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  1. I've read plenty of essays by Stephen Hawking, the so-called 'smartest man in the world' and I must admit he has immense knowledge in the subjects he talks about. He fully understands the complexity of the universe and the various natural laws that govern it. I'm still leaning strongly towards this theory (if you don't like Wikipedia just read the sources, they give a better picture http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theory_of_ ... elligences ) Basically the theory proposes there isn't a single kind of measurable intelligence; There are multiple. Hawking for example could have limited social or musical intelligence, but have immense intelligence in solving math puzzles, science, etc., judging by the evidence (and IMO, common sense) it seems like an accurate theory. The standard IQ test and affiliated mathematical tests such as the 48x Raven Matrices designed for math geniuses don't necessarily portray the person's intelligence accurately, nor does it reveal how complex and deep understanding the person actually has of the subject. I'd never make the grave mistake and judge a person based on few limited factors such as an IQ test result, a small musical sample, etc... Because a person's overall intelligence factor is based on many other things as well.
  2. Back before PMC's got a bad reputation for their actions abroad, the colonel at my regiment suggested I could enlist for work at BW USA after finishing a tour in Kosovo. I later found out the 'bootcamp' phase at Blackwater facilities would not only cost about $20,000 dollars, but you wouldn't necessarily even pass the various tests and examinations & there goes your money, and you aren't guaranteed employment. As a career option for a soldier they are one of the most optimal though if you disregard their reputation; Some contractors can make up to $300-$400 per day ($16 an hour even while you sleep and eat) which is nearly $10k a month when you work full time in a foreign country. A lot of private contractor jobs in countries like Iraq are simple things like transporting truck cargo, or even driving a politician from a hotel to an airport. They don't even necessarily wield assault rifles at all during their entire employment phase
  3. Anyone can upload any .torrent file on ThePirateBay. The site owner has no control over what files the .torrent will connect to. Just like a web forum... Anyone at all can register on tip.it and post illegal 'warez', criminal content etc... We can only stop it after somebody reports it or if a mod/admin sees it. The site has nearly 2 million torrents available (which are not copyrighted content, since they are not playable media files on their own), it's absolutely impossible for the owner to manually skim through them all. It's all user-submitted material, the site owners didn't put any of it available on the site. Just like in the library example above, you can't hold responsible a librarian who unsuspectedly directs a neo-nazi to 'Mein Kampf' (sorry for Godwin's law on page 2 already) and months down the road, him reading the book leads to the deaths of two jewish men. The library is just a medium. It simply provides a service. It's not responsible for how, or for what purposes people use that service. The user is responsible for uploading or downloading any illegal content. The 'piratebay' site just exists as a medium. The site has loads of legal content as well, such as recent operating systems, free linux distributions, copyright-expired old content, shareware games, etc... If somebody decides to download the illegal content, it's at his own will. The site owner didn't encourage it or tell the user what to do. He himself typed in the keywords and decided he will connect to the file through a .torrent medium, not the site owner. The site owner has nothing to do and probably hasn't ever even seen/heard of the movie or file the user is connecting to most of the time. They have already won earlier cases by pure logic and a legal viewpoint which presents all of the above, it seems strange they all of a sudden got 1 year jail terms for 'assisting' the obtaining of illegal material
  4. Waist length leather jacket, usually a navy blue shirt under and simply jeans. Works in every weather (except extreme heat), plus it's comfortable. Don't really mind what other people think, you dress secondarily to 'look like something' and primarily to feel like your skin isn't too cold/wet/irritated by the wind etc.
  5. The site didn't get shut down. Nor have they created any 'software', nor have they hosted any content at all on their site except a search engine plus a tracker. If the case goes to the Eu court they'll win the appeal faster than you can say 'pirate'. Not saying I necessarily defend them, but from a strictly legal view their site has done nothing illegal. The site is not a 'file sharing application' like the judge says. It hosts .torrent files which can't be played or viewed by any application. It's a connecting file that links you to thousands of other users that do have the file, and the file is in no way connected to or associated with the PB server. Conviction at the lowest legal level doesn't mean much in western countries because you can appeal all the way up to the Supreme Court (and in the case of europeans the EU court) which judge the case less passionately from a totally objective point of view
  6. Laws apply online too, you know. The FBI also has had a cybercrime division for quite a while, they catch loads of fraudsters, pedophiles, extortionists, harassers/stalkers etc... I dislike people who are too prim-and-proper about laws, ignoring the true meaning or moral of a law, but just thought to remind that... The internet isn't just some wild west where you can say or do anything without consequences. You're in a whole world of **** in 2009 if somebody (even an outside observer) decides to report you to the local police department or FBI district/attorney who can further forward an arrest warrant to Interpol. People can be tracked pretty easy even from behind proxies now. No, you probably wont get into trouble for calling someone a 'nerd' over a game.. But there are things you say or do online that can ruin your real life and not only earn you a fine, but a prison term Just an example of an 'internet guy' who decided to profit from posting fake news, on a forum I also used for nearly a decade for investment insight (shareinvestor.com) http://news.cnet.com/Man-fined-for-putt ... 75782.html
  7. Because Americans only care about world issues when it suddenly affects themselves as well. Not meant to flame, just a neutral observation. Just see how much the average american cared about global terrorism (despite even the marine barrack attack in the 80's that killed hundreds of soldiers) until something bad happened on their own soil. I don't think 9/11 was good at all, neither are the pirate attacks, but it's sad how the citizens of the US only react to events when it concerns US directly. Maybe these events secondarily serve as wake-up calls or 'Pearl Harbors'. The guy is a proper man with high morals; Sacrificing himself for his crew, being an exemplary captain as well. I can only wish for his safe return and not getting tangled up in politics. He doesn't deserve to lose his life over a money/ransom dispute.
