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  1. Me:Holy [cabbage] updog Him:What the [bleep] is updog Me:NOTHING BRO, HOW ABOUT YOU?
  2. eggzs

    Killzone 2

    I found the first one to be pretty good despite all the negativity, don't have the disposable income for a PS3 though, mostly invest my money in my PC now.
  3. Bah, I get back from camp and prices are up $10, are the large DHX heatsinks justify the markup? I'm keen to save a bit of money and just buy the normal XMS2's with the spreaders on it.
  4. First levels are quite outstanding but then it gets much too mundane. I hate the fact how there's no option for subtitles as I cant hear the dialogue half the time, meh, borrowed my friends version anyway.
  5. eggzs


    Had a chemistry class, preparing for my AS Geography camp.
  6. A little sidetrack question here but does anyone know how to enable numlock with Mac keyboards? The PC's at our school have been replaced by Mac Mini's but are still using Windows XP with the un-ergonomically designed flat KB. We log on using our student ID numbers and it becomes a hassle pressing the top row numbers. This KB btw http://www.apple.com/keyboard/ (wired)
  7. eggzs


    I am not familiar with the phrase "laff".
  8. Nut allergies are gods sign you shouldn't be alive.
  9. http://www.gpforums.co.nz/thread/302905/?s=
  10. Took advantage of the sale and bought it, played it first time today, A++, online is weird though, no server browser.
  11. Who hasn't had a run in the local cinema?
  12. "Lava Harvester" sounds pretty fail tbh
  13. STALKER: A place that fixes your items [wagon]. Creed: not a favorite but a one/two click exit would be nice.
  14. Should give the arsonists a taste of their own medicine. ie. Throw them in Fire.
  15. This game is definately one of the best FPS's out and one of the most challenging. Picked this up for $20NZD (~$10US) in a store and its definitely a good purchase.
  16. Make sure you have sandpaper (to make sure the edges fit and you don't hurt yourself), blowtorch/welding gear (to make the metal bits stay) some static electricity generators in order to start your PC for the first time ever.
  17. I would have some of these in a line against a zombie rush
  18. The skies a bit red where I live as well.
  19. America should stand for something? It's just a damn country. Well we shouldn't stand for wasting resources like this and complaining about global warming when we have a sport and I call it that loosely, destroys our environment more then it entertains its fans. So what exactly do you purpose as a substitute for this multi-billion dollar industry? Hobo Deathmatch.
  20. On the subject of motor racing, the WRC season is back on track, now that requires skill.
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