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  1. Obviously you've never lived in rural Namibia.
  2. It's the fault of the person being scammed for not educating themselves to a point where they can be active in an online game without losing their shirt. It may sound harsh but the notion of scamming people out of their items has been around since online games were nothing more than glorified multi-user telnet sessions. If I walk up to you on the street and say "Here, I'll give you these fantastic leaves for your wallet and watch." and we make the trade, I've committed absolutely no crime whatsoever. Why would it be any different just because we're playing a computer game?
  3. Pro-tip: You need to train your skills before they become useful.
  4. "Quitting" runescape is just a way for attention [bleep] to get their egos stroked on forums. If you don't want to play anymore, don't play.
  5. How I can bury bones in the floor of the upper level of a wooden building - without a shovel, yet I need a shovel to pick a strawberry off a strawberry plant. That the bank will let me deposit a half-eaten pizza without raising an eyebrow. That I can lug around 2000 cannonballs, but only 28 herb leafs. That I can just walk into someone's house and use their sink or stove without them yelling at me to get out. That I can kill a guard in plain sight of his workmates and they won't lift a finger to help him fight me off, but I steal one loaf of bread and they try to kill me. That I can have gender reassignment surgery and no-one seems to notice.
  6. I think a lot of people here need to go and acquaint themselves with the phrase "loosely based on".
  7. Because the rest of Runescape so neatly ties in with reality... Um..... the Bible was mainly written several centuries before the Middle Ages were even a twinkle in the Dark Ages eye. Do you want to tell him or should I? Your imaginary friend is hiding the imaginary dragons?
  8. i'm in ur slayer tower, killin all ur bloodvelds
  9. This bug has been fixed in the most recent update.
  10. It seems a bug crept it's way in with the last update... although how an update to seers village causes a bug in a pyramid on the other side of the map I don't know. There should be an option to cross the ledge, there now isn't. I've done the pyramid dozens of times, and now I can't either. Rest assured it's nothing you're doing wrong.
  11. I wasn't aware that I was telling Silverion, or anyone else, how to do anything at all. Perhaps you missed that part of school where they teach you the difference between asking a question and making a statement? I'm not sure why you seem to be under the impression that I haven't been an Internet development consultant for more than a decade asking exactly the same questions of CEOs and heads of government departments - people who have a great deal more riding on their web presence than the operators of a computer game fan site. You're more than welcome to question my arguments, but questioning my level of expertise in the area is not going to make you look credible. I have the right to ask any questions I damn well like. Silverion has the right to choose to either answer them, dismiss them, or tell me to pack my bags. To this point he's done none of the above. Right... for your own personal gratification. You can couch it in whatever platitudes you like, but in the end you're in it for your own reward. That reward may not be financial, but it's your reward. I'm not kicking up a stink... if anything it's you and pokemama who've carried on with the histrionics. I merely asked a question - albeit a fairly pointy one. And I think I've gone to great pains to acknowledge the work that has been done here. As to why I'm "still here"... This was the first fan site I found when I went looking nearly 2 years ago. I'm familiar with the layout and functionality of the site. I don't use tip.it exclusively, but it is the one that I have the most amount of experience with. Believe it or not it is possible to question something without disowning it. Is it fair? Of course it's fair. Since the dawn of the web, site operators have been footing the bill for running their sites. Quid pro quo, you get to have your own site to do with what you please, ergo you pay for the hosting and bandwidth costs. There are strategies for recouping those costs... ie selling something, be it advertising space, content, or your company's services or products. But the responsibility for paying the bills lies squarely on the shoulders of the one running the site. The same principle applies to publishing your own magazine. Either you foot the bill, you charge people for the content, or you sell advertising space. If you want the profits from running an e-business site, you take the gamble that no-one wants to buy your products. If you want the warm fuzzies from running a community site, you either take the hit to your hip pocket or you hope that people will chip in out of the goodness of their hearts. There's no need to apologise for making it sound like an autocracy. Web sites are autocratic by their very nature. Flipping around what I said previously... Quid pro quo, you pay the bills you get to do whatever the hell you want. Silverion can change it into a My Little Pony fansite if he wants to. But until such time as he decides to cancel our accounts, we can ask whatever damn questions we want.
  12. Thanks for your support. I certainly didn't intend any disrespect. I might be blunt, but I'm certainly not discounting the fine effort that the admin team put into the site.
