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Best Place to "harvest" clues lvl 1, 2, and 3?


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Lvl2-Definately Cockatrice as they're easy to kill require a low slayer lvl and they drop other stuff to i got 20 laws + 40 nats + a clue in 20 mins of killing them




Lvl3-Id say Greaters becasue you can safely range and hally them.

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Guest puremad

LV1 : Hams, U get em Easy




LV2 : Cockatrice or guards




LV3 : Jellies Ftw I sumtimes get a clue on 2nd - 10th kill :D

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Greaters seem to do great for me. I get clues almost every 50-60 greaters. Hams for lvl 1 and lvl 2's I think ive done maybe 3 since they came out so I have no idea.

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Guest Cosinus

Took about 3 hours to get a level 2 clue from Guards for me, I thought they removed clues from them as drop.








Ah well, these are my favourites for getting clues:








Level 1: Men/H.A.M Pickpocketing




Level 2: Guards (Ardougne)




Level 3: Hellhounds/Blue Dragons

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I prefer:








1- Men/Women all around RS. They tend to drop clues pretty quick.








2- Guards on top of Varrock palace. It's a great place if you don't mind feeling lonely (lol)








3- Never go for them, but when I hit 52 slayer (47 at the time of this posting of this), it's gonna be all about the jellies, baby. Until then, my only bet is green dragons, even though I hate the wildy.

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For sheer number of clues man lvl 2's in edge do me well. Also killing them for clues is a great strategy for getting pages. In one week of killing them (about an hour and a half playtime) I got 3 sara pages 1 guthix and all zamorak.


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i got assignment for hellhounds on slayer, after i killed 20 of em i got one... I guess it was just good luck but there is always lots of ppl hunting for clues on hellhounds. Cockatrices are pretty good for lvl. 2




edit:// Got another clue from hellhounds after killing about 25 of em.

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level 1: al kharid guards in the place. they attack you, come on! how much better can you get? they also give a lot of herbs and are close to a bank. HAMs are good too.








leve 2: ardougne guards are good, right at the north gate. they respond quickily, are easy to kill, give *decent* rewards, are in a good spot to range, melee or mage, close to a bank and are close to a farm site, so you can work on ur farming while trying for a clue.








both of these places though tend to get newbs around them, either just passing through and they decide to kill something, or trying to level up and can't kill it. both are low level and give lots of bones. it's so easy to level up in prayer.

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well really they're all the same. A day ago I killed goblins for clues and a champion scroll. Pretty soon I got both :) (champion scroll in 2 days :D) so fight whatever monster drops better stuff other then clues. Or Pickpocket ham. Its up to you.

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Here is what I have had luck with








1= Pickpocketing HAMS




2= Harpie Bug Swarms, 38 Slayer and lit Bug lantern required, Clues Galore :thumbsup:




3= Ankous or Jellies








People may say that the level 1 scrolls aren't worth it but with the new items they definitley are.




Level 3's have a chance of getting a 3rd age item(least expensive is 8M :shock: ) and the pl8 is 40M, great new way to get a rare

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Sure hellhounds and jelles drop lvl 3s, but they dont drop good lvl 3s. (or atleast not often.) This master of clues recomends blue and green dragons, and greater demons.








(listen to the guy who has gotten 3 robins lol)[/b]



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1. Pickpocket HAM or kill men at edge - I did over 50 in two days from HAM.








2. Harpie bug swarms - Record of 20 in one day plus over 60k fires from killing them.








3. Blue Dragons or Jellies - Not done a lot of level 3s but the ones I have done I got from these.

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I find I get more clues when I'm not actually after them. I just get slayer tasks and do them and the clues just find their way into my bag.
















Level 1- Banshees. These also drop Black Mystic gloves and good herbs.








Level 2-Dagannoths. Time flies by when you're fighting these. They are some of the best melee training xp in game and are also one of the best high level seed droppers.








Level 3-








Blue Dragons-Fight them in Ogre Enclave. You will pick up millions worth of hides and bones along with a decent Clue rate.








Greater Demons- If you have these for slayer, they are great for harvesting clues.








Aberrant Spectres-These can drop awesone seeds, lava battlestaves, awesome herbs, Black Mystic Skirts, Rune full helmets along with a decent clue drop rate.








Dagannoth Kings- Just joking








Turoths- You have to kill these with a bad weapon but they drop alot of clues.

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