  8. Rofl. Mämmi is probably the worst traditional food in the universe even if mixed with milk. Ranks up there with scottish sheep brains and tiger testicles... Had a taste of mämmi as a kid, wont have another one. Mostly old people prefer it these days.
  9. They are no longer shady scams or frauds like in 2000-2002, a lot of them pay these days. You just have to find actual companies that conduct research for clients, not some 'guys' doing it for fun. I no longer indulge in business this small, but I can suggest acop.com for their proven track record of paying... Plus it's a real incorporated company with a phone line you can call if you have issues. Naturally, the only thing you give in return is your opinion about some products. If I recall right, they might send some stuff or electronics to your home for free, you can keep them, you're only obliged to write a review about it. Most of the surveys are purely online
  10. Back when RS2 was being introduced Paul said adding horses and mounts, thus making dozens of people on the screen move at dramatically different speeds (not counting running) would make the java-based game engine crawl and lag badly to the end-user, not so much for the server. It's a good idea in theory, they have probably considered it, but knowing the technical limitations of Java it's somewhat unlikely. Only time can tell... And they can still improve the engine, it's not like it's reached the final stage
  11. Too many people confuse lust with love. This leads to the miserable divorce statistics in the US. Even real love can fade over time and the two people involved become frustrated with each other's flaws and habits after being together for so long. Personally, I think the only true, purest love is that between a parent and his/her child. I can only imagine putting my child in front of anything else in my life and giving my life for him/her instantly if forced to make the choice. The wife/mother would be important but the kids would always be more important. Don't have kids yet but this has been pretty clear to me for a long time. Women and their whims come and go, divorces can happen, but a real man will never stop loving his kid no matter what hardships or difficulties you must survive. I could survive 10 years in prison easy knowing I have a sweet kid at home playing and learning who can visit me once a year. Alone with nothing and nobody I'd probably hang myself to death with a sheet within a year or two.
  12. BlueLancer

    Royal Flush

    Played countless thousands of hands @ MGM in cash tables, never saw a single royal flush, played in a few hands which ended in the opponent's straight flush. The chance is roughly 1 : 500,000 (burned in memory, can't be bothered to check the actual stat) so it's not that surprising. After a while even four of a kinds get pretty 'routine' despite the low chance, but I'm still waiting to see a royal flush in a live game. Only saw them online where much more hands are played per hour, even had one or two myself (partypoker.com)
  13. North Korea has only nominal support from China in the form of economical aid (some millions of dollars per year, petrol, food) and political ideology. They used to recieve very significant military equipment and financial support from the Soviet Union back when it still existed, modern Russia doesn't really help them in any way except for providing technology (at a price). They have no real allies should a war begin where NK is the aggressor. China has absolutely zero economical interests in North Korea, the only thing still connecting the two countries is the conservative communist politicians who still want to hang on to their ideologies. The North Korean military isn't insignificant though; Soldiers being the only social class that actually get proper shelter, food and clothing, plus the long training periods and awards for patriotism during conscription, the soldiers are extremely motivated in their own tasks. They also have extremely unfavourable views towards South Korean, Japanese and American soldiers which are their most likely enemies, due to propaganda they learn since childhood, which would further fuel their efforts if a war should begin. People underestimate the military capability of NK. It's only real weakness lies in it's lack of a modernized air force, and to some extent a navy. Their artillery, weaponry, missiles and heavy armoured vehicles could devastate any 1st world country's army should they fully mobilize. Most of their military bases are also deep underground and are immune to air strikes and enemy missiles. http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/ ... k/army.htm Not to mention the nuclear weapons threat the country poses plus it's 700,000 active military personnel, it's not just a 'weak dictatorship'. It's a completely militarized nation which is a real threat to any country.
