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  1. I suspect reddit has in part replaced the forum, but reddit does not offer the same sense of community and I feel it is more focus towards current topics and no topics last more than a few days.
  2. I can remember when the tip it forum had hundred of active users and lively discussions. Suppose it was a slow death over many years as other resources took over.
  3. 3do has a website? They went bankrupt years ago....
  4. Bugs are quite common in the series. I would try and find my copy to see if it works. I have read that the newer games are even worst.... Edit: Just checked my pile. I only own I, II and II. So can not test 5.
  5. The first time I play that game I got sick, so could stay home from school. Because of that cold I got many hours into it. Just last year I took it out again and started playing, I think I completed the first three campaigns then grew bored of it. I find it gets quite repetitive after a while and to often all of your hard work would not be carried onto the next map. The best tactic I have found is to build a army ASAP and rush the enemy. On most maps, the enemy also starts with few soldiers. Often it is possible to win a map in the first few months, if you wait to build a strong army first it would take several hours.
  6. I have been critical of others survival plans, but i can not remember wring my own. Firstly, I do not expect my plan to succeed, but in my view it is the most likely to. In my scenario, I picture that Zombie outbreaks would be quite widespread by the time I have heard about it. Most towns/cities would already be infected. The police would be in tatters and civil law would have collapsed. In same areas, martial law might have been established. But the New Zealand military is to small to control the entire country. I live about 10km from the nearest large town, there is a smaller town 3km to the west. About 1km to the North is a New Zealand Airforce base, commercial airport and a small township of air force personal. They have several 'arm depots' one boarding my property. One would think it would be wise to head straight for the air force base. But I disagree, I doubt they would have a large supply of suitable arms. The airport would be a natural gathering point for fleeing citizens. That entire area would be chaotic and likely to turn into a blood bath. So, I would quickly grab a few essential items. These include my sleeping bag, pack, assorted clothing, food and firearms and ammunition. I would load these into my 4wd truck. If I do not have time I would run straight for the truck or farm motorbike. If my parents/family are also there I would get them to do the same thing. But we would leave in two 4wds. If they are hesitant they can die. I would then avoid towns, by taking advantage of back roads where I can. I would then head for the mountains which is about a hours drive away. The road is long with a small population. Once up there I would introduce myself to the residents and attempt to establish a type of fortified area. I suspect it would be quite easy to get a group of 30-40 other survivals up there. Now I have to decide between staying with the group which has a fairly large amount of firepower but would also be a magnet to the dead. The other option would be to head further into the mountains and isolation. But out there I would have to defend for myself 24/7 which could get fairly dangerous and exhausting after a few weeks/months. Finding sufficient food would be a problem. I simply can not find a plan which would succeed in the long term. Getting enough food and finding a safe place to rest would be my main issues.
  7. Necromagus, I might have missed something. But how are you going to deal with all of the infected/dead casino patrons and staff which would probably be in the building? Like you mentioned, casinos are open all hours so it would be rare for you to find one which is empty. Even if you get there before the undead has spread it would be difficult to fortfy the area with all the chaotic crowds fleeing, hiding or looting.
  8. Quite a boring year. My life is quite stagnant. Spent most of the year working in a job I am hating more every day. I would quit, but the situation is complicated have significant capital invested and family involved. There has been a few good times but much mediocrity.
  9. Same stores still carry the Carbon-copy credit card devices. So not a completely stupid idea.
  10. How are you going to get passed the undoubtedly armed guards and solders which would be at such a facility. I doubt they would let you walk in and just start firing off nukes. That would piss of the other survivals, espically the ones which have fortified themselves in the cities. How would you deal with the zombie populations in small towns and rural areas? What if the zombies do not concentrate but just wander off in the hope of finding the living. What if the zombies do not die over winter, but simply freeze. Came summer they might unfroze and continue their search for the living. You might now be trapped in a nuclear contaminated world populated with the undead. What would you do if you get to the theater and find it swarming in the dead? What would you do if you have barricaded yourself in the theater only to find that either yourself or your fiancee have been bitten/infected before getting to safety....
  11. Most forums I vist seem to control themselves so there is no need for strict rules. I have used a forum which is much more formal then this one, but the moderators rarely had to use their powers. The subject matter meant it was rare for a idiot to start posting. I also post on many causal forums, and in most of them the moderators do not do much and the forums run themselves quite well. In regards to rules, I would consider tip.it to be stricter then most.
