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  1. That "response" is such a fake it's ridiculous lol. What are they dating a j mod? they dont respond with "yours sincerely".... thats something you send a family friend or a relative or something. they sign everything with "sincerely"
  2. I have quite a few that I've collected over the years... I think only one is actually one that I use though... 1) Back to back whip specials NEVER hit good on both. I actually use this one cause I ALWAYS hit like... 19 then 0, or 7 then 21, or 10 then 31. I NEVER hit two good ones in a row, so I do one special, usually hit like 20+, then use normal attack, then special again and usually do 20+. 2) Logging out and back in will increase your odds of getting a good drop. Some people think that with each login, you're given a certain drop table for each monster, like 10,000 drops are automatically chosen for you. According to them, if you're getting like herbs and gp 20 kills in a row on fire giants, log out and back in. Then you should get better drops... makes no sense to me but whatever. 3) The less you teleport during a clue, the better the reward. I've heard this one tons and it's never been proven or even given creditable support. Jagex themselves disclaimed this awhile ago as well. 4) 12 kills at barrows will get you better rewards. I've tried this one and I STILL went 83 rounds without getting anything good. But there for like 40 rounds I got my first two barrows items in months. 5) Having a Crumbling Tomb (book telling the tale of the six barrows brothers) with you while doing barrows gets you better rewards. Again, never been proven or given creditable evidence to support it. 6) Continuously clicking the tree you're chopping will get you logs faster. On the contrary, this just gave me delay lag and didn't really get me logs any faster than before.
  3. It was ok experience, I still do better with whip, but don't hit nearly as high. And there is one important detail I forgot to mention... I hit 50 WITHOUT PRAYER. So it hits roughly 10 higher than whip assuming prayer adds about 4 damage to the hit.
  4. As I've already said twice... I'm not saying its better than whip. I'm saying it hits higher, meaning its more powerful. I'm not saying its better to train with or anything, sheesh :?
  5. What the $%*#!! You left out my favorite character!!!! :x :x :x cmoooooon :(
  6. and my reply to you, is to read the whole post lol: And addressing your concern with speed... the Gadderhammer is same as d long, not as slow as granite maul.
  7. I'm a slayer nubb so I can't kill nechryaels, but a few of my friends have yet to get 85 slayer and always tell me they hate nechs because they never get good drops. One of them has gone 9 nechryael tasks without a single pair of rune boots. It may be better for you, but I doubt for the unlucky.
  8. Ok well thank you astray, I fixed that. Even so, I'd take a 50 over a 46 anyday :P
  9. Ah good point. But Jagex actually releasing something that really helps? whoa. This thing is no silverlight, that's for sure lol.
  10. I was told of people hitting insane, albeit rare, damages with the gadderhammer against shades. So I decided to test the gadderhammer (new hammer from "in aid of the myreque") for myself, to see if the rumors were true. I am 97 strength, 97 attack, and I am 63 strength bonus using the gadderhammer. For the first few hours I hit nothing over 26, and for 63 str bonus 26 seems high in itself. However, this was not the results I had hoped for. Frustrated, I went back and tried again today. This time I tried on the 120's hoping the gadderhammer might be like the enchanted secatuers, where they would one hit things very rarely. I maxed 38, and usually hit 26. However, later I super potted, and wore a salve ammy bringing my att and str to 116 and my str bonus down to 53. The results are amazing... I maxed out at 50 in about 40 minutes of killing them super potted, and I hit consistent 30's. I have a new found respect for the Gadderhammer, and I noticed I consistently hit 20+ against the shades, almost as if I was fighting them with a whip. Here are the highlights of my hits: I haven't tested the hammer on anything but shades. It could be a glitch, it could be a salve-type effect, I really don't know. All I know is that shade didn't know what was coming :wink: EDIT: Before you say it's too overpowered (I know there's at least one of you out there), keep this in mind: In 3 hours of fighting these guys superpotted now, I've hit 50 twice and I've hit over 40 only four times. These hits are very rare. Note: I say more POWERFUL because whip is a far cry from 50 damage (I did NOT even use prayer), it's max is only like 45ish. I'm NOT saying this weapon is any better to use than whip, it just hits harder is quite fun to use.
