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  1. yes, gut if u fead my first post..AGES AGO (like 5years ago) there! I know I shouldn't continue this, but it's far too funny to pass up. So, you're saying that 5 years ago when we were all using 56k, jagex was using something much slower to host a 2000 player gaming server?
  2. Yup, and as you using AMD, you need some big cool system, AMD has the highst rates of "melting down" ~komodo That's pure bull, if you don't mind my saying. If anything, Intel's P4 Prescotts have a reputation for running hot. The highest my Athlon 64 3500+ has EVER gotten with the stock heatsink is 35 C, and many P4s are up in the 40s and even 50s. Yup :P But AMD keeps running when they overheat, P4 dont, so the chance of losing your processor by not having fans is bigger with AMD! ~komodo That's controlled by the motherboard, not the processor. I have no idea where you heard such a thing, but it's no way true. Almost all motherboards today shut the system down once the processor reaches a certain temperature, and a processor overheating is not a common occurance by any means. The bottom line is that AMD runs cooler on the whole and most if not all motherboards shut down the system when the processor gets hot enough. I have to reiterate that that's totally wrong komodo. As bttf man said, nearly every (maybe even every) mobo made in the past couple of years has heat control features. This has nothing to do with the cpu. If you were to look into the running temperatures of current AMD and Intel cpus, you'd find that at the moment AMD cpus run quite a bit cooler than Intel. Check your "facts."
  3. A keylogger can be made very small very easily. I know nothing about whether or not runeweb is legit, but if you're worried do an online virus scan (try this http://www.pandasoftware.com/products/activescan) and scan with ad-aware or spybot search and destroy.
  4. Look... I'm fairly certain that Jagex is running their servers off of fiber that is a good deal faster than any of our internet connections. This has nothing to do with any freezing problems that anyone is having.
  5. It appears that you're talking about this spyware. http://www.pandasoftware.com/virus_info ... irus=52322 Just do a virus scan to remove it. This should get the job done. http://www.pandasoftware.com/products/activescan
  6. That made no sense necro. Please don't post things that you clearly made up. As far as your problem, assuming you did everything correctly, you seem to have tried pretty much everything. The only thing that I can think of is that it might be an issue with AOL (which I'll assume is your isp). Do you have any other computers using the same ISP that you can try?
  7. I know very little about python, but as far as java and c++ in the real world goes, C++ is fairly dominant. That having been said, a lot of companies are using java where they might have used VB for quick proof-of-concept work. I know that google has been doing this for a while and I'd imagine they're not alone.
  8. Considering how rude you're being to people who are trying to help, I highly doubt that anyone is motivated to go out of their way to help you.
  9. what do you use to connect to the internet? The 192.168 range is all local so it's probably just some random network activity that norton is flagging.
  10. In paint there's no crop tool, so here's what you do. Use the tool that looks like a square with dashed lines. Use that to select the area of the image that you want to keep. Then just copy it and paste it into a new image. Also, you can paste it into the current image (it'll appear in the top left) and then resize the image around the part you pasted (bottom right of entire image there's a square you can drag to resize the image).
  11. Kinda an obvious thing, but make sure the volume is turned up AND the wave volume is turned up. Also, as for the phone software, it appears that it's supposed to come with the cable and isn't available for download.
  12. All 32 bit and 64 bit versions of windows will run fine on all 64 bit cpus, so that's not a problem. My thought is that, since knoppix runs fine, the problem lies with a hardware component that knoppix doesn't use but windows uses. The only component that satisfies this is your harddrive (unless I'm forgetting something). Try swapping out your harddrive for a spare or testing it on another system. I've bought 3 complete computers part by part online in my life and I've never had any problems. The only time I ever got a bad component, I returned it with less hassle then most of the crap I've returned to best buy. Online stores'll save you a ton of cash and generally have better customer support and return policies than many of the major stores. (Granted I only by from reputable online stores like newegg, zipzoomfly, monarch, etc)
  13. I'm gonna take a wild guess and assume you're talking about some flash game like from abs. There's no standard download. Only way I can think of is view the source (figure out how in your broswer) and search for swf. That should take you to a link to the game (assuming there's only one flash object on the page). Just copy/paste the url and dl.
  14. great game, but, aftrer you finish the missions... there's not a lot left... you can make more chars and play again which i found fun, but, even then, all you can do is grind for runes and skills for your pvp char or farm greens in sf....
  15. doubleclick the border of the window doubleclick right of the networking tab to bring it back to the mode without the top
  16. There are a lot of tagger programs that do exactly what you want. Of the free ones, the one that I like the most is at musicbrainz.org
  17. So you uninstalled, reinstalled, and what worked? the insallation worked or the game worked?
  18. Try head cleaning. Go to control panel -> printers -> right click on your printer -> hit properties. I'm not exactly sure where the option is (stopped using epson years ago), but it should be in that menu and pretty easy to find.
  19. if you could read, you'd notice that i cannot put anything in because all that is showing up is the white box with teh x - page thing. im stuck there. before you criticize him, you should learn to write coherent english... can you get into rs? obviously you can't login, but can you get to the login page?
  20. Assuming you have like a dvd player or something with component cables, you can buy a box to convert from the xbox output to component (you'd have to use your existing wires) for like $10. I got one on xtreme geek but they don't seem to have any more... I'd look for something like that.
  21. Yes, but the real gamers will be using hdtv :)
  22. Pity you can only run 1 instruction thread per cpu. Two instruction threads running at the same time comes up to be about 1.5 single threaded running in parallel. So that pretty much puts it at 4.5, not six, AT MOST. And on that note, I doubt it'd be running all 3 cores at the same time. It will most likely only use as many as it has to for the given tasks. So I wouldn't exect more than a single core to handle the game, and the other two most likely for the networking and whatever else functions will be in it. You're missing some stuff. First, neither of us have any idea of what it takes to code a professional video game, but I'm thinking that it wouldn't be that hard to thread it. I've used threads effectively in small programs without splitting into one thread for the main function and one for secondary tasks. I highly doubt they'd put in 2 powerful cores for such simple tasks. 1 thread per cpu... I'll assume that you meant per core. Microsoft has said that each core can handle 2 hardward threads... I'm not sure I understand your argument as to why this can't be done. Please explain.
  23. works for me... if it still doesn't work for you, head to the "read this before posting" stickie
  24. hmmm DDR700 and 3 cores... None of your comps can beat a 3 core, 6 thread machine assuming we're talking about software that can utilize 6 threads, and obviously all xbox360 games will try to do this.
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