why meeting people face to face first makes for more long-lasting relationships. It's one thing to meet a woman/man in a social situation and then chatting with them online (as they already have some idea about your personality and looks), it's completely different to start by chatting online. Yes, there are many people who meet up online and end up happy. Even on RS. But there are so many more things that can go wrong when not meeting in person ASAP, such as broken expectations, false impressions, etc.. If you don't truly have common interests and 'match', these relationships will cause pain to both parties very fast when the clout settles down and you truly start living in a relationship. Some men/women also subconsciously will attach attributes to your personality when you seek a match online instead of real life (such as shyness or weakness). Not all online relationships are bound to fail, far from that. I just saw too many of my friends burned by this phenomena. I would be very cautious. There are very few 'ideal' dating candidates online, and a lot of desperate people who instead of seeking a special someone, will settle for anybody at all. A man who spams 400 profiles in hopes of getting at least 1 response is probably not going to solicit very much sense of trustworthiness.
  5. I also recently started reading up on the mexican drug cartels. Those cartels often have gigantic debts to even more powerful gangsters from other countries like Russia, Colombia and China. They operate under death threats to their families due to not producing enough profits. It's a horrible situation, it's more than one man or a family can bear, I'd move out of Mexico altogether unless living in a very rural distant area largely untouched by drugs. It's pretty frightening that those mobs have more powerful equipment than even the Mexican army does, guided surface-to-air missiles, helicopters, high caliber sniper rifles etc. Unless at any point the US army gets involved or demand for illegal drugs drops magically, the problem is never going away. They are extremely powerful and corrupted all areas of Mexican governance. They go to unbelieveable lengths of brutality to achieve their goals every single day. http://www.eitb24.com/noticia/en/B24_110902 This happened just a few weeks ago
  6. I don't think there's anything wrong with it, some girls might think it though. Even if they don't say it as rudely as your previous girlfriend, they can unconsciously label crying men as 'weak'. Societal bias will definitely allow girls and women of any age to cry, but today even a 12 year old boy crying is labeled as a 'sissy' or 'weak'. As you age though, if you're male, you will naturally cry less because of increased hormone levels. I noted the same, actually can't recall more than maybe a single situation from age 16+ upwards that I'd seen any of my male friends crying. It's not just hearsay, it's biological fact. Good thing is she's your ex, so you can find a girl who actually prefers you for who you are, instead of judging you over things like that. It's not permanent either, if you think crying could ruin your future relationships (which totally depends on how the other party reacts as well), that's likely not true either because it will 'phase out' the older you get. Doesn't mean it'll stop, you will just have more control over it and it will naturally come less often.
  7. That pretty much describes why I think it's unnatural, unattractive, repulsing and unhealthy to 'only' sit on the computer and do nothing else in your life. Playing games a few hours a day, nothing wrong with some entertainment. When all you ever do in life is sit and stare at a screen, something will eventually go wrong either socially, health-wise or otherwise. Even skilled coders take breaks from their job or have a few days in between hard sessions. It's not necessarily a 'bad life' but you will likely regret spending your entire youth that way (applies to a small % of gamers though who don't even venture out of the house living on their parents funds, or even drop out of school to play games unprofessionally) Online, there is a certain mentality that prohibits judging these people's lifestyles. Sensible people don't 'judge', they try to tell the people something's wrong. If you try to help a drug addict (who could be similarly ruining his life or youth), that's not judgement, that's compassion. Excessive gaming and not doing anything else in life can be just as destructive.
  8. Prison fights would be an effective way to deal with the prison population. I had this idea in my Government class. Let's expand and do this. It's a joke, that's the plot of the movie "Death Race".
  9. OpenOffice is free, Windows compatible and lighter/more efficient than Word. It also supports all formats Word does. There is no reason to pay for a commercial version.
  10. BlueLancer


    Stealing is illegal and warrants imprisonment like the other crimes the gang might commit during the commission of theft such as violence. But it seems clear you haven't even attempted to find out these people's backgrounds and motives. Brutal gangs develop without exception in poor areas and neighbourhoods in all countries. They are a statistic present wherever social inequality is massive. Real gangs (with the exception of some petty pot dealers) don't exist in normal environments with healthy education and employment opportunities. These are youngsters who even the educational system *expects* to fail. All people need to eat and feed their family regardless of the job situation or other external factors. Humans are biological creatures. If given no other option and the welfare isn't enough to stay alive, they *will* gather those resources from people who are better off, such as banks, stores, or in some cases other people. In an area of Russia where people earn an average of $60 per month and unemployment is roughly 70%, how can you judge the people who steal the town mayor's $100k BMW and sell the parts to split profits? This is a natural reaction when confronted with gross power imbalance anywhere in nature. If a lion has a dozen slain zebras all to himself while 20 hungry cubs have nothing, what do you think is going to happen as a matter of time? No, I don't defend them. I also worked for private security & met some of those people. I just think you don't want to handle the truth objectively and find out _why_ the gangs exist. It's out of necessity.
