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Do you mine your living rock remains ?


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^ Topic name.

Recently I got few Living Rocks tasks and I am amazed how many people just leave those things lieing around ... it takes 1-2 swings to mine them and you can get 300k gp per hour from .. doing literally nothing at all.

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That's exactly why I do.


Even scavenge for nearby remains. Too bad there's a 1 minute delay for remains you didn't kill.


It does slow you down when you are slaying them as a task, so if you want speedy kills, I can imagine people leave them be.



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Hells yeah. Although I only did half of my LRC task before going back to kuradel and cancelling it.



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At 90 mining with a dpick it takes me substantially longer than 1 or 2 swings on average to mine living rock creatures. Skipping the long death animation by going to attack another rock creature and transitioning back to them in fortuitous situations, I was still averaging 6~ seconds wasted. The xp rate of the task wouldn't be attractive to me if I mined them.


So yeah, I leave em.

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Although I just go there to kill them from time-to-time, not even on a slayer task, it's silly how many people leave valuable loot on the ground in favor of more XP/hour. It takes a few seconds to mine the remains, even at a sort-of decent mining level. It's extra stupid, come to think of it. Because most of these players nullify their additional XP gains anyway by hanging 'round the GE, even if it is to gear and pot up for the next task. You play for fun, not for a statistics exam. Seriously :huh:

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I haven't had them as a task yet, but I hear a good method is if you are using a cannon, to leave the cannon attacking another one while you quickly mine the remains. This is obviously slightly slower than just leaving them, but the loot can make the task slightly profitable, with only a small time loss (Assuming you don't mind doing LRC tasks :P)

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I definitely mine mine (ugh gotta be a better way to say that) and other people's as well. The one minute timer annoys me >.<

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