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  1. Congratulations on your huge achievement! Good luck on your next incredible goal
  2. Jagex ruined the servers after September 1939.
  3. Why should you care in the first place? You should play the game for fun, not for looking down upon other peoples pixels.
  4. This^ Congrats on 50M Agility exp and good luck on 200M! Takes a long time but it's definatly worth it!
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FVAQQujgSxQ&feature=related Amon Amarth's "War of the Gods" from their album, "Surtur Rising". CD release March 29th, 2011. A question out of random interest: What are your thoughts on Glam metal/hair metal?
  6. It's not you like you can't trust your RS friends, you have just picked the wrong people to trust.
  7. PM me if you want your torva or bandos armour trimmed :) Maybe a silly question; will prices drop to pre-2008 levels again as they were before the RWT updates btw?
  8. I'm the guy who reported you. See this thread for the proof. You botted 99 ivy, you will never get mawdships. Gf
  9. "L0l I can't wait to trim armour in free trade :D" You've been muted for 24 hours. Good game me.
  10. I would like to compliment the writer of the first article on summing up pretty much everything I think about RuneScape/Jagex how it is today. I could type a whole rant here on how Jagex should do it differently for the sake of their loyal fan base, but lets be honest, there's nothing which has been said a thousand times already. Thanks for the good read!
  11. They are basically saying "ooh you're not letting me kill you easily!!". Just enjoy the rage while you can.
  12. AirWales

    Your Battle Anthem

    O, the irony.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=236Lquwq22A
  13. Rate the achievement please, I know most of my other stats suck anyway :) Started training FM in December of 2007, got 99 in the following April. After 4 months I got 99 Fletching for a trimmed Firemaking cape and got back into Firemaking after seeing my rank shoot right up after lighting just a few maples. Went from a 16M FM goal, to double 99 xp to 40, 50, 100m and eventually 200M. I did 0-99 with willows, 10M with yews and 177M with maples costing me around 70M and taking me about 1,5 years from start to finish. Here's the result:
  14. I think people would train until they literally drop dead if they decided to such a thing.. if people are dropping dead to train to infinite level, the problem is not with the game, its stupid people doing dumb stuff. Probably the reason why there is a XP cap in the first place.
  15. It would be quite interesting to see what ideas they would come up with for skills after level 99. The only downside I can see with this is that (knowing Jagex), they would probably add a lot of new ways to gain faster XP thus destoying the current achievement of a level 99. Yet personally, I wouldn't mind having a 120 cape. I think people would train until they literally drop dead if they decided to such a thing..
  16. 6 hours a day with lets say 70k per hr average and the total exp from 90-99 being about 7.7m 7.7m/70k is 110 hrs 110/6 is 18.3 days so figure 19 days. Thanks a lot!
  17. Short question. How long will 99 WC take me if I cut ivy 6 hours a day? I am currently level 90. Thanks.
  18. Pretty much summs it up. Advice is good and should be encouraged in most cases. What bothers me though, are people trying to shove their way of life down other people's throats because they just cannot imagine how other people might be happy with a different kind of lifestyle.
  19. 2 words: [bleep] society. Secondly, why do people come on a gaming forum just to tell others how great their live is and to spend it the way they do?
  20. Congrats on your first 99! What method did you use?
  21. You're talking to a brick wall mate.
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