  12. I rarely have problems with the search. Learn to use it and it works fine.
  13. Brings back memories from my university days The side of a computer case makes a excellent table. I use to eat most of my dinners off one. It provided a nice flat surface which I balanced on a pile of stuff. Learn to cook and only make 1 dish to clean. Roasts are good because you chuck everything into the oven then bugger off for the next hour. Clean the pot when it is still hot otherwise all the fat would go sticky, in which case leave it in the oven and hope someone else wants to use it. It is difficult to live off the "Meat only diet". You start to feel like crap after the second day. It is possible to live off the Pasta and cheese diet. Do not worry about breakfast, most of the time you would still be sleeping at that time of day. Just keep a couple of bulk bags of nuts and chocolate near your bed for a quick meal. Learn the quickest route and discount routines of all the local fast food places. I use to live off pizza for 4 days a week. The toilet does not need to be cleaned. The floor does not need to be vacuum. The bathroom does not need to be cleaned. In fact, no cleaning at all is required. Just a quick clean of the kitchen bench unless you like getting sick. The floor does not need cleaning. Hard spirits like whisky works out cheaper then beer to drink. Buy a 1L bottle once a week, maybe a second one for the weekend. If anything looks like work avoid doing it. Eventually someone else would get so annoyed with it they would complete the task.
  14. Congrants.... You now get to spend your spare time moving and locking posts and writing up little reports explaining why you move/locked the posts. But before writing the report you have to search to make sure there is not already a report on that user (or from the same IP address)... fun. ( Atleast that is what it was like back in 2005).
  15. Could be verbal Dyspraxia but you are normally born with that I believe. Dyspraxia is similar in quite a few ways to Dyslexia, you might even have both. I am diagnosed with both.
  16. You scored 17/30 and 24/30. mmmm
  17. Quite interesting thread. I have had quite a bit of speech therapy in my life. When I was young I use to have moderate stuttering, but I have gotten over it mostly. I still suffer from "blocking" from time to time. I can not pronounce the word "river" without effort. But my stuttering is not my main speech problem. At quite a early age I was diagnose with verbal dyspraxia. It means I fail to create many sounds correctly, it has also given me a "Scottish / Celtic Ascent", atleast most people I meet assume I am Ireland, Wales or Scotland. Something not common for a New Zealander. I believe that I consider my speech worst then it really is. I can quite easily carry out a normal conversation with only needing to repeat the odd word such as "rainbow". Whenever someone asks me to repeat something I automatically assume my dyspraxia is at fault when in reality they might of just mis-heard me. Because of my dyspraxia it has made me quite shy and lacking in confidence to varying degrees. Due to that I often get nervous when meeting new people and rush out my words which makes me even harder to understand.
  18. I have played the early duke nukem and Commander Keen. Played Ken a couple of years ago but it was not the same.
  19. Just my income, excluding interest, taxes, dividends, capital gain ect. $384 a day $16 a hour $0.26 a minute In most societies money is food, shelter and entertainment. I do not believe there is much to life without these things. Sure you could eat road kill and weeds, live under a bridge and throw stones for entertainment but money improves one standard of living significantly so there is not much more to life than money.
  20. The reason why they would block other countries might include. 1) The ads are for the US market. 2) Ubisoft probably has deals with distributors in other countries and they are likely to be in breached of the contracts by giving the game away.
  21. All of the advertisements have disappeared from my game now. Strange. Has that happened to anyone else?
  22. I been playing Far Cry for the last few days. The advertisements only occur during loading times, because I often die repeatedly during hard battles I have been forced to watch dozens of ads in a row. To make matters worst I only get 1 McDonald's advertisement. Although I want to eat McDonald's I am also now hate that ad. One thing I have heard, is that the 'games' only work if you live in the USA. I took no chances so when i signed up to the Ubisoft website I put my location down as United States.
  23. I do not game that much anymore. Couple of weeks back I started playing Heroes of Might and Magic III. Quite old but good games never become tired. Upto the last level of Good Campaign 2. Each level can take a while and it can get repetitive. I probably would not win the entire game. Recently got a copy of Far Cry and played it for a few minutes tonight. Looks like a good game. If I did not have to work I would be able to concentrate on more games. But most of my free time is taken up by other hobbies.
  24. Civilisation I (PC) (A pioneer in the turn based strategy game) Wolfenstein 3D (PC) (Probably the game which made FPS popular) Doom (PC) (A trend settubg game, 3d graphics, network multiplayer and more. A pioneering game) Dune II: Battle for Arrakis (PC) (Laid the foundations for many games such as the Command & Conquer series and WarCraft) Might and Magic (PC) (One of the pioneers of RPG)
  25. ummmm, you are wrong. The wii is a current generation console. So is the PS3 and Xbox360. They are current generation because they are currently in the market. Previous generation consoles include the Gamecube, Xbox and Dreamcast. Any information regarding the next generation consoles to my knowledge have not even been announced, leaked or even rumoured at the moment, and are probably still in the early planning stages of development.
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