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  1. aww good job! i just got my voting id thing. i'll be voting for him in the Ca primary :).
  2. lol i just thought that person was insinuating that me trying to make my friends not eat sweets was something to judge me negatively for, which i didn't really like so i responded, then responded to his response, etc. i'm not meaning to troll - but if you think i trolled hard then i'll take as a compliment :). doing anything hard is usually something to be proud of i think in this strange society we find ourselves in :).
  3. yeah, we may have been using hot water for thousands of years. i'm not sure on the exact time frame :P. but if you try to argue we are adapted to using 100 degree water that is way wrong. there has been no selection pressure for that. now, if you told me humans swam in 100 degree water in order to hunt cool sea things, and that all that had started hundreds of thousands of years ago, then it would be much safer to assume 100 degree water was perfectly safe on an evolutionary basis :).
  4. wow you really did not like my post :P. i definitely don't want to hurt people's feelings or make them uncomfortable. I won't preach the evil's of processed things at the expense of another person's well-being. i'll expand on my reasoning for you though i thought it was fairly straightforward. it stands to reason that since humans did not start putting hot water on themselves until a few hundred years ago, that it is reasonable to be cautious about such an action. humans simply did not evolve in an environment where there was hot water, so we cannot trust that we are adapted to using such a thing as readily as we might be able to trust the safeness of eating meat. it does turn out that hot water seems harmless enough when it is something below <120 degrees for short periods of time. but that's because it's closer to the temperatures we evolved to have to deal with. still i'm not really convinced that such hot water is completely harmless, and that 70 degree water wouldn't be better. nah i'm okay with genetically engineered food (i have not seen any good science suggesting eating such food is bad). pesticides on the other hand do seem like bad news. but i think the benefits of eating certain vegetables outweigh the possible harm from pesticides. i have quite a tight budget for food so it does not make sense for me to buy 'organic' vegetables at this time. uhh my diet is primarly unsweetened chocolate, grass-fed animal products, and vegetables. i just stick to that. i don't find myself having to 'avoid' any processed foods because i simply don't eat them anymore. i don't think i've ever worn tye-dye :P. though i think wearing tye-dye is a positive for me. like, i think probably people who wear tye-dye won't mug me or do anything scary :P. ==
  5. his 'evolution' of expressed opinion of gay marriage will likely help him - his campaign wouldn't advise him to say such a thing publicly if they didn't think that. this graph says it all i think - http://qph.cf.quoracdn.net/main-qimg-f85199b2c4ba9012cd04544d1e4b4c38
  6. aww i'm very satisfied with this weekend's wildness. getting the wicked robes in half the time makes it much less of chore. yeah, i wish the greater runic staff had a use. if only it was cool in some way, like if it gave the highest magic accuracy bonus of any staff by a significant margin (that's the simplest thing i can think of). but no, it's next to useless.
  7. ^^ hey sweets are totally bad for you. if you're my friend, i'm going to be invested in your health; ergo, i'm going to prohibit you from eating sweets (or try to). at least you won't be eating them around me. alternative sweeteners such as xylitol and stevia are of course okay. sweedish fish are not. ^ thanks for the water temperature tip. hot water is unnaturally hot, so if you like evolutionary arguments, then it makes sense that it might not be the ideal thing to wash with.
  8. aw i was putting big bets on getting that response :). you didn't disappoint. == now, dandruff shampoo is pretty icky. i'm going to recommend him to use the natural products coconut oil and organic apple cider vinegar, which the reading i've just done leads me to believe will work. also, yes, i will keep pressing him about his diet. there is no place for sweets in any diet of a friend of mine! yeah he will probably end up seeking a doctor's help if his friends can't help him. but he knows i have a lot of biology knowledge so i don't wanna fail him. put tersely, i want to be hero. okay i will suggest (politely, if it can be done) for him to wash more often too. he goes WEEKS at a time without washing his hair from what i gather.
  9. What can i do to help him? he don't wanna try the paleo diet. he resisting very much to that idea. also, it is 'the dandruffs' or just 'dandruff'? (he calls it the dandruffs...) i will appreciate potential solutions based on their merit :). EDIT: it's my friend .