  11. It's based on "GeoIP" and the ads are localized, or don't display at all depending on where you live. U.S. people age 13-24 with internet connections and thus access to spare money (either from family or jobs) are a hugely desired demographic for advertisers, so in that case you'd be seeing those ads every day.
  12. Probably for the same reasons that people think that lethal injection is an inhumane punishment for murderers and rapists. :? Because even (posthumously) innocent people in the past have been tied to that chair or recieved the injection. Tip.it can't know which cases are genuine and which are just designed to ruin a clan/person's reputation. Nothing can stop you from discreetly warning people though, such as PM'ing a friend to be cautious if pk'ing with that clan. It's not that the staff are control nazis, the policy protects innocent people as well from baseless accusations made in a fit of rage.
  13. "Luck money" is how a lot of people in various MMORPG's get rich. Maybe even the majority in certain games. It just takes a few valuable drops, even just one, from a dangerous monster, and you just skipped hundreds/thousands of hours of grinding tedious skills to earn the same amount of money you get from that item. It's not "fair" if that's what you ponder but it will always exist, in real life as well.
  14. What's sickening is that soon after Jagex introduced common players as p-mods, people started going around cities for hours on the end just to find people to report, even if their starred out conversations included completely innocent words or people linking to runescape.com (I saw a user on tip.it get muted for this actually). That's not the spirit of the game or the duty of a p-mod. If you really 'need' that silver crown, you want to genuinely help people, catch real troublemakers and improve the community. By just reporting a person every time you see "*****" blurted out in the midst of a friendly conversation (which could be any, non-vulgar word) you make the community worse and more suspicious & paranoid of each other. Most p-mods are good people who are not 'report-happy psychos'. I also p-modded from 2004 until quitting due to inactivity. I made maybe 2 reports a week and some posts on the forum. Some I knew had played since the beginning of RS, a few hours a day, making reports rarely and only for a reason. Many of the 'new' p-mods are repulsive though, narcissistic personalities who trample on other players to 'achieve' a crown next to their name. It's sad that Jagex has chosen not to further analyze these people to see if they are fit to be the role models the company needs.
  15. The military is nothing but repetition day after day, just thought to throw that out there. It's not the 'exciting' 24/7 combat and shooting practice an outsider would think of it as. A gigantic amount of the time you'll be mopping floors, listening to lectures, running or doing pushups, sleeping, eating, waking up early & repeating it every single day. The contract is also for 5 years in the States so you'll have to live with the lifestyle unless you 'want out' with a dishonorable discharge (in some cases that could also get you jail time) Also once/if you get assigned to a post overseas it's going to be even more boring than civilian life most of the time. You'll patrol in a vehicle or sit in the barracks switching guard duty shifts for weeks, months without anything happening. Even in Iraq most casualties don't come from combat at all; 63% of all US casualties in Iraq are from IED's, the rest are from friendly fire/suicide, a small portion comes from firefights or actual combat situations. Nobody can judge you if you choose this lifestyle. I too lived it at your exact age. Just don't let it ruin your expectations; It's absolutely nothing like in the media or fictitious games/movies.
  16. It does, it's just an extremely rare quality like genius. Sure all people are 'unique' in terms of biology, a very small percentage are really unique or absolutely deviant from the 'mainstream' etc. I don't mean like being able to sing or speak french, I mean being able to see visual or audio impulses as shapes and structures in your head, being able to speed-read and memorize the text with astounding accuracy, people who instantly see clear solutions to difficult problems, people who invent new techologies and extremely complex source codes, can extremely accurately read physical states and emotions of people by their body signals/expressions/tone etc, people who process math instantly in a split second The word unique is very overused. A lot of people can have 'interesting' skills like making people laugh. Those are not unique. You are very unlikely to meet many truly 'unique' people, when you do you're lucky though. They are maybe less than 1% of the general population. But unique people can make for really intriguing friends if you ever come across them.
