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What are your tabs?

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Mine go something like:


- Fish (raw and cooked) and other food


- Weapons


- Runes, runecrafting stuff, and staffs


- Armor


- Amulets and other jewelry


- Clothes (like from randoms)


- Equipment (lobster pot, rods, etc.)




I don't feel like sorting the rest of it yet. -.-


I'm really glad it's all there, though. It used to take me ages to find stuff.


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1. Oft-used armor, weapons, currency, a few items I use a lot, active quest items, tools


2. Runes, Rcing gear, teleport items


3. Ores, Bars, mining stuff


4. Crafting and Con stuff


5. Summoning


6. Herby


7. Wcing/farming supplies


8. Hunter, Slayer, Pets and Chompy hunting gear


9. Extra costumes, random junk, old quest items






Guess which one has the most in common with my old bank? (Psst... It's number nine...)

There is no meaning or truth in life but that which we create for ourselves.


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1, Basic items: moulds, hammers, etc.


2, Runecrafting: Everything I need for rc:ing because that's what I'm doing now mostly


3, Summoning: charms, pets, seconds, etc.


4, Treasure trails: Emote clue items, other clue items, clue gears, etc.


5, Slayer/combat: Slayer/combat items that I need while slaying, fighting, etc.


6, Transportation: Telerunes/tabs, tele spheres, etc. Everything I need for getting around. (some items, like glories and duel rings I have in runecrafting tab)


7, Possibly useful items: Quest related items, Items that I believe will be needed for future content, etc.


8, Useless items: Frog tokens, cw tickets, minigame rewards, etc.


9, Useless junk/too lazy to drop/stuff that I somehow gather and may sell someday: Leather gloves, Rune long sword, and other trash.





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1) All armours/ weapons


2) All Runes/Staffs/Runecrafting pouches/Tiaras etc


3) All Jewelery


4) All Food


5) All Potions/ Vials / Herbs/ 2nds


6) All Pouches/ Shards/ Charms/ 2nds


7) All currency/ keys/ any miscellaneous stuff


8) Ranging equipment


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So far mine are:




1. everything else


2. runecrafting/magic


3. range/fletching


4. farming


5. jewelry


6. summoning


7. treasure trail/random event stuff


8. herblore


9. slayer




I'll probably be tweaking them a little, however.



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Main: cash, fog tokens


2: runes, staff, robes


3: Ores, bars, picks


4: Gems, chisel, amulet


5: Logs, axe


6: Arrows, dhide, lederhosen hat


7: Rune armor and weapons


8: Food and pots


9: misc stuff like fishing equipment, brass key, skull sceptre




Great for f2p!

100% F2P

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1: Currencies & random junk.


2: Runes/magic gear


3: Melee weapons and armor


4: Range armor/arrows


5: Jewelry/clue equipment


6: Food/cooking ingredients


7: Herblore supplies/potions & Farming seeds and equipment.


8: Tools, ores, bars, pickaxes, axes, logs


9: Summoning supplies.

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1. Currencies, runes and mage stuff, other robe outfits, non metal boots and all gloves, then some random event outfits at the end.




2. All ranged stuff




3. Melee stuff and all slayer related items




4. Potions and herbs/ingredients. Then farming stuff




5. Jewelery and d hides, basically all crafting stuff.




6. Fishing gear, fish and food




7. Woodcutting, logs, planks, roots. Then mining stuff




8. Summoning, pets, then hunter and prayer( just d bones).




9. All teleport items excluding karajama gloves( there in first one),rope n grapple hook, water skins, all keys, lockpick, random quest items and useful ones( gree grees), light sources, TT items( although weapons go in the weapon section).


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Pure essence - Runes, staffs, summon pouches, scrolls, teleportation items/tabs


Maple shortbow - Ranged weapons/ammo


Empty vial - Potions, stat-boosting beers/pies, herbs, seeds, food


Sapphire - Gems, jewelery, raw materials


Fire cape - Combat gear


(can't remember) - Junk, clue items, quest items


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F2P for the win!


Tab 1: Magic stuff, such as staves, runes, essences, etc.


Tab 2: Melee Stuff, such as armor and weapons.


Tab 3: Mining and Smithing Stuff, such as metal bars and ores and coal. And pickaxes.


Tab 4: Gems. Wow, I should really put this in Tab 3. I don't know what I was thinking when I created a tab for that. #-o


Tab 5: Ranging Stuff. Arrows and Bows.


