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The AIO Guide to Killing AFK EPers - Amazing Cash


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The AIO Guide to Killing AFK EPers

(Soon to be in video form)


This guide will give you everything you need to be able to make a huge amount of cash from killing AFK EPers. If you think that you have bad PKing stats, or that you can't do it due to you not having good weapons etc... You are wrong. The minimum requirements for this guide are 25 magic, any weapon and at least 76k to risk. Obviously, with that you would do terribly, but the point is ANYONE can do it.


These are my stats:



As you can see, my only high combat stat is magic. Most PKers at my level have, at least, 95+ Strength, Attack or Range. Many have maxed stats apart form prayer and defence. Normally, i struggle to compete, but with the methods i use i don't need good stats; just a half decent special attack and the ability to freeze people.


Killing EPers is often frowned upon by normal PKers, but don't feel bad. When in the wilderness, people should be aware of the risks. Attacking people in the wilderness shouldn't be frowned upon, so don't feel in any way bad for doing this. It is called Player vs Player, not Player vs Anyone who agrees to fight.


Before you read on, note that this requires a lot of patience. You may go for a long time without any luck, but hang tight. I went for 2 hours without a single EPer in sight, then the first one i see gives me a Statius Warhammer drop. It instantly sold on the GE for 8.2m, that is 4.1m per hour, very worth the wait. You may get crappy loot, you may get amazing loot... Just remember, profit is profit. Any amount of money made is a step in the right direction.



1. A Short Explanation

2. Gaining EP

-What NOT to do

-How to gain EP correctly

3. How to Find EPers

4. How to Kill EPers

5. The Rewards


1. A Short Explanation

The main targets of this guide are known as Dart/Jav/Thrown Axe EPers. They gain EP (Earned Potential, this is said to improve your PVP drops) by risking something such as a yew seed. However, they wield a dart, javelin or thrown axe with auto-retaliate on. This means that when they are attacked, they throw the weapon and they no longer risk losing their yew seed.


Generally, this method is effective. But, there are ways around it. If they are hit by one of the following spells, they will not auto-retaliate, leaving them vulnerable to attacks:




-Ice Rush

-Ice Burst

-Ice Blitz

-Ice Barrage


These spells are what enable you to take advantage of these players that feel they are totally safe using, what i will refer to from here on in as, the "yew seed trick". As i said, it is often effective, which is a good thing. The more confidence these people have in this method, the more careless they will be. I would estimate that 3 in 5 people that i kill, that use this method, are either on a different window or not playing Runescape at all. This makes them perfect targets.


2. Gaining EP

If you want good loot, it helps a lot to have a high EP. You gain EP by being in the wilderness while risking 75k or more. There are a lot of methods for gaining EP, other than just sitting there, that provide a lower chance of you losing any large amounts of money. Although they might all seem amazing at first, a lot of them have huge flaws that put your cash at risk. This part of the guide will steer you away from them.



What NOT to do-

There are a lot of methods to EPing that provide low risk. These methods are the ones with flaws, so you should definitely avoid them at all costs.


The Yew Seed Trick

-This method, as previously explained, is said to remove risk when attacked. Also previously explained, it has the huge flaw of auto-retaliate being disabled by freezing spells. Avoid this method, as if you are frozen, there is a very high likelihood that you will die and lose your risk.


The Familiar Trick

-Despite being classified as bug abuse and no longer working, countless amounts of people continue to use and abuse this method. You put your risk into a beast of burden, then if you die the risk is dropped on the ground as if you dismiss the familiar, instead of the other player receiving loot. This doesn't work, and while it did you would get banned for using this method. Avoid it at all costs.


Ring of Life

-The ring of life occasionally works, but you will almost always be KO'd within a few hits, rendering it useless a majority of the time. Use this method if you are feeling lucky, otherwise, stay away from it.


How to EP Correctly-

This part of the guide shows you all of the highly effective methods to EPing. Most of these methods will give you a 100% chance of safety if used correctly.


