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The Gladiatorz Spur F2P trip


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Aces of War earlier today canceled our war versus them and we needed a replacement. Our courageous Gladiator Ymesoco0l came to our rescue with a F2P Pk Trip!


It was a pretty late trip so I'd like to thank those who came and stayed.


After massing we hopped to a few worlds and watched aalmanden kill low level people at greater demons, after that Mike unbeaten__1 took over for me. Hopping worlds and looking for a team we quickly rank into apoc and cleared them without a problem. After this we were hungry for blood and continued to hunt clans.


After a while we ran into AW near chaos dwarves. Having them running into single every rank we knew we would have to take it up north towards Members Gate.



The fight lasted a total of about 2 1/2 hours. While we had the upper hand majority of the fight. Our numbers lacked at one point but we quickly sent snipers and kept hitting their main pile while our members returned. AW was continuously returning in adamant and single styles which just made the fight easier. After about an hour of us chasing them from gds to spiders we noticed their pile was dwindling and their friends were showing up. We ended them at 10:15PM EST time with 69 opts of us on the battlefield.




Random pics:




(01:24:41) <@Jake> by sea of white i meant i hoped to see no colored kids at the war tomorrow
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It was a nice and fun war. Two things i need to correct you in. Not everyone in aw was returning with addy armor and to be honest everyone i saw was with ranged armor or rune. But someone did tell us about the incident and we dealt with it. AW did not invite anyone that did not belong to the clan. So everyone that attendened todays pvp trip were clan members.



Good Job Everyone.


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Ended at 3AM for me. I was pretty tired. :$


7-8 kills, 4 deaths (1 off Apoc, rest off AoW). You should have called it off after 30 minutes. We were in clear control and weren't prepared to give up after you cancelled our fight, despite it being a short prep as well.


Only pictured a few kills:







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Good job :thumbup:


"In Greek mythology, the Titans were greater even than the gods. They ruled their universe with absolute power. Well that wilderness out there, that's our universe. Let's rule it like titans"

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Looked fun :) Good job Gladz <3:

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