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  1. You shouldn't focus on two things at once first. For web design I would get a html book and a css book(aka the style tag) and after that depending on what you want you want to make the website for you can learn javascript, php, Sql, ASP and many others. A good website for website development languages would be http://www.w3schools.com/ , it is a great reference but it doesn't go into too much detail so i don't recommend learning from it unless you can't afford books. With Web design programs there is frontpage(microsoft) and dream weaver(adobe) however they are expensive, i know that dream weaver costs $400 but I not too sure about the other. All you really need to write the markup is a basic text editor. A text editor designed especially for programing/web programing is notepad++ witch had a cool few features like tabs for having multiple documents open at once witch you will need and the ability to choose the syntax of the language so it will underline errors in it. I'm not too sure about what books you should get but I have a html for Dummies book and it basically was for dummies so I don't think you should get it. The best bet would be to go to a book store and look at the selection and see witch book you can understand the best without being boring. I'm not sure if you can get them now but i have a reference book for html witch comes it handy when you occasionally forget a few tags. The website that i posted above it also great for reference since the index is always at the left so you can just click on the topic that you forgot and look it up.(it lists all the tags at the end of each chapter/page and their usage) A final thing to remember is to use tables for layout since it will just plain confuse you when you have a good size website, use div tags and then format them with css. I have no idea what books you should get since you don't know what language you want to learn yet. I would say read this http://www.gamedev.net/reference/articl ... cle895.asp , then you will have a little idea about what language you want to start with. To pick out a book you should find one that fits your learning needs like I said before. With some things in programming you may have to read twice or three times and study it to get the hang of it. I don't see the benefit of learning a non object oriented programming language since it only teaches you the basics witch you could of learned with a OOP language in the first place. If you do want to do that then i would suggest BASIC since it is VERY easy to get the hang of with very simple commands but you shouldn't go too far into it since beyond a point it just uses stuff that none of the newer languages use anymore. So you should learn stuff like output,arithmetic, variables, color/locate command, String commands, arrays , file handling stuff. If you a serious about either one of them then you should go to a local community collage and they should have a Introductory course on one of them. I herd that web design get boring once it is no longer a challenge. Click here for a very good website witch tons of resources on Quick basic
  2. Try monitoring your memory usage when you are on the computer and see if if the amount of memory usage increases after you open runescape, then play for about a hour, then close it. Problems like these are hard to diagnose because it could just be about anything from your computer settings to your hardware to the runescape applet itself. Please post if reinstalling java helped.
  3. click here I'm pretty sure thats what your looking for but for an alternative you can go to http://www.runehq.com and click dynamic sig maker at the navigation.
  4. No idea what the "click to play" problem is. You shouldn't be on the persons computer if you are not authorized to since you could wind up getting charged for some criminal offense in some situations. Anyway i would tell you to restart your computer but you could try this: First since you mentioned the taskmanager works fine just end the process "Explorer.exe" witch it just the user shell for windows. Then your taskbar and icons should vanish. Your taskmanager should be still open at this point and like you did before File > New Task(Run...). This should be about the same as the run dialog i think. Now you can type Explorer.exe. The taskbar and icons should pop back up. Note that you don't need to close Firefox while doing this and if you accidentally minimize it you can just double click it in at the applications tab of the task manager. After this does the second problem persist? How about the first one? Also could you go into greater detail with the first one? I was thinking that those two problems might be related since it seems like they appeared at the same time by your description.
  5. I doubt there is any website around that will allow multiple users to log in and save/edit the same spreadsheets but you want to just let your password be known by them then you could easily make a Google spreadsheets account. Another website you could try is EDIT GRID, it allows one person to have a account and make spreadsheets but for it to be public and allows everyone to view it without logging in to an account. An example of edit grid is HERE.
  6. I think it looks decent but i dislike the black background and the thin text. also the white stuff below the rose doesn't fit in too well.
  7. It doesn't sound like an "graphics accelerator" problem or a contrast problem. Don't sue me for asking but is this the problem you have been having? Has a lot of things similar to your description. If you do have this problem then you can left click with the mouse on the "little blue bar" and hold the mouse button down and drag it down in size. Then you can right click the moue when it is over the task bar and a white menu will pop up. Now click on "Lock the taskbar". Now your problem should be solved.
  8. I have no idea what that could be but here are 3 links: http://aumha.org/win5/a/shtdwnxp.htm http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=320008 http://aumha.org/win4/a/shutdown.htm Have you tried switching user and then shutting down? Is there any error message at all?
  9. When a screen or video capture turns out black that usually means that your graphics card is processing it and there isn't really a way for it to send it back up if you want a picture of what it rendered. First you could try disabling hardware acceleration or any other crap that your video card wants to use. right click desktop > properties > settings > advanced > troubleshoot don't forget to turn it back on. It would help us if you would state what you are taking a video of I assume an application or a game since you are having this problem. Make sure CAPTURE LAYERED is ON if it is off.
  10. I don't really like the setup of the photo mostly with the cloth behind you and the hand being a bit too close to the camera along with the hair on the top of your bush(or hair, or head) standing up a bit. i don't really thing the charcoal grainy look fits too well.The top has room to be cropped. The ball thing(no idea what you want to to be) could be have greater oplicity and be deleted in front of the front finger. I read your response to the other person that said this but I don't know why you would not want to have a center of attention. Removing the saturation is overused a lot and it doesn't fit too well in this.
