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  1. 2550 ea 2500 if you're buying 100k+
  2. I'm looking to sell 730k uncut ruby, please pm me on here or reply to this thread if interested, thanks :D (62,050,000 crafting experience)
  3. I'm having the same problem. It's not because the name is taken. I hit my keyboard for a name and it still said "the servers are busy please try again later." It's been happening for around two days now. I'm glad I'm not the only one with this issue.
  4. Unfortunately with the 2cb3sk method that cb level is not acceptable. The max cb most people accept is 6.
  5. Ah finally, 99 Crafting. I didn't really have a party I just pmed friends that were online and told my clan. Now i'm probably going to get 70+ all skills, missing Smithing, Woodcutting, and Runecrafting. Then i'll take it from there, i'm really not sure what to do first because I have so much to do.
  6. thanks a lot! And yes it is possible, basically i just make law runes at the start of each dungeon and stay at home most of the time. pretty easy stuff haha
  7. Hello everyone, it's been awhile since i last updated and a lot has happened with me and my account during that time. I was very busy irl and barely had enough time to play RS and keep my blog going but now i'm back. I've gained a lot of levels since then. :) So after 96 Crafting Hard Leather Boots weren't much profit anymore and a huge pain to sell so I decided to switch my method and start crafting Unstrung symbols. These were a huge difference because i could get 80k+ xp/hr rather than the 55kxp/hr I was getting with Hard leather Boots. The only downfall is they are about 2gp/xp. I am really enjoying this method of Crafting, if I had more money and didn't have other things to do I would definitely try and aim for 20m xp in Crafting, but maybe that'll be a long term goal... who knows? I also got some random levels here and there that i cbb to upload but my total level is now 717. :D
  8. Hi Fly Skill, i'm also going for max f2p skiller and also have a blog, good luck to you, i'll be following this!
  9. hehe thank you Slayas! I've actually decided to take a break from crafting until the 22nd just to see what prices do and I wanted to get 70+ all stats. Of course, I haven't stopped dungeoneering. 101. Here are a few 70s: For Cooking I still had maybe 6k fish left over from 75 Fishing so I decided to cook them. Now i just have 65 -> 70 Rc 64-> 70 smith 67->70 wc Oh yea and i hit 700 total. :) Shouldn't be long until I hit 70+ all... After I think i'll go for 80 rc because i'm not really enjoying it atm so it would be nice to get it out of the way for a bit.
  10. I apologize for another post like this but I've been seriously debating getting f2p on my old account again. Some things that have made me want to stay in f2p is that I am verrryyy behind on p2p. Back when I did play p2p I hungout with skillers because at that time I knew nothing about combat. I've always wanted to do pvm but I haven't done anything! In f2p I'm a very efficient player, that's what i tend to focus on when playing. It's fun to me. I know I could do well in p2p if I knew what I was doing. Looking at the skills for p2p, I notice that I would have to get quite a bit of money to level them up. I have never been one that comes across a good amount of money for some reason so that's another turn off for p2p for me. Here's some pics of the account I would get p2p on: For example, when looking at my stats, I can't help but think how much Prayer/Herb/etc. will cost to level up. I was thinking doing quests would be a good start because I've never done some of the "basic" p2p quests but I don't even know where to start with that. Some items that may help with leveling (idk just giving more info so i could potentially get more help) "Hati Paws" Ardoungne Cloak 1 Dragon Defenders Omni Tiara Explorer's ring 3 Cooking Gauntlets Ava's Accumulator (A sub-pare farming tab, I liked doing Farming that's how i made some money back in the day) That's it for items that could help me... So i guess my question is: what should my course of action be if/when I get p2p? I really want to give it another shot, I feel like i'll eventually understand everything. I'm sorry for advice on this if anyone gets annoyed or something. I just don't know where else to go with this. :P I tried to give as much info as I possibly could but if you take something away from this it's that I know barely anything about p2p but i'm willing to learn. :D Thank you in advance to the person(s) that take these questions on. <3
  11. Back in my p2p days I never got a nest from my own grown tree.
  12. I was more excited to get this than 99 dg, idk why 20 to go..
  13. congrats on all of your levels and good luck with 99 Mining before rs3!! How much are you losing cooking lobs with urns? Eventually my goal is to get 200m cooking and i've never been one to get a lot of money so..
  14. Good luck with your f2p osaat, will definitely watch this blog closely, I like accounts like this. :P Congrats on all your recent levels, you seem to be going pretty quickly! :) Keep it up.
  15. 94 Crafting... :) So since I haven't been able to play a lot at all i've been debating taking a break from Crafting. Since i'm only able to play 2-3 hours a day at the most, I feel like i'm not getting enough progress on my account. Every time I open my bank I just see those 92k Maple Logs.. I also have had to study for exams in summer school and I even went to Artisans last night because 45 seconds was not long enough. I'm leaning most towards Firemaking right now because of the xp/hr. If i decide to do this, I'm risking getting the Hard Leather Boots method nerfed before I finish my goal of 99 Crafting, and I won't be able to finish it just because of gp restrictions. What do you think I should do? Please help me decide. Thank you.
  16. Yesssss!! Welcome to the blog section of the forums. ;) It's GREAT to see another f2p skiller blog. congrats on all of your recent level ups, if you need anything pm me in-game or on the fourms, my private will most likely always be on. Good luck with 120 dg. :) I'm going for that as well.
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