  10. wow i've been in software mode all this time.
  11. hmm it does really appear that you like scolding other people for getting upset at your legitimate criticisms. to me your criticisms are dumb because they seem to be made with the intent of stirring up trouble, not because they are unreasonable (i haven't thought about it so wouldn't know). Creating fictional worlds is difficult. they tend to have plotholes. even books that are planned out for years - where the author can include and explain as much as he wants - have plot holes. This is nothing new. To think korra fans would be ignorant of such a thing seems rather naive.
  12. ^ lol you come off as someone who enjoys chiding someone when they respond unreasonably to legitimate criticisms because you like the feeling of superiority it gives you. unfortunately you appear a bit overzealous about this because no where did i get the impression that kimberly was upset by your posts. i think she is telling you to be patient as a helpful suggestion, because that is how she prefers to deal with the uncomfortable exclamations of - why doesn't korra make earth armour! plot hole! while you seem to deal with it by attempting to ruin everyone else's conception of the show in the same way it ruined your own. this is what is referred to in the behavioral psychology literature as displaced aggression .
  13. i'm not asking whether its better to use prayers or curses, but which curses one should use. yeah, being able to ss when a td melees makes curses the best i think, even if it's less dps than prayers.
  14. if you're using polypore/cr, is it better to use a combination of leeches or turmoil? leeches drain ~1/2 the rate of turmoil, so it probably wouldn't be good to use more than 3. also it's good to keep in mind that leech magic increases your magic accuracy as well as decreases the td's magic defense - so it is quite good. essentially - how does you: +10% magic td: -10% magic, -10% defense compare to turmoil. and is adding on leech strength worth it?
  15. Mod Raven Said the effects will happen conditional on someone having cast a magic spell recently (not on what type of amour they're wearing in a certain slot). Then, if they do happen to be wearing mage armour or nothing in addition to having cast a spell recently the effects will be stronger. the main thing is the bolt effect that slows magic casting won't be easily avoided. and i think the he may have said something about the leeching effect being made stronger. all this stuff only concerns pvp, of course.
  16. if you want to enjoy the show more i think keeping in mind that it. is. a. cartoon. would help. if you analyzed the last airbender in that kind of depth you would find the same kinds of holes - if not more - i think. I am quite amazed at how well they writers keep things together, and keep things making enough sense. there are just an unbelievable amount of things they have to keep track of and integrate and everything. even novel writers - who have much more freedom to revise and time to write and so on - often suffer from the plot not being believable enough when they tackle such things as creating fictional worlds.
  17. i am shocked by the number of collectors and their strange behaviors. no, i have never collected anything for the sake of collecting.
  18. ^^ thanks for the information. i always thought you could only get one.
  19. if "bad advice" is something that would reduce someone's xp/h and "good advice" is something that would increase it, then no, advice that is opposite to (or clearly not) what you should be doing for optimal xp/h is not necessarily "bad advice." for example, if someone significantly values minimizing actions/h in conjunction with maximizing xp/h, then making armour for themselves might be preferable to helping out their dg team do a complex task.
  20. i did the waterfiends tasks i didn't skip there. with the shark drops and ee i just kept range deflect on and didn't have to worry about hp (and i think i was even attacking two at a time usually). you will need a few brews to use while they're aggressive for the first 10 or 15 minutes. if you stray to the opposite sides of the cavern they might become aggressive again, so stick to one side. if you go bring 2 iron titans. the first one tends to die ~40 mins depending on what you're having it do.
  21. I would like to think that I would donate most of it without hesitation to the SENS foundation.
  22. ^ yeah the people doing the hex trade would have to be friends i think.
  23. i wonder if it is possible to find gazers on solo floors now.
  24. if he's merching it than it wouldn't be sad. and it's not like it's an irreversible decision. unlike many purchases which you only have a narrow time frame in which you can return the item, rs gold can always be returned (though perhaps at a discounted price). if he turned his rs gold into xp with the application of labor - yeah, i would find that sad. == answering the OP - i botted livid farm for the 30 hours or whatever it was. i also know friends to have botted.
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