  11. This is my favorite one: Most of them has too much contrast or the text doesn't fit. other ones i liked:
  12. I don't really like the drop shadow look on the guitar and how it looks symmetrical. The background looks good but it looks a little bland with no point of interest. The text isn't places too well and doesn't fit too well mainly because it goes over the guitar and it is a dark black.
  13. I think it looks better but I don't really like the dark lines with the outline and the wrinkles.
  14. teal needs to be a light blue gray needs to be a bit lighter green needs to be a lot darker blue needs to have less saturation other than the colors it is a good start
  15. what exactly are you looking for and what was wrong with the other 3 you mentioned? If you are looking for an easy one to get the hang of it will not produce as good sigs as a more dynamic one. What kind of stuff did you want to make? vector? raster? pixel? some type of simple rendering software?
  16. I thought That "Cad" deserved to have a few added coolness points. :oops: I did not spell it wrong, it was intentional. Anyway thanks for your c/c and your tutorial "Kad". I also changed the photo if you didn't like it.
  17. My kitty cries for you. One Hour Later: Two Hours Later: Good luck. Thanks for the picture too I knew my kitty would be sad once I told her so i got the camera ready :D .
  18. Occasionally when I get a white screen minimizing and maximizing a few times works. I am assuming you mean after it loads. I am also assuming you means after switch windows. What do you mean you can't access forums? Are you taking about these forums?
  19. Your mountains and ground look good but its confusing on how they are incorporated together. Your tree looks really awesome, I love the shading. I don't like your armor, it doesn't have enough detail so runescape stuff I think doesn't look too good too big since it was originally made for a much smaller area. Your sword and shield look like they have no depth. It also seems you are lacking in contrast. It looks like your light source is behind the mountains based on your sky but the rest conflicts with the sky's light source. Many things are also monochromatic. Your rune plate body armor's plates look like they are connected witch take away from the metal feel of it.
  20. If it is just an regular case fan that plugs into a motherboard or fan controller/Powersupply then you could most likely find the correct size at he local computer store.(providing its the fan that isn't working.)
  21. What is your connection and how fast is it? Are you lagging in everything on the internet?
  22. have you tried reinstalling Java? Does it do it on all websites, not just runescape? If you have another browser installed have you tried it with that browser? What browser do you have? If this problem just started a day or two it would be really easy to just restore it back a day or two providing you haven't installed anything since then.
  23. The person looks too skinny and too much like a stick figure. Don't use the shape tools because it makes things look off like the mask for example. The shoulder things come out a bit too far for then length of the solders, it also comes up a bit too much. The majority of your shading lacks contrast and needs to be a gradation, not one half of the object light and the other half dark, you are also missing shading in a lot of parts(i.e. d-long, bricks) I have not idea what the red wave part of it is. Don't forget you can lower the saturation witch is up/down in paint Your bricks are is just cross hatching made with the line tool. I have no idea why the box of jewelry and weapons is in the top right corner, seems like there is no good idea in this, just your drawling runescape stuff. I don't like the background color, hard to see stuff with it and makes it look worse also there is no "real background" for example a book case or something, just looks monochromatic.
  24. Does it make a crackling noise when you change the volume(if you can on that device)? Is it directly plugged in your computer? double check to make sure everything is plugged in good Try using the headphones in another device like a Walkman and see if it still makes the noise.
  25. I'm not too sure what your saying but i think your asking how to do this for multiple items but fit it all in one cell. Try doing it calculation by calculation, then progress to fitting it all in one cell. An simpler way would be to make a column for each bonus thing you need and then a total bonus column to add them all together and then you can just add that cell to the total number. Once you do that it should be a matter of copying and pasting. it should look something like this: Find what items are present in the cell with 3 different columns calculating it. Cell B2: =if(A1 = "torg plate", 500,0) Cell C2: =if(A1 = "torg belt", 200,0) Cell D2: =if(A1 = "torg vest", 300,0) Calculate the total values of the 3 cells. Cell E2: =Sum(B2:D2) OR =B2+C2+D2 Sum up the total of everything. Cell H2: =E2 + Here is a sample of what it should look like with similar formulas to the ones last mentioned: With the formulas i used showing(not same as ones above). If they all reward the same amount try using the or function. Here is an explanation from a website: OR(logical_value_1, logical_value_2, ...logical_value_30) Returns TRUE if at least one argument is TRUE. Returns the value FALSE if all the arguments have the logical value FALSE.. Logical_value_1, logical_value_2, ...logical_value_30 are conditions to be checked. All conditions can be either TRUE or FALSE. If a range is entered as a parameter, the function uses the value from the range that is in the current column or row. Try using Insert > function , it can sometimes be a lot easier. I think you are trying to do too much that you don't know try reading some parts of this. http://www.usd.edu/trio/tut/excel/ Also if you don't already know there is a thing called a fill handle: just click and drag to copy formulas and it automatically updates for the new locations. The reason I am telling you is because if you don't use it you will waste hours of time copying and adjusting formulas.
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