Tab 6: Fishing Stuff and Food. Fish, Other Food, and Fishing Gear (Rods and Nets and Such)


Tab 7: Quest Stuff. What was I thinking when I organized my bank? Collapsing Time!

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The tabs are great! Even though I used to organise my bank pretty good I still got lost sometimes. :roll: Thank god Jagex made a search option. =D




My tabs:


1) Runes, teleportation needs and armour/weapons


2) Quest stuff


3) Herblore and potions


4) Clothing


5) Food and fishing ecuipment


6) Woodcutting, construction ranging and mining


7) Crafting


8) Summoning/Slayer and Hunting stuffs

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general: main fighting gear + teleport runes, as I use these A LOT


other tabs: 99 capes and food, quest items + random stuff I never use, pets + monster heads, summoning, crafting, potions, and the *commonly used items* tab - such as the harpoon, rune pickace, rune axe etc.


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Infinity: Everything else uncategorized, I have so much junk.


Tab 2: Herblore stuff.


Tab 3: Everything to do with magic and runecrafting.


Tab 4: Amulets and random outfits.


Tab 5: Slayer and melee stuff.


Tab 6: Ranged stuff.


Tab 7: Mining, construction, smithing, crafting, "hard-core" pounding on stuff skills. It's a personal archetype I'm pretty sure only I understand.


Tab 8: Summoning stuff.


Tab 9: Fishing, hunter, farming, "nature" skills.




I don't really focus bankspace on any other skills, so that's how I arrange it.

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Range weapons/armour


woodcutting/fletching/mining/runecrafting/crafting stuff



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[hide=My Bank Setout]http://img243.imageshack.us/my.php?image=banknewsetout315708bh9.jpg[/hide]




Heh :P it works for me..


First Tab: Currency, random stuff, currently/often used stuff.


second: craft/smith/mine/jewlery


third: wc/con/fm


fourth: fish/cooking


fifth: herb


sixth: equipable clothing etc


seventh: farm


eighth: weapons + accesories




Btw that staff is Rod of Ivandis (mage/melee/range supplies attack gear) :P

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1. -infinity sign- Stuff - Money, and random stuff that I either always or never use.


2. -cooked lobster- Food - Food, potions, etc.


3. -anti dragon sheild- Armour - Armour, clothing, and weapons.


3. -law rune- Runes - Essence, staves, runes, and arrows.


4. -chisel- Skillz - Skill-related stuff.




I dont have a lot of stuff eheehehe >_> I'm f2p btw.


Currently P2P


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Well I actually dont use the tabs because my bank is alredy organized like perfectly using the tabs would just mess me up but the item search is whats really cool ::' if i cant find an item boom! its there lol



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let me see... i've got a tab for all my magic stuff, my farming stuff, herblore, one for random events quests, and holiday items, one for fletching,ranged and wcing, and one for crafting, and one more for cooking+fishing. =D>


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Tab 0 - Important stuff at top (money and food), Misc. at the bottom


Tab 1 - Melee


Tab 2 - Magic


Tab 3 - Ranged


Tab 4 - Plant Skilling (herbs, seeds, pots, produce)


Tab 5 - Technical Skilling (ore, bars, logs)


Tab 6 - Jewelry


Tab 7 - Costumes (random and quest equipment)


Tab 8 - Summoning

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From left to right: Weapons(melee), Armour(melee), Magic/Runecrafting, Ranged, Summoning, Food/potions, Jewelery, Quest items




Weapons tab marked with a godsword blade, 'cause it's for the ULTIMATE WEAPON!!!!!!11121!!!!shift!!one!11!


Armour tab marked with a Bandos chestplate because it ownz.


Magic/Runecrafting tab marked with an air rune simply because it is the lowest-level rune.


Ranged tab marked with a Yew composite bow because it looks like a bow.


Summoning tab marked with a Spirit wolf pouch simple because, again, it is the lowest level Summoning creature.


Food/potions tab marked with an agility mix(2) potion because a mix potion combines food and potions, perfect for this tab.


Jewelery tab marked with a slayer gem because it's blue and pretty.


Quest items tab marked with a Silver sickle(B) 'cause I love the Myreque storyline.


IRC Nick: Hiroki | 99 Agility | Max Quest Points | 138 Combat

Bandos drops: 20 Hilt | 22 Chestplate | 21 Tassets | 14 Boots

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