  17. Try The Hurt Locker. Pretty good IMO.
  18. The forums aren't shutting down because a lack of funds. Remember this is an organisation that easily spends $200,000 on a single TV-ad spot and gets millions of dollars in donations annually, hosting a low traffic forum doesn't cost much at all. Likely it's just the truth, most of their community is concentrated on other social interaction sites like Facebook. There's nothing to cover up; I'm not particularly fond of the organisation either but it would be ridiculous to think they're going bankrupt anytime soon, let alone shut down a web forum due to a shortage of money. Their Facebook community has about 250,000 members, their forum only has under 5000 users. So I can see the logic in just not hosting the forum when the majority of 'Peta fans' don't even use it, rather opting for Facebook etc.
  19. Short hairstyles are practical as heck (the following mostly applies for males), I'm not personally into totally bald, ranges from maybe 1cm to 5cm. You can just take a shower and be out of the house in a minute, with long hair (have experience) you have to dry it up, maybe even brush etc. Not to mention it's more professional, some jobs even require short haircuts and neatly cut beard for safety reasons (firefighters, police, army, most private security companies), also it's a hygiene risk in some food related industries. Maybe 50-60% of my friends actually have long hair including my bro. Got nothing against that. Still I think the advantages of shorter hair outweigh long hair by a mile. You don't even have to worry about how it looks like really when it's under 5cm. Wake up late for work? You could rush out of the door and still look reasonable. Forgot a date with your significant other? Same thing... Long hair is in many cases cool to have, but the maintenance blows. Anything goes, just remember that a real man/woman isn't defined by hair... It's a part of you but it shouldn't define you. Don't change just because you feel peer pressure. That's as fake as a personality gets. Have the kind of hair you want, if somebody doesn't like it they can keep it to themselves (if they don't... Not your problem)
  20. I also played it in 2004-2005 (also took part in closed alpha-testing), found the game to be extremely boring and, like you said, two-dimensional (gameplay-wise, not graphics). The only reason I see anybody sticking with the game is because they are addicted to seeing animated models made by underpaid korean freelancers make the same death and slash animations over & over again.. Getting tiny image sprites with coloured text descriptions as a reward. The quests have also always been boring in WoW. Fetch me that item. Kill that guy. There is absolutely no depth or real storyline, it's stunning how it's become one of the most played, if not the most played MMORPG's on the market. Or maybe kids just want to play what 'everyone else' is playing. Although it does also have a community of older players. The grinding really feels like you're "going to work in the morning". It's actually more boring than a real life job. A huge number of the players are also antisocial, appear to have narcissistic personality disorder, are extremely hostile and use dumb jokes to attack other players verbally... Some people like this alternate reality though, I don't judge them. A lot of my friends say they solely play for the best items and raiding. When they achieve everything they just quit.
  21. Because the world is absolutely full of docile morons no matter where you go, I dare say even more so in real life than online. It wont be many hours or days after you hit drinking age that someone in a bar will pick a fight with you or start mocking you for random reasons... People coming up to you asking 'think yer better than me'.. Bored people with no real goals in life except causing trouble. You could call them 'trolls', but then again they don't do it for "kicks". That's their actual nature, and there's a lot of people like the ones you just met online. You'll have to deal with them for as long as you're alive, and hopefully you'll get friends/girlfriends who aren't like the people in your example. You can't forge real friendships with them anyways, ignore their talk in the knowledge that those people will never mean anything to you.
  22. Then you've succeeded in both cases, as long as you're happy. There are some minorities such as the Rastafari in Jamaica who care about nothing else than a tight community spirit and living their own life. A lot of them understand how capitalism works and they don't want to be a part of the 'rat race'. They have freed themselves from both physical and mental slavery, only working when it's necessary. Capitalism has good sides to it too, having worked with money and investments for nearly all my adult life I can also say it can give you partial freedom when you succeed, but for a large portion of the people involved in the system it's a disaster... Especially in the States, poor people can't even afford health insurance & have to work multiple jobs just to feed a family
  23. You can't be banned if you watch a TV next to you or do homework while playing the game. At their discretion, Jagex may ban you if they deem their evidence to be sufficient enough that you are not at your computer or have a program moving for you so you don't get logged out (both of which are against Jagex rules). If you read a forum while playing, you are at your computer. It's up to a Jagex mod to determine whether you're moving enough or not to be considered 'active'. You wont be banned unless the inbuilt safeguards of the game notice clear macro patterns in your clicks/you refuse to answer the messages of a mod even after being teleported to a hidden zone (which are shown to you even if you have all chats blocked)
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