  11. I wear it strategically. I know it's worth 36k, same as an Obsidian Cape. Since I know that, I know what protects over it when I die, so I know when, and when not to wear it :)
  12. Yeah it's definitely changed. Maybe Jagex realized rs is full of people who cant spell, so they would get ownt by the censor lol.
  13. As I said in another thread, "Dark" gloves require no defense lvl to wear, assuming they would require more than dragon in the first place. My friend with 54 defense wears a pair of "dark" gloves, so I seriously doubt any of the other gloves require levels to put them on. As far as monkey madness goes, you're probably right about 1 def pures.
  14. Gloves require no levels to wear. My friend with 54 defense has on a pair of "dark" gloves as we speak.
  15. And you never had to? :shock: Weird... I wonder what's up.
  16. Where is the lvl 227 monster that you need to be able to defeat, the one mentioned in the rs manual for the quest?
  17. They're new weapons, but they're cookingware.... relax dude :roll:. There is no conceivable way they could be better than whip.
  18. Yeah Definitely... new dark gloves would raise whip's max str bonus to 122 :o. And ugh, I dont even wanna think about dharok maxes lmao (well, yeah i do :wink:). A most excellent quest reward :)
  19. Kudos, I'm assuming you haven't completed the quest. This guy makes it look easy. It's jagex's "longest ever quest" according to them. I'd be mad if I didn't get anything this good after completing it. I'm very happy that they didn't make it a lame reward myself :P
  20. (nvm my questions were answered) but just curious... but why do you keep censoring your own rs name? o.O
  21. good lord. those stats are crazy... that would raise max str bonus with whip to 119... and raise max range def possible to OVER 400... good grief.
  22. I'm pretty sure he's said that before this update, as that conversation sounds too familiar to my eyes. He usually says stuff depending on where it is you talk to him. Like he'll say something different when you talk to him in Burthorpe than say if you talk to him in Varrock. On a side note, his "cat rules" are classic :wink:
  23. You don't need to do dragon slayer to enter champ's guild. It's just a quest associated with the guild. All you need to get in is like 32 quest points. And yeah zzzamorak is my hero. Possibly the best lvl 3 ever.
  24. Indeed... if he was lvl 50. Perhaps you missed the fact that he's a top 50 overall player? You can't just start over after losing all that.
  25. Instead of pming him items I find to add, I'll start posting them on this thread again for people to see. And then when he returns (he WILL return :(), he can add them to the guide. DroolMAN ftw :( Here's what I have so far. All I need is the orange text below the items for most of them. The others are pretty simple. And I'm no DroolMAN so I'm leaving the items and text uncropped cause he has a certain way he does it. I never seemed to get it right :$. But yeah this should be almost all the newer items, just need d2h. From left to right: Studded Body (T), Studded Chaps (T), Studded Body (G), Studded Chaps (G) Green D'hide Body (T), Green D'hide Chaps (T), Green D'hide Body (G), Green D'hide Chaps (G) Blue D'hide Body (T), Blue D'hide Chaps (T), Blue D'hide Body (G), Blue D'hide Chaps (G) Black Kiteshield (H), Black Kiteshield (H), Black Kiteshield (H), Black Kiteshield (H) Adamant Kiteshield (H), Adamant Kiteshield (H), Adamant Kiteshield (H), Adamant Kiteshield (H) Rune Kiteshield (H), Rune Kiteshield (H), Rune Kiteshield (H), Rune Kiteshield (H) Wizard Hat (T), Wizard Robe (T), Blue Skirt (T) Wizard Hat (G), Wizard Robe (G), Blue Skirt (G) Enchanted Hat, Enchanted Top, Enchanted Robe Black Boater, Blue Boater, Green Boater, Orange Boater Red Boater Magic Secateurs And this one isn't really new but it was never added to the guide: Progress Hat (Full, 3rd stage)
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