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  1. I've got 4 truly close friends. It's weird though, my one friend I've known since 1st grade been friends ever since , but we fall out cause hes all hooked on drugs now so I kind of avoid him I guess, I do have one friend that is definatly my best friend my roll dawg lol he can come to my house anytime and I'm welcome there anytime and I know on countless occasions we both always got eachothers back when somethins about to go down.. we really just chill on the weekends cause i work 24/7 during the week and he plays college baseball so it works out.
  2. Ok so I use Limewire (its bad I know) to download music, and before I used to be able to hold CTRL and drag songs from Limewire to Itunes to put them onto my Ipod but for some reason whenever iI try to drag them from limewire to itunes it wont let me a circle comes up with an x threw it and it doesnt work, anyone know why? Trying to update my ipod cause i work 12 hour shifts every day and im tired of the same songs lol, thanks guys.
  3. I don't think I'll ever get married, all it does is set you up for failure in life. You sign a pre-nup and you're good, but if not, you divorce and your wife takes your car, house, kid and leaves you with nothing. The court system is a joke in that it favors women tremendously in cases like these. I think i'll just date forever tbh. Who knows though im still young maybe ill change my mind, but if I were to get married we would DEFINATLY be signing a pre-nup.
  4. Did you even read the first post of this thread? Having a weapon would give you an instant advantage, barehand combat wise... not so much. I think unless the rabid animal is slow or simply stupid, anything your own weight will be a challenge. I think I could take on say, a wild angry boar or something. Just kick it loads >.> Actually I did read the first post and that's where the part of my post comes in saying 'any full grown animal of my size that wants to kill me, probably is going to' I then proceeded to say I have a knife on me 9 times out of 10 so I think i'm good. [bleep].
  5. I weigh about 185 pounds so I think any animal my size that really wanted to is gonna take care of me. But, I usually carry a knife with me so I doubt I'll get stuck in this predicament any time soon. I'll stab whatever it is, repeatedly.
  6. I'm from Jersey as well and I think maybe you should leave our state to be honest. You classify people who smoke pot as 'junkies'? You must live a pretty sheltered life man seriously do you know how many people smoke weed? I personally don't any longer but I'm all for it being legalized both medicinally and recreationaly. The government has a national debt of $12,295,245,276,746.55 as of January 13th and you really think the government should waste more money and resources locking up minor marijuana offenders instead of taking on bigger issues come on bro, really? The government would eliminate a huge underground black market and make BANK if marijuana were to be legalized completely and taxed correctly. Lets lock up the real drug offenders, heroin, crack, cocaine, methamphetamine etc, those are the real drug problems in this country not a few teenagers smoking a blunt after school to calm down or the mother who takes care of 4 kids day in and day out to relax after she finally gets them to go to bed. Lets go man be real. I'm ecstatic that the government has legalized medical marijuana and I hope it only continues to make strides to legalizing it recreationaly. Gay marriage on the other hand is disgusting, I'm not against gays or anything but marriage is a sacred thing to be shared between a man and a woman not a man and a man or a woman and a woman. I'm not going to go too far into this because I'm not attempting to offend anybody but I'm happy it was outlawed in New Jersey. That is all.
  7. Do 6 inches Lay on your back put your hands behind your head and hold your legs 6 inches off the ground hold it fo 30 seconds a rep do as many as you want. Also bicycle kicks/scissor kicks Lay on your back and with your legs kick in the air as if you were pedaling a bicycle. You'll feel the burn son'
  8. Mustard. I hate mustard with an intense passion.
  9. Tribal


    As a matter of fact, I did! coughbusinesscardcough I went to work, went to the gym, smoked a fat blunt of Kush , studied for my landscaping course and washed my car
  10. dope boy fresh from my fitted to my DC's .. fitted hats , jeans/jean shorts, black/white tees, black hoody when its cold or a carheart jacket got a ton of shoes boots gotta be tims my favorite shoes gotta be my Louis Vuitton sneakers tho I guess people classify me as a 'gangster' but i kinda got my own style and my own swag ya diggg
  11. Tribal


    I scored a 9, so I'd say I'm alright.
  12. Yay for driving to work and paying $15 a day in center city to park instead of spending $2 for the bus. [bleep] you SEPTA.
  13. I hate the Eagles but I don't see how you can be a disappointment when they're tied for 1st Place in the NFC East with my Cowboys. Also OP : Fix standings, Cowboys are 5-2 , Giants 5-3, and Eagles 5-2
  14. Tribal


