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  1. Ivy would be 60 - 70k an hour at 72. Fletching depends on what you would be fletching, If you did yews it would probably be 80k - 100k xp an hour I would think.
  2. 70 prayer + 94 magic for starters.
  3. People who block my way while I'm walking or people that walk waaay too slowly. (1 mile per hour.)
  4. As my father once said: If you aren't cheating, you're not trying hard enough. (Not implying that I bot. ) But there are people that aren't as "moral-centric" as your strawman 'perfect world' seems to contain.
  5. Chew Pen caps, Nail biting, mouthing what I just said after saying it, Somewhat random code-switching in my everyday speech. Those are just a few of the habits of mine that I seem to have been doing just in the past 15 minutes it seems. :mellow: As I'm typing this though, I'm somewhat mouthing the words of what I'm typing, but the strange part of it is I'm typing it in the English, And mouthing the words with my Dutch (Flemish). I'm sure that if I recorded some of the rituals of the day I would probably have a list that was at least 2 pages long. Now that I'm thinking about it, when I listen to music or watch a movie in a language that's not one of them that I am completely fluency in, my brain takes in the grammar/vocabulary/syntax/phonology, and somewhat cross-translates instead of actually thinking in that language itself.
  6. Pluckey


    1. It does block it. 2. That's a good story, I would keep writing (Typing?) it to be honest about it.
  7. Do I not see Thieving in your signature? :ohnoes:
  8. Woodcutting Ivy probably. Not fastest but most afk.
  9. Who are you? Never seen your name around here. He's obviously Foot.
  10. Well, getting berserker means taking initiative. But if you're seeing people who are chilling outside of GDs, report them to an admin. That's unacceptable. What if they're rehooding? Touche. (I wish I had my keyboard set to international so I could add the accent.) Touché. (Linguistic keyboards are nice ja?)
  11. Please go away, troll. OT: By using the streaming video idea only for randoms, the issue of low bandwidth should be possible to address. Jagex could make new randoms which are difficult to computationally solve, yet still require very little bandwidth to stream. These randoms could be less graphically intensive than standard Runescape. Normally, the idea of replacing all current randoms wouldn't be something I would suggest, but in this case it seems like it could result in the permanent eradication of all bots. It's feasible to spend a decent amount of development time on such a large payoff. As for the specific random mentioned above, this is an excellent example of something which would be almost impossible for bots to solve under the idea of a streaming video engine mode. The idea itself could be tweaked to account for poor vision, but honestly regular Runescape is fairly vision-intensive, so there's only so much that can be done. If Jagex developed half a dozen ideas such as this, and implemented them alongside a streaming video engine mode for random events, bots could actually be a thing of the past. Please post with refinements/problems/etc to this idea, but unless something else comes up, it's looking like this thread has indeed come up with a permanent technological solution to bots. Are you upset? My results are real and I've been working very hard on them and I think I know more than someone who started playing rs in 2010 (runetracker, got to love it) ^Since when did a tracking site indicate when you began playing?
  12. For DKs: Rapier > Balmung still.
  13. So I take it that - imbuing isn't like a "skill" you can learn (like crafting fsh, making broad bolts, etc) You have to imbue each ring individually? Yes.
  14. 99 mining is harder than you would think.
  15. This has been a problem for a loooooooong time. All these articles about botting are getting old really.
  16. ZMI is loss if you use runners, and about 50k gp/hour if running yourself.
  17. Finally an update for Jagex that will be good.
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