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The Wilderness Achievment Diary


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I've been thinking a while about this, and jagex should introduce another achievment diary based on the wilderness, giving f2pers the easy tasks, and p2pers the medium/hard tasks. Here's the layout:


Easy Diary-Speak to any team-cape selling npc in the wilderness to start it



-Buy a team cape from every team-cape selling npc in the wilderness

-Kill a Dark Warrior in their fortress

-Survive for 5 mins without dieing in clan wars

-Use both prayer altars in the wilderness

-Mine some coal from the mine full of skeletons

-Participate in a Fist of Guthix match

-Walk the dirt road through the forest east of the chaos temple


Medium Diary-Speak to Summer in the spirit world to start it



-Kill a green dragon in the wilderness

-Visit the chaos tunnels

-Kill a hellhound in the wilderness volcano

-Activate each obelisk once

-Get your earning potential up to 85%

-Complete 1 lap of the wilderness agility course

-Acquire a god cape from the mage arena

-Craft some chaos runes

-Kill the tormented wraith


Hard Diary-Kill a revenant to start it



-Kill a revenant ork with a spirit shield equipped

-With a group of 3 or more, kill the king black dragon

-Kill the chaos elemental

-Kill Bork in the chaos tunnels

-With Deflect Melee on, enter the frozen fortress

-Summon a spirit coraxatrice at the rogue's castle

-Catch a black salamander

-Cook 15 lava eels on the range at the bandits camp




For completing the easy diary, you get a 2500xp lamp that can be used in any skill above lv40. You also get a Wilderness Sword 1, which has the same stats as an adamant longsword, but gives you 1 free teleport a day to the wilderness volcano, and you can talk to the team-cape sellers to receive a 10% discount when buying their merchandise.


For completing the medium diary, you get a 7500xp lamp that can be used in any skill above lv60. You also get a Wilderness Sword 2, which has the same stats as a rune longsword, with the added effect of allowing you to pick where you end up when using the obelisks in the wilderness. It also gives you 10 free teleports a day to the wilderness volcano, and you can talk to the team-cape sellers to receive a 25% discount when buying their merchandise.


For completing the hard diary, you get a 25,000xp lamp that can be used in any skill above lv80. You also get a wilderness Sword 3, which has the same stats as a dragon longsword, with the added effect of allowing you to pick where you end up using the obelisks in the wilderness. It also gives you infinite teleports to the wilderness volcano, and you can talk to the team-cape sellers to receive a 50% discount when buying their merchandise. This sword also has a bonus effect of giving you a 15% attack,strength, and defence boost when fighting revenants (the sword will start to glow, and a message will appear saying "Your wilderness sword is emitting a strange power...."). If you ever need to reclaim this sword, you can get it by killing any revenant and it'll appear as a 100% drop.



Feel free to comment on this, I personally thought it was pretty fair/would make the achiev diaries a bit funner...

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I like it! However, I do NOT like the coraxatrice summoning. It's not because of the summoning level required, it's because it requires you to have (and waste) a raven egg, and those are extremely rare.







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There should be less of the "kill monster x" styled achievements due to the rarity of those monsters.


I also believe other skills, such as woodcutting, mining, and smithing should be used. I.E. obtain charcoal from a burnt tree (easy), mine adamantite ore from the hobgoblin? mine (medium), smith a rune scimitar at some anvil (hard).

Catch anchovies, Cook an anchovie pizza, etc. (easy, medium respectively).

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A free, replaceable sword with the stats of a dragon long? No thank you. Also, I really dislike "do x with x object." What's so special about entering a fortress WITHOUT deflect melee, which a lot of people don't have? Another thing, it feels like theres a lot of things missing. Or just not enough stuff. Maybe cursed magic logs? Also, solo'ing CE? I don't think it's a good idea, if nothing else due to the crowdedness of it.

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Cool but, as strong as a dragon longsword? Then the dragon longsword wouldn't be as cool as it is. Anyway, I like the idea.

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Definitely consider making an elite version! ^^



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i dont really think a wilderness achievement should be complete without a 'Kill a player in a single combat zone' sort of task


just doesnt seem right ;)

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love the idea so far as I have been hoping for a wilderness diary for awhile. Two comments though, I think you need more tasks for each difficulty setting. While you don't need to have twenty-one like the Ardy or Varrock diaries, I think having at the very least ten is a good idea. Also, finding a group to kill the KBD will be harder ten soloing it yourself, unless that was the intention ;) keep up the good work!


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Good, except for the part where you have to summon a corxatrice or w/e. As mentioned before, raven eggs are VERY rare. Change it to somehting else that doesn't have a rare second and I'm happy.


Elite tasks:


Kill the corporeal beast. (Yeah, who didn't expect this? :P)

Kill a revenant dragon.

Obtain a full inventory of magic logs from the magic tree in the wilderness and deposit 1 magic log in your pak yak.

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Parts that will probably be left out if this is implemented:

Killed the KBD with a group of 3 or more - KBD is easy enough as it is. And a team requirement would make getting this achievement utter hell, even for maxed players.

Summon a Coraxatrice - Too low of a summoning level for a Hard diary. Also, raven eggs are just too darn rare for this to be feasible.

Kill a Revenant to start Hard Diary, and speak to Summer to start Medium - Achievement diaries have you speak to one person to start the WHOLE diary. (with the exception of Ardy elite.) Jagex won't want to differ too much from the others in this manner.


Other than those, I think this is great.

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Like others have said, please no coratrix summoning. I have over two dozen of each god egg and yet still no raven egg >.<


Also, I'm not a fan of the "Kill _____ Rev" tasks, simply because that would require players to spend lots of time finding them.



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I like theses Ideas. Though For the hard 80 Maybe a little to high maybe like 70-75. Also there is only like 7 things to do for each one boost it up to like 12. Other than that this is a great suggestion, and I would love to see a wilderness achievment diary.




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heres a good medium one: retrieve your godcape from the mage arena.

and a hard one:


Speak to Kolodin (sp?) after unlocking all 3 god spells

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QBD drops: 1 kite, 2 visages, 4 dragonbone kits, 3 effigies, lots of crossbow parts

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Good idea, only few flaws:

1. I`d say too many kill x amount of monster y tasks

2. As someone said, getting a raven egg is extremely difficult.

3. Dont make the sword as strong as dragon. Rune is good.


Also, You didnt seem to mention where exactly do you get the reward.

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