  13. Doesn't make me wonder at all... It might make you wonder... but then I guess a lot of things do. Are you trying to tell me that by thinking critically I forgo my right to browse a free and publicly available website?
  14. Terribly sorry for not toeing the line appropriately... perhaps you could point out exactly how my question (not statement) was unreasonable or disrespectful? Right... so running a Runescape fansite is not a break-even proposition financially. Which begs the question I asked above. What is the motivation for running one - of the many that are out there - when it is only going to cause stress and cost money? The noble and philanthropic aim of providing information is well and truly covered by the dozen or so other fansites... which leaves only one other that I can see. There are also several large ones... There isn't any content here that can't be found elsewhere. I'm not saying they don't do a great job, or that tip.it isn't a worthwhile site to visit. I'm merely questioning whether it is appropriate to suggest that the userbase fund it.
  15. The thing you'll find with advertising Silverion is that it's blocked at the advertiser level, not the site level. My ad-block killfile already had an entry for http://*.adbrite.com/* so I wasn't even aware that tip.it was using it. It also has entries to automatically block anything from burstnet, akami, adsense, intellitext and pretty much any other advertising company out there. You can't ask users to "not block" your advertising, unless of course you are serving up the advertising from your own servers. It amounts to asking people not to run ad-blocking software at all. Advertising is a very poor method of funding a web site at the best of times. I truly believe that a subscription model would be far better suited to alleviating your hosting costs. I guess the question remains... if your site cannot pay for itself, why run it? There are plenty of runescape fan sites out there... why not let them cope with the hosting and bandwidth costs and you can keep your hard earned cash in your pocket and not have the stress either. Unless of course you are simply running the site for the prestige of running a website, in which case, why shouldn't you pay for it?
  16. Running Firefox with adblock, so I'm not seeing the green underlined ads at all. I'm not sure which company it is, but I'd be happy to share my adblock killfile with people if they wanted it.
  17. They're brave because you're likely to lose the shirt off your back attempting to merchant wilderness capes.
  18. Random number generation routines are seeded - usually using the current time and date down to the millisecond. So although a programmer knows the routine used to generate the numbers that follow, there is no way that they could predict what those numbers would be unless they were sure of the precise date and time that the function would be invoked. Other than that, the roulette wheel is probably the best analogy. Each thing that the monster can drop occupies a certain slice of an array of spaces that could be say 100,000 spaces long. So an uncut emerald might occupy from slice 85 to slice 99, 2 nature runes might occupy from slice 100 to 150, and a dragon left half occupy slice 2. So every time that monster dies, a random number between 0 and 99,999 is generated. That number is matched up on the array with whatever item matches that subscript. Like rolling a 100,000 sided die. If you roll a 120 you get two nature runes, roll a 130 you get two nature runes, roll a 105 and you get two nature runes. Roll an 86 or a 93 and you get an uncut emerald. Roll a 2 and you get the left half shield. So using the above examples you would have a 50 in 100,000 chance of getting 2 nature runes, a 14 in 100,000 chance of getting an uncut emerald and a 1 in 100,000 chance of getting a left half on any given kill of that monster.
  19. As per: Certainly not to me... I block each and every one. But subscriptions are. If users know that unless they've paid their three dollars for the month they won't be seeing anything other than a "rack off freeloader" message, then they'll be more likely to blow the cobwebs off their wallets.
  20. Hopefully eventually getting the message through to the tip.it administrators that an ad-supported site is not what the user base wants.
  21. I sell for the price I'm happy with. If someone else wants to wander around waiting for a slightly higher price and resell, that's their business. I'd rather put the time back into my skills, which usually ends up making up the difference anyway.
  22. Immoral though. Of course one might also argue that turning other peoples text into advertising links is also immoral. Neither is immoral IMHO. My browser, I decide what content I want to see in it. Tip.it's site, they decide how to present any content I might contribute to it. As far as I'm concerned, making tip.it forums subscription only would greatly increase the quality of the site.
  23. You mean the door that opens and then closes individually for each player, which a person can't open without themselves going through it specifically designed to prevent that sort of behaviour there? Sure you do.
  24. Erm, can you please explain? :| You need to be able to rapidly close the door to trap autoers in places like the Varrock rune store with a nice agressive mugger.
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