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  1. I'm sure you did, i'm always slaying =). And you never know, i've been really busy, you could win :wink:
  2. 91 defence. Only 8 more :wall: REally close to 94 hp and 78 slayer so more soon :thumbup:
  3. Ok, what stats should i get to mh efficiently?
  4. Hmm ok guys, i've had all of those in mind i just haven't done them since i quit mh. Guess i better get back to it =). More suggestions are still wanted.
  5. Ok so back in September 09 i spent my whole bank getting 99 range.(16m) I have only just gottten back up to that and a little past.(20m). yes i know that is very sad. I really like mh of all kinds but i quit doing it awhile back because i never got drops and i just lost money. Atm i have just been slaying while doing herb runs and mtk on the side. I really want to make money at least to afford a bgs or full bandos, i'm getting really impatient since i've been poor my whole rs career. I'm thinking about getting back into mhing because i see so many people on here getting big drop after big drop constantly so i wanna do that. What would be best for me to do that i will most likely make money eventually even if not right away. And maybe some good setups and invents? TYVM, Beesk
  6. Died at jad, didn't fight him until today because i have been so busy lately.
  7. LOl thanks zokot, at least someone is posting(also thanks again turnpikes). Just got a jad task so hopefully i will come out with a fire cape and 25k slayer xp. Post the pic later =)
  8. Gratz again on 99 agility! :thumbup: GL with all of your future goals. Be sure to fill me in on what they are soon. ;)
  9. GRATZ on 99 stick jumping zokot! :thumbsup: Amazing 99. Wish i could have been there.
  10. I didn't include the range symbol on the back because I'm not that experienced.. yet. WOW! that's cool. How do i put it as my avatar now?
  11. If you are still making. Orange and green for range. Maybe a "99" in the middle?
  12. 77 slayer today! I'll just be adding the pics to my first post and adding new post for new pics/lvls and stuff.
  13. Introduction[hide]Hey everyone. I'm Beeskers503. I used to have a blog but it died pretty much so i quit but now i'm back with a new one so please try to keep this one going! All i have been doing lately is slaying, and it is all i plan on doing for awhile. Of course i do some other things every once in awhile but you understand. I have been doing herb runs in between tasks to make extra money to go towards bandos. But enough with the talking and lets get on with the cool stuff(kind of).[/hide] Starting Stats: Goals: Levels: Slayer[hide] [/hide] Defence[hide] [/hide] HP/Constitution[hide] [/hide] Attack[hide] [/hide] Summoning[hide][/hide] Strength[hide][/hide] Prayer[hide] [/hide] Others[hide] [/hide] Drops[hide] [/hide] Thanks to: Stonewall337 for giving me free super sets because i wasn't using them for tasks and that was not acceptable to him =P
  14. DARNIT! I'm gonna be at school! I'm so sorry i cannot make it. Congrats in advance and i will congradulate yo on the day also! Sorry Zokot!
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