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  1. In your first picture youre not actually fishing at a spot :( Good luck though!
  2. This just in, 41 hp is not enough to deal with abyss, back to fire runes
  3. Gonna jump into the abyss and try to run nature runes at this low cb level
  4. Didn't realize it until i logged back in but that's also 1k total, cool beans
  5. You train by using what you create for the bulk of the exp. Been playing a lot of Guild Wars 2 lately and I feel like Jagex is going to borrow a lot from that crafting system.
  6. Havent had the chance to look at it but it looks pretty silly and fun. Are the models 3D? (Rotate them freely etc?)
  7. Can storm shards and shatter be used in pvp? :o at work atm :c
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