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  1. I spend nearly an hour fixing up some issues on my PC, come to log into RS and it's down. Typical. :P
  2. SirHartlar

    England Riots

    So people went out and started rioting just because they saw others do it on tv? That would be just...stupid... Surely you aren't suggesting there is a sound logic behind the rioting? Of course people saw it and reciprocated in Birmingham, Nottingham and elsewhere. The media was branding the police as useless, and like someone said before, rioting is about the power it gives people and if they can see that there is little being done to stop it then it gives them a reason to go out and do it themselves.
  3. I joined the official premier league fantasy league, my team name is Bourton Rovers.
  4. SirHartlar

    England Riots

    One of the most frustrating things for me is the constant stream of footage and information the media is pumping out on a twenty four hour scale. It is probably one of the key reasons there have been copycat riots in other parts of the UK other than London and I find it very hypocritical of institutions like the BBC berating politicians for not doing enough and having caused the problem by the cuts they've made when in reality the media has probably done the most to aggravate the situation.
  5. [bleep] me Hunter is going to be hard work, I really want to get to 80 but it's probably the skill I dislike the most. :P Penguins, Troll Invasion and ToG should get me 80k exp this week, which is one hour less hunting. ;)
  6. I was considering changing it to Hartlar for a bit, maybe I will soon. :razz:
  7. Will get 95 this week, then hopefully 80 Hunter next week. Been on holiday so levels kinda stalled. :P
  8. I think the film was well done tbh, a few changes from the book but only little things which was good. The 3D was surprisingly decent as well.
  9. Going to see it tonight with a few friends in 3D, then tomorrow afternoon with my family in 2D. It better be good! :razz:
  10. Sold a lot of junk and bits and pieces in my bank to add to my cashpile and just about managed to get enough to buy 95 Prayer! Watch this space.
  11. Because everything sells stupidly high on release day when its a monster drop and 9/10 jagex hugely undervalue it. Note early pages of this thread where ppl sold it for 80mil. Obv it's gonna epic crash, they always do given a month or so. Jagex didn't hugely undervalue it, it is going well under their guide price now and the update has been out for what, six hours? The people that bought a whip vine for anything higher than the guide price are either rich enough to afford it or extremely impatient/stupid.
  12. Haven't been on for over a week, came on today to try and get one of these new drops. First spawn I saw, first kill and first whip vine for me! Sold for 40M, not sure what to spend the money on tbh. I still really want to finish up all 80+ but I really hate and cba with Hunter.
  13. YOU were Riff? You [bleep] -.- Well looks like another thing I cant outbeat 138's, by the time I get one the price will be os low that I wont be able to buy 95 pray. I hate you jagex. Yes, I am Riff, and I'm not a [bleep] for having the foresight to bring runes along with me to grab spawns. FYI I'm 136.
  14. I got 40M for mine, they are dropping very fast W2 GE.
  15. Lol got one on my first kill. Lots of abuse for getting spawns with magic. :thumbup:
  16. Jagex doesn't seem to want to stop bots or acknowledge how bad the problem is, probably because of the money they get by having bots in the game.
  17. Looks like the auras won't be too useful/overpowered which is good I guess, I'm a sucker for cosmetic items so looking forward to some of those.
  18. If anyone has the xp/hour for red salamanders that would be great, just want to know what the fastest xp I can get up to 80 is.
  19. I want to get 80 as quickly as possible, I thought net trapping penguins was supposed to be near 100k xp/h but I can't seem to hit that at the moment, I'm guessing red salamanders might be better?
  20. Can't believe this is where the 2018 World Cup will be held, there is no way this sort of deep rooted racism will be eradicated by then. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPGrUGuaScw
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