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  1. I'm a decent PVMer, can solo Araxxi to max enrage without too much trouble and have soloed all the other bosses. However Vorago is apparently nearly impossible, and not for lack of trying. I've been at it over ten hours now in a variety of teams of maxed players. I now know all the tactics and perform them flawlessly myself. I've been bomb tanking without issue all night. A few friends have been base tanking for me flawlessly all night. Despite having 3-4 people with good experience and a few more of slightly lesser experience, we've not been able to beat him in the 30+ attempts we've made. I'm certain I'll get it eventually with some close friends all on Vent or Skype, but in these runs without external software, it just hasn't been able to be done. Most runs failed due to people not getting to their box, or due to not getting off during reflect. We got to phase 5 half a dozen times, but the DPS was not sufficient to push him off the cliff. Therein lies the problem with this requirement: No matter how good some of us are, we'll never be able to beat it without the other players being perfect also. If you can't do it with a bunch of completionists with the best gear and good, but maybe not quite perfect, skills, or without external software like Skype, it's no longer measuring how much of a completionist I am, but how much of a competionist this group of people I hardly know are. So don't say I'm too lazy to learn. I've read all the guides, I know how to and I indeed do everything correctly as per the guides, and I've taught all the tactics to dozens of people now, but we still can't quite get it.
  2. Were you really expecting anything more? There's a few 'simple' (meaning without numbers or alternate spellings) that a lot of people want. The chances of getting a particular name for any one individual were always low. There's nothing that can be done there. ------- This is not directed at you in particular: I don't get why so many people are so obsessed with getting a certain name. There's plenty of names. If you can't get a name you want, be creative, go with something else. That's what I did a few years ago and I haven't changed my name since then. I have used the name-change service maybe a total of 2 times since it was first released. I didn't get my first choice for a name, so I went with sometihng else and that was that. I grow tired of people constantly changing their names anyways. It's annoying having to figure out who is who. Name changes are sort of fun, but they get tiresome and cliched when people are constantly doing it every other month. In line with the other people who posted, I'm disappointed because I wanted the right name. I wasn't going for a ridiculously common name, it was a fairly rare one personal to myself, one which I have had been watching on my friends list and highscores for five years now and I lost out to someone with barely any stats and previous name of the "1234Blankey5678" ilk. I guess I can't know for certain, but I doubt they would care for it as much as I would. I feel like I have a legitimate reason to be disappointed, as do the many others who lost out in a similar manner to bots or hoarders. Maybe you can't understand the personal or sentimental attachment people might have to a name, but they are essentially your online identity and possess inherent meaning. I have never changed it before and had I gotten it, would not have changed it again even if I was offered many bils for it. I knew that there was only a small chance despite this, but I and others have every right to be unhappy for losing out in what seems like an unfair way, and don't need to be told we're wrong for that by someone who has no idea. I do hope they put these failsafes in.
  3. Ugh. Sat for an hour and a half, clicking non stop, only to have the name I've been chasing for years taken. Very unhappy, as I'm sure many others are.
  4. "Come watch the livestream of todays update!" "Oh look, there's a timer." "Oo. What else is there?" "Uh..."
  5. Was sneakily changed to only needing three questions correct for white rhino, and seven for the black. Was baffled for longer than I'm proud of as to how some people had the white already.
  6. I did this. But as mentooned already they changed it so unfortunately you are not allowed to change scroll focus when a scroll voyage is out anymore. So they were wasted.
  7. In my opinion, a better ability would have been getting stunned for 6 seconds, but 100% of damage 'dealt to you' in that time is instead deflected onto the attacker (so you take none yourself). I can't see any viable way one might use this ability as it is.
  8. Would have been nice if they had admitted a problem a lot earlier, but fair enough that they didn't disclose that DDOS attacks were behind it until now. Doing so before they had a handle on it would have given those responsible confirmation that the attacks were working, and only encouraged them to do it more.
  9. Adding people to your friend list. Runescape players are capable of devouring over 400 pounds of meat in a little more than half of a second. Actually the reason I am surprised is because it is in the 'Beyond the Game' section, along with stats on YT vids and forum posts. Which implies the friendships are made "outside" the game rather than just adding people to friends lists. And hence it's pretty creepy if they know about them. But yea. Creative reasoning indeed...
  10. How on earth do they know how many friendships are forged each day via RS?
  11. I've unlocked all the new music tracks except three which state "This track unlocks automatically." They are Scape Bold, Scape Melancholy and Creation. Any ideas on where to get them?
  12. They definitely keep showing up. Yea I've had one almost every day since I completed all my scrolls a few weeks ago. Havn't done any of the scroll missions since though, since RS will probably implode.
  13. My black marketeer random was a bit more difficult this time around.
  14. i got over 200k chimes, once i go home i will upload a screenshot specially for you! Wow, did you even read? You can get MORE THAN 200k DURING THE DAY, but it will reset back to 200k. I can confirm for you now that the reset back to 200k chimes is at the usual daily reset time (that is, midnight GMT). Logout does not send it back, only the daily reset does.
  15. 200k chimes is the max. You can get more than this during the day, but either logout or daily reset (not sure which) puts it back to 200k. I have been in this situation for over two weeks now...
  16. statistically, people who drop that much money on membership are established players and established players are more likely to be high leveled And frankly why shouldn't the winner be someone who has an investment (both emotional and monetary) in the game? I would be more annoyed if someone who didn't care about RS won a trip to Jagex.
  17. Annoying that it happened during a promotion, basically making it impossible to get all the slayer masks without buying spins.
  18. Have you checked by left-clicking both the Barmaid and the Black Marketeer? Usually no random means you have one saved up but not used yet. Everyone I know has been getting them consistently once per day.
  19. My cache dropped to 50% today. Since I already have about 800mb of data stored on my computer for Java RS, I'm dreading how much HTML5 will take when it is fully ready.
  20. If you steal a CD from a shop, who's to say you would've bought the CD even if you hadn't stolen it? That isn't the same. Stealing a CD costs the producer money (in production costs) and prevents someone else buying the CD, so there is a net loss for the producer. Digitally copying a CD does not cost the producer and does not prevent someone else buying it, so there is no net loss for them *unless you would have otherwise bought the CD yourself*
  21. Why do they have a candle and suit of armour room at Jagex HQ?
  22. Expected value time! 700 * 0.6 = 420 200 * 0.95 = 190. Thus is it better to go for 700, from a purely mathematical standpoint. However, if you are 200 steel off an upgrade or something, maybe you want the greater certainty.
  23. I am definitely in agreement with the OP. It makes no sense that level 80 gear is not reasonable attainable at level 80. Lets say I had the minimum stats xpx listed for Nex/KK (about 80 in each combat stat) and am making 6m/h (which I doubt is possible for most players). To buy full sets of Nex gear (about 900m) I would need to spend a minimum of 150 hours at these bosses. If I wanted drygores on top of that (about 400m), well that is another 66 hours. By this time all the combat experience from the bosses has progressed me onto the next tier... Ideally all the work to wear the next tier gear should be done whilst working towards the levels needed to wear that tier.
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