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  1. Yep, though we are 2 hours pass GMT midday and still... more last minute problems i guess
  2. Mod Emilee time to end all speculations: qfc: 16-17-968-61935568
  3. The double-herb itself looks like another one of those "chances" skill upgrade, which usually means no dramatic effect on the skill . The update as a whole might have a bigger effect. we'll have to wait and see.
  4. Which then makes farming so much easier and possibly less profitable. <_< Farming difficulty will not be effected much because of the double herbs (assuming you'll get double xp) ,herblore will . i agree on the less profitable part. Overall Dark is right, It seems Jagax tries to reduce herblore costs to a "sane" level. Wish they do the same with pray (POH update maybe).
  5. Is there a faster way to reach the fruit tree patch there? Yeah, tele to Ardougne, and take the ship to Brimhaven from there. It's not faster
  6. Is there a faster way to reach the fruit tree patch there?
  7. Just wondering what might have cause this drop? is it due to specualtions about the upcoming new mini-game (Herblore Habitat) ? Is it just part of the general drop since the xp weekend? is it just a random drop (people cashing in herbs/seeds for other things) and price will soon go back up? What do you think?
  8. As said earlier, there will probably be another bonus xp weekend (think i read somewhere that Jagex staff said that in one of their events). If they follow the same time line, the next will be around March 2011. You can check the GE history for the last 90 days (Herbs,seeds etc..). It shows perfectly what was going on in the 2 weeks between the announcement and the weekend itself.
  9. The Herblore Habitat looked promising but then i saw the required hunting level :wall: I know where i am gonna spend my ping points this week... overall looks like a great month a head
  10. As with any other clue types, sometimes you get 2-3 on the same trial and sometimes none. Dont think someone ever calcuated the average for that.. Yes - from RS wiki: And yes the celtic knots are much more painful
  11. Dont forget to bring some Bunyip scrolls ("Swallow whole") with you.
  12. I have the same issue in mind. I think i am gonna split it eventually: 200k herblore 100k prayer 100k summoning
  13. First, i'd go for herblore. Second,If you dont need those levels now i sugggest getting to 63-65 herblore and invest the money left in herbs & 2nds. There will be another Bonus XP weekend and when it happen you will actually more then double your money's worth (XP or cash).
  14. Ragarding the Bonus XP weekend article - i agree with anything written but the conclusion. Yes, there will be complains (as always) , and yes the economy will be shaken a bit but the Pros ,reduce grinding (and costs), beats these arguments easly. Looking forward for the next one :thumbup:
  15. I usually bring my usuall melee gear (bandos+dfs), 10 water skins,knife (there are some cactuses in the area) and a bunyip. it works ok for me.
  16. i also considered this method but my fingers didn't fully recover yet from the bonus xp weekend... is there a way to do it without killing your fingers? does the Wakka's Mousekeys Guide will make it less painfull ?
  17. :-) herb 78 ---> 83 farm 82 ---> 84 construction 69 ---> 75 fishing 67 ---> 68 ( finnaly after 5 years can go into the guild without potting :thumbsup: ) wc 74 ---> 75 smithing 74 ---> 75 was good, could be better
  18. Quick find code: 15-16-7-61644985 They could have told that earlier :angry: could do another palm & yews farming round
  19. Yesterday, after about a year+, i thought about rcing abit, maybe get a level or two. So, i switched to lunar, hopped to w70 (first time there) and started the routine. After exactly 5 rounds with the raging hordes ,i run terrified to the moonclan altar, switched back to regular spell and logged out. I dont know how you people do it...
  20. dont know about you but my multiplier just reseted itself back to 2.7
  21. 1 farming level + 1 herb level in 15 minutes :thumbup:
  22. That mod was wrong. You still need the boost to plant the tree in the patch. I would know because I spent a lot of time getting spices to plant my spirit tree yesterday. I needed the boost to put the seed in a pot, and I needed the boost AGAIN to transfer the seedling from the pot to the spirit patch. If you need proof I have pics on the pic/screenies thread. The pics are only of me trying to get spices, which proves I acutally know what I'm talking about :rolleyes: If you look at my pic I have 2 spirit seedlings in my inventory, yet I'm still trying to get spices to stew. That's because I tried planting the seedlings but I needed 83 farm to plant them. Anyways, what I would like to know is do you get the xp from checking the tree w/o the boost? Ye, you are right, he was wrong about the transfer-to-patch part. I still think he was right about the check-health part. I posted another thread about it on the RSOF, hopefully we get a more accurate answer about this issue this time. If we dont, i am not gonna take any chances tomorrow and will stuff myself with pies before checking my spirit tree.
  23. It appears i was right after all
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