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  1. Remembered an old account of mine "Fashionscape" and decided to see how untrimmed prayer looks now
  2. Main thing I need that I can't afford currently is about 400k cballs and tons of prayer potions. That's asking for a lot though :p
  3. Got 43 Prayer so I can prayer flick and save the moneys (No screenie) Gear for 50 combats, after that I'll need Zerker Necklace/Obby Sword, Iban Staff and charges and a Cannon before upgrading to Sara Sword/Whip/Trident Edit: Forgot to move my monk tops over, oh well
  4. Was catching up since I've been gone a while, on the note of crystal acorns it took me 23m thieving xp for mine
  5. Nice progress, glad to see you playing again
  6. Are they using the toxic blowpipe, darts or thrown knives?
  7. Make a new account, 1 defence HC ironman which solo's all boss drops Go Who would do that
  8. Jeez, stop playing for one month and it feels like it's been one year. I'm in the middle of moving and other situations so haven't had time to play. Hope everyone has been doing well.
  9. I see no penguins, that's not even the right climate for them. Penguins would never ever be there.
  10. i like how you've streamlined the overall process.Im surprised he's not more irate.
  11. I think the principle is fine. People make new accounts, they buy membership and Jagex makes more money. I see it more as a "speedrun" than anything, and there's nothing wrong with that.
  12. My osrs goal is untrimmed slayer, so that's exactly what I'm doing :p however I wanted to get a moderately decent total first
  13. I would like a real life animation based on that old rs gods machinima
  14. Good. You'd pull ahead since my current focus is osrs. It'd be nice to try duo bossing if Ironman bossing passes
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