    Most likely mugging everyone I see for money/candy.
  15. Well I should wish for infinite money and the like , but knowing myself I'd probably kill myself with a combination of Fast cars, drugs and too much alcohol and women, if there is such a thing. So instead I'll take these 3. 1. Good Health for myself, family and my friends. 2. The woman that I truly love and feel I let get away to come back, maybe I wouldn't screw it up this time. 3. A long , successful career doing what I love.
  16. He must of had a lot more weed than just for personal use then, because you're not going to get locked up for a year over a dimebag or 2. In my state anyway, the felony amount for possession of marijuana is 50 or 52 grams, which is about 2 ounces , that's a bit more than personal use. I'm not sure how it is where you live, but he had to of had alot to be honest. On topic - I think mandatory minimums should be done away with completely , every person deserves a bit of flexibility as previously stated. The person he raped was raped so badly he was given 50 years. I don't care how sorry you are, you deserve to spend every day of that in prision. Especially when it comes to rape and DNA. Not really gonna be getting a whole lot of innocent people, and rape is a horrible, horrible thing, almost worse than murder in some ways. But hey, let's let them out cause they feel real bad and found Jesus. :evil: I don't agree with rapists and murderers being let out, let me rephrase what I said. Drug dealers shouldn't have mandatory minimum sentences , rapists, murderers, child molesters deserve to serve every single day of their prison sentence regardless of if they've changed or not, as they've commited heinous crimes that should be punished to the fullest extent, in all honesty I think they should start abolishing the mandatory minimums on drug dealers and start punishing the other types of crimes I mentioned more. But I do believe that every sentence deserves to an extent some flexibility, it just depends on the crime whether that person is let out early or not. Sorry if the first post was worded wrong.
  17. He must of had a lot more weed than just for personal use then, because you're not going to get locked up for a year over a dimebag or 2. In my state anyway, the felony amount for possession of marijuana is 50 or 52 grams, which is about 2 ounces , that's a bit more than personal use. I'm not sure how it is where you live, but he had to of had alot to be honest. On topic - I think mandatory minimums should be done away with completely , every person deserves a bit of flexibility as previously stated.
  18. QB - Matt Schaub WR - Steve Smith WR- Wes Welker WR - Donnie Avery RB - Adrian Peterson RB- Marion Barber TE- Antonio Gates BN - Beanie Wells BN - Carson Palmer BN - Derrick Mason BN - Deion Branch BN - Brent Celek K - Stephen Gostkowski Starting Defense - Dallas Backup - Tampa Bay
  19. He deserves it. And now my city has a massive weapon :twisted: You live in the Philly region as well? Eh, I don't really care that we signed him. I just son't really get why, Donovan has been doing pretty decent. Besides, Vick is probably going to be all out of shape by the time he's allowed to play again. We really didn't need another 2nd string. I guess the drafter figured they could get him while he was cheap. We'll see how it works out. Personally I don't even think he'll get any play time. I live around Philly too, personally I hate the Eagles and hope they go 0-16. Cowboys ftw. But, this is a pretty good pickup for the Eagles if they use him correctly, I say run the wildcat offense occasionally with Jackson, Vick and Maclin for best results.
  20. Tribal


    I've only really been truly 'paranoid' once. I remember it though, was a couple years ago now, I had this strange feeling that someone was following me and that they were out to get me. I was extremely paranoid when this happened, I had to check the back of my truck before I'd drive, check my room, closets, was always looking over my shoulder. But then I figured screw it, if someone really wants to get me let them try and we'll see what happens, and snapped out of it. Haven't felt that way since, and hopefully don't again
  21. Yeah. Well things are beginning to look a bit more upwards already, I've got 2 interviews tomorrow. One job starts at $14.50 an hour, guaranteed 40 hours a week and the other is paying $12.80/hour also 40 hours a week. I'd pretty much prefer the 1st job, 1st shift, 6:30 AM - 2:30 PM, and will definatly hold me over with money and taking some time away until I get to leave for training. I'll take either job though, as this will be something new to my routine, and for 18 years old they aren't paying too bad.
  22. I'm going to get the waiver for the Corps, it's just a matter of waiting is all. But yes, if I were to not be able to get into the Marines then I would be open to joining other branches, but I'm just going to wait for my recruiter to get it done.
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