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  1. Exactly... the only light source you can use down there is the weird little glowing mushroom.
  2. It's the G.I.F.T. Not much anyone can do about it.
  3. Discussion at the ZMI Altar... seems someone didn't quite read the instructions:
  4. It's quite obvious that what Jagex needs to do is to put a big magic bucket in the Lumby castle forecourt, where whatever items you want could be obtained from the magic bucket in infinite quantities. They could put it right next to the big red lever that instantly maxes out all your skills to level 99.
  5. Crafting guild with skills necklace, use duelling ring back to castlewars to bank. 10 times faster than any other method.
  6. That would require levelling your classical music skill.
  7. Ummm... spinning, when the clue clearly tells you to think.
  8. The "Correct" slayer master is not necessarily the one that is going to get you the best results. One might give you 10 steel dragons, the other 84 harpie bug swarms. Both tasks net you the same amount of experience, but I can zip through 84 harpie bugs a lot faster than 10 steel drags in a single trip without even having to take food let alone pots / high level food / entry fees to dungeons etc. If you want loot, go for the higher end tasks, if you want fast XP stick to midrange.
  9. Now that's a ridiculous claim :P In truth lag occurs all the time - whenever some packets of information have to make a round trip from client, to server and back to client again, it takes time, so there is "lag" between when you initiate an action and the action actually being initiated. Most of the time, the lag is imperceptible and events appear to occur in real time. Occasionally (or in some people's cases much more than occasionally) the time taken to respond to the invocation of an action is perceivably greater than real-time, which is the point where people rant on forums about it. Such delays can be caused by any link in the chain. Having a broadband connection doesn't give you a direct link to Jagex's servers, usually packets will make between one and three dozen hops between your modem and the server. Tracert it and see how many you have between you and your nearest server, there are at least 15 between me in Melbourne and World 112 in Sydney. Any one of those machines could hold up a couple of packets and cause a perceptible lag. Alternately the problem could be related to load on the server - it could just as easily be a processor intensive process running on the client machine - like an antivirus update self installing. I get terrible lag when I run the microwave oven in my office (it interferes with the wireless network).
  10. For me (@66 RC) I'm getting around 16 xp per ess, which is a more than 50% increase on crafting deaths through the abyss. The only faster (and far more expensive) method to level up RC is law crafting on Entrana W66.
  11. If you have the thieving level, gnomes can be pickpocketed for orbs.
  12. To remove any other (possibly hidden) variables - who knows what factors Jagex use to determine drops - you should probably have everyone kill X monsters with the ROW, then X monsters without. And the without team should probably be all equipping the same item (or no item) in the ring spot when conducting the test. In fact, you might be best to decide on a standard 'uniform' before you start ie full rune with glory, no cape, gloves or boots and a rune scimitar - so that any hitherto unknown function hidden deep in the runescape codebase is standard across all your participants. It might be a stretch, but perhaps getting participants that are all around the same skillset might be advantageous as well.
  13. Full text of the apocryphal tale:
  14. Agreed... and from reading the official site it seems that battlestaves have been added to a few droplists... Ankou for one.
  15. Yes, it's tradeable in either fully-repaired or fully broken states. Most people buy and sell it fully repaired, as the repair costs can be substantial. The equipment degrades by 25% for every (I think it's an hour?) that you spend in combat with it equipped.
  16. Or... you could buy from the shops for the same, set-in-stone amounts that the bots have to pay for them. The only people who should be complaining about this update are botters.
  17. Bots will be able to buy infinite runes at lets say Xgp ea. However for that to be a worthwhile endeavour for them, they need to then be able to on-sell those runes to players at a profit, say X + Y% ea. However, since players will also be able to purchase infinite runes at the same price the bots get them for (X), they won't buy them from the bots at (X + Y%). What it will do, is set firm upper limits on the price of bulk runes. Which may or may not affect runecrafting for profit depending on what those limits are.
  18. Anyone want to buy a black cav I found in the lumby caves? :P
  19. Well... when a mummy blog and a daddy blog love each other very much... Post above pretty much sums it up... the easiest way to make a blog is to head off to blogspot or some other free-blog-hosting website and sign up.... then making entries is pretty much as easy as posting on forums.
  20. I'm using lunar teleports, wearing black d-hide and quest cape. Time is roughly the same as using the abyss. (Especially using all those super energy pots I made). Didn't cost me anything for the teleports as both spells use astral, law and earth runes, I carried an earth staff and the laws and astrals I was getting from crafting outweighed those I spent teleporting. 66 RC Level, getting a solid bunch of Natures, Deaths, with usually two or three bloods and souls. Average XP gained 657.7 per trip - give or take, if I see a zammy crafter I kill them, sometimes that nets an extra 3 pure ess. Over my ten trips I used up 403 pure ess (including the two lots of 3 from zammy crafters) for 6577 XP, or 16.3XP per rune crafted which is more than a 50% improvement on XP for crafting deaths. All in all, it looks like a good way to level runecrafting, rather than a good way to RC for profit. And considering that RC is my lowest skill, this is a good update for me.
  21. Me Me ME! Look at ME! Give me attention and talk about ME! Seriously dude... play or don't play, like anyone else gives a rat's.
  22. Incorrect. I caught seven rats with my kitten before deciding my time could be better spent elsewhere - like hunting down a chaos talisman. After he turned into a cat we went rat hunting again, three rats later I get the message "Well done puss, that's 10 nasty rodents caught."
  23. There's nothing inherently dangerous about the spot to where you get teleported. It's more the route you would have to take to get home again. However, we now have home teleport spells on all spell sets, so there would be no reason not to bring it back. As no-one would be forced to run the gauntlet of thrower trolls.
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