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  1. Maxed cb is all I can think of.
  2. Sacred clay hood and I don't know the other
  3. Archer's Ring, Rigour every task.
  4. Levon didn't leave before unleashing his porn stash.
  5. Personally I think the moderators are doing fine, Especially with Levon's porn posting spree right now, getting it down quick.
  6. I was dging while it happened and I still have my binds.
  7. 'Same could be said of Rc, it is long but it takes no particular talent to run back and forth making runes. I think the hardest skill would be slayer, since you actually have to go out there and kill various monsters that have various strengths and weaknesses and strategy, so you simply cannot just do the same thing over and over and hope to do well in the skill, always changing what armor you have on you etc. Slayer isn't hard either, so what if you have to kill various monsters? Slayer is usually more fun for people. (Not myself personally.) How is killing monsters over and over again harder than running essence from Point A to Point B?
  8. Mining is easy just long, RC is the hardest.
  9. They have content up to 99. AKA: High level content.
  10. You have a username I've always wanted. :thumbsup:
  11. I've always spent them on Summoning. Not as expensive, but charms are a [bleep] to get for me atleast.
  12. If you don't want that to happen to you while fming, Fm at Daemonheim. It's not a very well known spot, never crowded, and no one ever interacts with you. Although, It IS a bit slower than other places. (10k less an hour for maples.)
  13. Am I the only one really looking forward to this update? Time to start up my f2p cw clan again I would think.
  14. No. ^ I agree, this would be extremely slow. When I was going for a gilded alter I just did oak larders. So I would recommend this. Um... What...? You agree that this is extremely slow, yet you suggest doing it? 1. The method you gave was extremely inefficient. 2. He suggested BUILDING oak larders, which means buying planks.
  15. Pluckey


    This point to be exact.
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