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Massive Token Numbers at Great Orb Project Minigame


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Hi there,




On this forum I have seen a few posts of players at Great Orb Project minigame with a massive number of tokens. I have seen two screenshots so far.




One of the screenshots showed a person with 932,000 tokens, and another one I saw had a player with 639,000 tokens.




How long would it take the average person to get that many tokens in their posession?




Also for a discussion topic, when you are playing the Great Orb Project, about how many tokens do you receive before you leave the minigame and do something else for a while? The longest I have stayed there for was to get 6,300 tokens, and then I left for a while because I assumed I had enough money for that current time.




I've seen players with almost a million tokens, and it's crazy! I will be glad to hear your responses.

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I have never played GoP so i cant give you any good answers to your question, anyway i think posting this in the Help & Advice part of the forum will give you better response ;)






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That was Moses you idiot.


That gets fixed in the bugfix the following week. Maybe.

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These guys play on stacked teams so they win every round of everygame very fast. Some also play on worlds where they have a team of friends help them push the their orbs into the altar to get very high scores such as 50+. Most basically stack and don't like to play games where they are equally matched. If you can even count that as a game is the question.

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I used to be in a group that plays like that. We'd switch worlds everyday to ensure the games go our way. I think it's definitely clever, and definitely a good strategy. Why bother Graahking if you can play a minigame you enjoy and just use simple tabs as a reward for easy xp? ;)

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Actually, to be honest, there is a user here, named gold514191, that has gotten over 1 million tokens. Funnily enough, I ran across the thread this morning in "Rate This!"




Here's the link:








On the second page, he says it took him 4 months to accumulate such amount of tokens! :shock:




Anyways, I started playing GOP around the time my membership expired last month. I stayed there and played the final days of my membership. I spent all my tokens on pure essence before I became F2P since pure essence is worth more the regular essence. I'd say with that and me getting 2 sets of GOP robes, I probably got around 30k tokens in that week. Not much, but it was my first time playing (plus my RC level is low)...

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I know several players that have 1 million GOP tokens.


Thing is, that's all they did. Ever. They also had a clan of really really good players - soloing air most of them could get 30+ each game.




The record is 56, I believe, orbs in one game.


Anyhow, if you get good enough they'll probably recruit you to join their clan.






The most tokens I've ever had in my inventory at once was 50k... but I haven't been back to GOP really since then (unless someone asks me to watch a 1v1, then I'll do that.)

99 dungeoneering achieved, thanks to everyone that celebrated with me!


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Hai. Look at my signature. <3: I should update it, it's 1060k now.




By the way Sees, it's 61 on air now as the record, ask someone named Assassin in the guild when you see him.




About the stacking as Master Smither pointed out, while it's true that people tend not to play in equal terms such as having skilled players on either team, that's usually because in world 61 it's way too crowded to get the friends they want in together. It's really rare to have both teams not have beginners. Oh, and there is that bit about them being friends. Friends don't like to play against friends. It's true that a normal game in w61 is like a game of chicken if there are equal numbers of skilled players on either side, because some get nervous and feel like leaving because their morale is low. :lol:




Master Smither, if you want less beginners and more skilled players in GoP, if you want to see less stacked teams, please go and petition Jagex to put up a visual tutorial. Many of us would welcome that.




But the way I look at it, a game in w61 is much like playing poker sometimes. If it's only you and your friend working together, you don't know how good or bad the other three people are in your team. (Though it's usually bad.) Just have to make the best of it. <3:




Few of us rig games, rigging in the sense of 5050s or 100-0. We don't sabotage by repelling our team's orbs. (That's more likely in members though.)




I've played my share of close games with scores like 49-48. I have trained my runecrafting from 50 to 80 through the guild only. When you're having a lot of fun winning or losing you don't usually notice the level ups or the incoming tokens.

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These guys play on stacked teams so they win every round of everygame very fast. Some also play on worlds where they have a team of friends help them push the their orbs into the altar to get very high scores such as 50+. Most basically stack and don't like to play games where they are equally matched. If you can even count that as a game is the question.




Most people that "stack" can already score 30+ easily on air, which is usually high enough to beat whatever team they're against. Stacked just makes it so you can score even higher and get more ess.




and beatle...beatle beatle beatle...


(you did push that orb btw, but i guess I should drop that...)


I know a bunch of people that got 1m tokens. The earliest I heard of someone getting 1m was a friend who got 1m sometime in october (last year, and gop came out august 12 or 14, so it was a couple months).


Who knows, I'm sure no lifers got 1m even sooner.


And 1m tokens, assuming you do it constantly would take around 3 months if you played 5 hours every day. F2P that is.





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