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  1. I had two and sold one (wasn't looking to sell, just fletching when someone said they wanted one) for 150k last week. But if you can wear it, keep it... get the set (clothes at least) for the magic defence when fighting aberrant spectres and the like.
  2. Uri is a pretty common Hebrew name.... Two that come to mind as possible inspirations are: Uri Savir - Israeli diplomat and negotiator of the Oslo accords. (Double agent ties in with this because "diplomat" is often the cover given to spies.) But more famously, Uri Geller, British/Israeli performer who claims to have the ability to bend spoons using his psychic powers.... no idea how you could fit the double-agent business in here though.
  3. For crying out loud... it's a standard feature of windows 2000 up, nearly every organisation on the planet uses it to ensure that all users of their network have agreed to (even if they haven't read) the conditions for acceptable use of the computer systems.
  4. Cave goblins... only hit you for a 1, can't be attacked and supply food more often than not. Plus you can do all the chests every couple of minutes.
  5. If you want recognition write your own damn game.
  6. Basically web servers have a series of codes that they return for specific errors... 404 = couldn't find the page you were looking for, 403 = while I found the page you asked for, I'm not allowed to give it to you. The reasons could be that you requested a restricted page, that you lack sufficient user rights to access the page. My guess is you tried to access runescape through an old direct link rather than through the main http://www.runescape.com page. Which is why I asked what the exact URL you tried to access was.
  7. Anyone bother to read the article? They're planning on phasing out shipping new computers with a (by then) 6 year old operating system on them. Is this really an issue? New PCs built now are more than capable of running Vista, I doubt that any built a year from now will have much of a problem with it. And it's not like you can't put XP on them if you prefer. What a storm in a teacup.
  8. More likely a busted mouse button as the erstwhile posters above have suggested. Easy way to tell for sure is either a) plug your mouse into someone else's machine and see if you have the same problem or B) plug another mouse into your machine and see if you have the same problem.
  9. 403 is a server error code that means you don't have permission to access the resource you requested. What was the exact URL you were trying to reach.
  10. Money, in runescape as in life, is merely a means to an end. There's no point acquiring it simply to look at a pile of gold.
  11. What you've posted is essentially meaningless as you haven't given the benchmarks used to calculate the percentages. I'm not sure that % = popularity would be an entirely accurate assessment of the situation either... Percentage of what? The world's population? If you want people to comment intelligently about what you've posted, you'll need to at least post how the games were scored.
  12. The easiest way would be to add a workshop to your house and make flat-pack furniture at the highest level you can while getting your butler to get planks for you. The cheapest way is to stock up on soft clay and build and destroy a fireplace over and over.
  13. Get 3 runecrafting levels and craft nats mining your own essence. Or pick flax and spin into bow strings.
  14. Which means if you're training farming a good plan is to make sure you plant out all the patches before you log off, that way everything is ready for you to harvest when you next come back to it.
  15. Depends on whether you're planning on buying or collecting resources. Glassblowing is good, green dhide is very quick but will cost you unless you plan on killing the dragons yourself.
  16. No more information is needed, the solution has been given and the name of the "program" is Microsoft Windows 2000.
  17. Nothing that's really worth your while (and limited bank space) stockpiling. Quests usually only ever require a handful of items, most of which you can pretty easily grab when you need them. There's no real point keeping them in readiness.
  18. Ergo, by your own admission... You were obviously acting like a tool, and if unmuted would continue to do so. How proud your mum must have been that you descended to their level instead of holding your head high and being a better man than the people who upset you.
  19. Go to karamja and pick bananas. Put bananas in the crate and the dude gives you 30gp \
  20. 67 was fine for me... Make sure you're 'walking' not 'running'.
  21. There's a chemist south of falador who has a still. Use the still to distil swamp tar down to lamp oil.
  22. Or grabbing it from the barrels downstairs of the ship that takes you to Lunar isle.
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