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How to make Firefox look like 4.0 beta


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See, why are they trying to make it look like Google Chrome? I like my Firefox the way it is with Nasa Night Launch theme. It's fine, no need to change <_<



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Safari was actually tabs-on-top for a while, but it was removed in the next update because no one liked it. I still fail to see why people would.


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Also for those of you who don't like the tabs on top I am pretty sure Mozilla is considering making it an optional feature for the user. It supposedly just makes the browser function better.

It is already optional.


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Tabs on top are brilliant so long as they work smoothly and naturally, which is what Chrome managed to achieve from the start. I'm never going back to Firefox.

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I don't see what the problem is, you can still customize it and I'm pretty sure somebody has made a extension that makes it look like the old one. Anyway tabs on top are awesome. Thats why I use chrome.


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