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Status Updates posted by Kimberly

  1. Oh my god, you're back! <3

    1. Kaida23


      Kim! I can't believe you're still here. I saw that you retired and figured you'd have gone to moderator Valhalla where you do nothing but lock threads and ban noobs all day. :P Glad to see you still pop in once in a while.

  2. Happy birthday sir.

  3. Don't you judge me.

  4. My last status update was a year and 5 days ago. I took it out behind the shed and put it down. Poor old girl was starting to limp.


  6. Your avatar scares me lol.

  7. I could see us having a tea party discussing a difference of opinions and then ending the argument sipping tea and going, "Quite!"

  8. You're playing RS again?

    1. Sbrideau


      Sorry didn't see this message until today >.<. Yes I have started playing again. I don't look at this part of the profile often :S.

  9. For what it's worth, I AM sorry :/ But it didn't belong there and we both knew that.

  10. A wild Promise appears!

  11. I saw this and immediately though, "Oh man, Alg needs to see this." http://imgur.com/gallery/4tsat

  12. I stopped posting a bit when I saw people having real relationship discussions, so I stopped with the hypothetical we were going through...only to come back a few days later and it's right back into the middle of it @[email protected] FML

  13. me want cookie. why cookie in lift

  14. welcome back i thought you died

  15. Thank you for explaining that pretty clearly on the Challenge topic. It helped me out a lot.

  16. I love your claptrap avatar :)

    1. Vezon Dash

      Vezon Dash

      Obvious lies. Nobody likes Claptrap.

  17. "whenever you meet eyes with another player with a familiar out, your familiars shall fight to the death "

    1. Kimberly


      it took me






      to realize that was a pokemon reference.


      [bleep] MY LIFE.

    2. Zaaps1


      i am very disappointed kimberly...

  18. I am very much a fan of your signature.

  19. Dear Lokie,

    1. Kimberly


      I'm not all that original.

    2. Kimberly


      But thank you anyway for the kind wishes.

    3. Kimberly



      Kimberly <3

  20. Thanks Star <3

  21. Thanks Kaida <33

  22. *takes off eye glasses, rubs temples* Mr Logdotzip, the tests results show you've got a serious addiction. I'm afraid it's incurable. /doctormod

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