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  1. Cannon might change that. its most likely a bug Still could be yeah, but I've been told it doesn't set up still in the slayer tower. I wouldnt think they would just "forget" all about CT and kuradel's dungeon. This is Jagex we're talking about here. Nothing is outside the realm of stupidity with them.
  2. Making a 1 defence pure. Stats currently: 40 attack 58 str 1 defence 48 hp.
  3. Best GP reward from Hunter comes indirectly from Jadinkos and Juju pots, Or directly from Grenwalls. Chinchompas are not the best xp or money.
  4. Always loved ranged, Always will.
  5. whiner Person with long name.
  6. They're paired. Such as, Mining/Smithing Woodcutting/Fletching. With the one on the right being assistable.
  7. Solo anyways. Really, the only way to learn dungeoneering is to experience it.
  8. How I got 99 strength tbh. No sarcasm. Great fun in those days. Went from 96-97 without realizing my guthans had broke. That whole idea was a mistake >.> Sure there are a lot better methods out there nowadays. I had this conversation at Soul Wars bank yesterday on why people still alch with the plethora of better options out there. It's simply because it's the traditional thing to do. If you're a pure, Alching is the best way for training besides superheating if you don't want to gain HP.
  9. Rocktails are around 40k xp/hour.
  10. I find your page empty Hemen.

  11. Arib, You can just tell that guy lives with his mother.. :unsure:
  12. Let's assume it takes 5 minutes (best case scenario) to read the appeal, reply to it, and move on to the next one. That would be 20 appeals/ hour. Divide that by 100,000 bots, gets you 5,000 man hours. If this support staff is making $15 an hour (which is likely low), that's $75,000 spent on employee wages alone. If any of those accounts are members, Jagex loses up to $600,000 on those as well. So yes, Jagex is a business, and they care about the game and it's integrity, however they won't exist if they don't make money. Therefor there has to be a trade-off. I say ban bots based on reports and reports alone. 1. These bots are likely most effect legitimate players game play, if they get reported (ie, woodcut bots) 2. It would be very easy to automate a system in which player reports are tallied, rushing high offenders to the top of the list. Again, banning those who are peeving the legit players. 3. Jagex wouldn't have to spend as much money on worrying about botters and instead could focus their resources elsewhere. Think about it, this works out for the best. Bots are always going to exist, however if someone is able to create a bot, and you as a player cannot tell they are botting, why does this bother you? To you, they are just an ordinary player, and you would never know otherwise. Now, when there are 60 people at magic/yew trees and you can't get a single tree, report away. Ban them all to hell. And I think Jagex should remove the time limit on reporting What about those people that report you for no reason mhm?
  13. Fishing Rocktails at 90+ is 40k fishing xp and 200k gp an hour.
  14. Really only worth prayer if you can afford turmoil, ss in some occasions. I'd look towards getting at least 85 herb though. Cant afford ss or turmoil, think 85 herb would be worth it when i dont really kill bosses? Yes, It it that much better than super sets.
  15. Hi Just to say the use of swiftkit is against the rules, be careful. Bye. Swiftkit is not against the rules.
  16. Well if they dont have anything else to spend their money on then why wouldnt they? Imo it's really weird how someone would choose a tedious concentrationbursting clickingmethod over a relaxed one lol. Efficient method saves time. Also, Some people like clicking alot, Keeps their interest in the game.
  17. Max at AZs is more than 85k. I know it's more than 110k in certain conditions.
  18. Pluckey

    My ears:/

    Why would you use those in caves? So Jad doesn't pwn you if you suck at prayer switching.
  19. Pretty nice pun you've put there.
  20. Do you get extra dungeoneering tokens from the double xp?
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