  14. F.E.A.R. 1/2 have pretty scary scenes throughout the game. Not the cutscenes; The gameplay itself which is sprinkled with weird effects, visual 'paranoia' by the character and sounds. Don't think I've experienced the similar effect in any previous games I've played during my life. Not that F.E.A.R. is somehow an exceptional, outstanding game (it's quite average and only 9-10 hours worth of gameplay) But it does it's job; Filling the horror factor. Especially if you have proper audio playback hardware and a decent computer to play the game without hitches in dim light settings.
  15. The storyline is irrelevant IMO, wont spoil it anyhow in case you want to play those games. All I can say is they are cleverly made and require creative usage of your brains, memory and logic. It's one of the first game series I'd let my kids play if I ever have any. The good part is the Zelda games are challenging for all age groups.
  16. When I was a kid my father used to buy me this stuff called 'Labello' in a blue pack. It was a pretty neutral tasting chapstick, I also remember 'eating it' instead of applying it correctly :P Don't see the need to use it now really
  17. Since I've grown older I noticed I have absolutely everything on my mp3. Name a genre from jazz to soundtracks, classic or funk and I have plenty. No longer do I only have hard rock/metal like some 5 years ago. Once you gain age you learn to respect various kinds of music, at least some people do. I have friends that hate everything except the genre they listen to. I'm also a nut for unknown, high quality independent bands (but in no way do I like the 'indie' scene or associate with it). There are countless progressive rock, etc. bands nobody ever heard about that make better music than most commercial bands.
  18. I've never met a bigger influx of morons than on FPS games played by thousands of people, mostly in 8/16 player rooms. For a second, at first, I almost thought they must be 'provocator' bots. Turned out all the complainers and other obnoxious kids are as real as the sun on the sky. I just turn off chat and voice 'team radio' whenever possible unless playing with friends. I also noticed these 'weird' kids are 100% exclusively male, judging from their voice, around 11-15 years old. I've never encountered a female player whining about everything that happens in the game. People aged 18+ are usually much more comfortable to play with, although their skill in the particular game might be higher than that of the younger players.
  19. If you hate any group of people based on external or biological factors they have had since birth & cannot control them (sexual preference and skin color being probably the most prominent ones that people get discriminated by), your thinking is obstructed and biased. You haven't read the numerous university studies that clearly show beyond any doubt that you can't effect whether you like your own gender or the opposite. Homosexuality exists in all societies, even non-human ones (such as other primates, but also species totally unrelated to the human race). The 10% is probably true, although during my lifetime I'd say maybe 2-3% of the people I met preferred their own gender in relationships. Not that I find it surprising, because statistically every society has a set percentage (%) of racists, ultranationalists, gay-haters, etc... A few will be present here as well. Even on a forum, despite their small representation in society. There is almost no way to make these people think rationally from a neutral point of view. As long as they don't incite violence or discrimination, it's a legal expression of free speech (despite not being a logical perspective)
  20. Hehe. In Finland at age 18+ you either go to the military for 6-12 months, community service for 12 months, or the police issues an arrest warrant & takes you to prison for 6 months the day you start skipping service. Some kids complain about it, but it can build character for some people who are still undisclipined/too childish to yet enter the workforce after school. For emotionally mature people it can be hell though, I expect that now that a similar law exists in the US, exceptions will be made for people such as college/uni students who already have jobs. In Israel/China where universal conscription exists as well (mandatory service isn't equal, but still), people with high societal positions/important jobs can be exempt.
  21. You're either rich, average or poor. Rich meaning you'd never have to work again if you just collected bank interest from all your current liquid assets. Average people work all their lives even if they may have reasonably comfortable lives. Poor people can barely afford the next rent, food or bills. The entire notion of "classes" seems ridiculous, there is no ranking system for humans, you either have money, some of it, or nearly none of it.
  22. The people in that test who blindly followed 'authority' (which was a normal citizen) are a danger to society in any position of power. They should never be given responsibility or leadership in a company, etc., I've read extensively about the test as well, interesting study on how some people will do anything they're told even if it could cause agonizing or lethal pain to a completely innocent third party. There are many personality types which don't allow reasonable challenging of authority, which often stems from childhood. You don't have to follow illegal commands.
  23. Javascript has nothing to do with the java programming language the game is made in Also the game has a pretty good and fast calculating physics engine for a java-platform applet
  24. Pulled a Lord Voldemort? :lol: And why, saif, are you making so many threads? idfk I wanna learn okay? He always uses that excused, but he is banned O_o For good reasons, it's not just the recent spamming. It's a pure, 100% troll account. "She" (doubtful) also broke other rules as well such as ban evading by posting on other accs.
  25. Women in China and Israel have good chances of becoming chefs or support personnel, as said, not everyone has to serve on the front line. But in those countries, the law is clear; The conscription is for both women and men (it just mentions 'citizens'; women are citizens) One of my superiors in the army was a woman (Master Sgt.), and I saw plenty more serving. In my country conscription is only for males, but females can apply if they want to.
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