[100% Safety] Ring of Recoil

-I feel that this is by far the most overlooked method of gaining EP. It provides 100% safety of your cash. It is simple to do, however it is somewhat tricky to prepare. You must drain a ring of recoil until it can deal around 50 more damage. You should then grab a yew seed, or any item that is worth over 75k and has a lower alching price than the ring of recoil, and head to any BH+1 world. When you are attacked, the ring of recoil will shatter, saving your risk item. This means that it is near impossible to lose your cash.


[Recommended] Monkfish/Shark Eating

-Once again, an amazingly effective method. You hold your risk item along with a shark or monkfish, if you are attacked you eat your food. After eating, you will no longer be risking your valuable item. It is a huge advantage to turn sounds on for this, allowing you to hear when you are attacked. Doing this means you don't need to sit intently, you can do other stuff while you EP. You should always be ready, as it doesn't take long to get taken down by a claw rusher.


Junk Risking

-This is the method i use most often. Since i got 99 magic using the Hunter Kit spell, i had roughly 4.5m worth of Hunter Kits sitting in my bank. Every time i wanted to EP, i would grab a couple of thousand of them and sit in the wilderness. Even if i were to lose them, i would not be particularly bothered. Also, dying with risk can often improve your chances of getting decent loot in the future. This method doesn't require any concentration, as it is only junk. If you lose it, it makes no real difference to your bank worth.


How to Find EPers-

Finding EPers is easy. The most cost effective way is to simply stroll up and down the wilderness edge, looking for people that are similar to this:



You will only find them in BH+1 worlds.


Anyone with a throwing weapon, that once thrown is lost. If they are standing or resting without moving, generally they are gaining EP and carelessly risking. If they do happen to be resting, it is still worth an attempt. Anyone resting with no visible armour is almost definitely risking.


Once you find one, note their location and run away. If they happen to look at their screen and see a rusher, they may become aware that you are attempting to kill them.


How to Kill EPers-

EPers are by far the easiest kills you will ever get. They don't fight back and have no defence at all. So, this is what you will need...

-Your best combination between strength and magic bonuses, also prayer if possible, but do not sacrifice your other stats for it.

-Runes for the spells that were listed earlier on in the guide, the longer they freeze for the better

-A weapon that does a good amount of damage quickly, for example, Dragon Claws, Dragon Daggers, Granite Mauls etc... Which ever you can afford/use

-Super Strength and Super Attack Potions

-Prayer Potions (2 should be enough)

-Set your quick prayers up with your best melee boosting prayers and protect melee

-[Optional] Ring of Life


You shouldn't be worried about risking, as you will be in the wilderness for a very short amount of time. Even when you are in the wilderness, you will be protecting melee for the duration.


Once you have found an EPer, do the following in this order:

-Run out of their view

-Drink your potions

-Run towards them

-While running, turn on your quick prayers

-Cast the spell on them

-As fast as possible after casting the spell, use your special attacks on them and try to kill them as fast as possible.


Tip: When casting the spell, click it and then press F5. This will allow you to cast the spell and already be on the special attack tab. This makes it a lot easier to kill them in the shortest time you can.


Be relentless if you fail, add the EPer and follow them on the minimap. They are likely to return to the wilderness using the same method. Give it a few minutes, let them feel safe again, then go in for another kill.


You will fail. Everyone gets bad hits and splashes from time to time. Just make sure that if you splash, or they throw/drop their weapon, that you use as little special attack up as possible. One of the worst parts of doing this is finding an EPer and having 10% special. You have to be ready to kill as soon as you see them. Don't get angry or lose patience, as it doesn't get you anywhere. No matter how often you fail, a single kill can make you profit on 30 failed attempts.


The Rewards

I'm guessing a lot of you may have decided to scroll down to this part before you bothered to read the rest. So i will get right to the point.


Killing an EPer is as good as killing anyone in PVP. When i say this, i mean it. Youi can get the same amount of loot from someone risking a yew seed as you can from someone risking an arcane spirit shield. My personal best amount of loot is 8.8m, a statius warhammer with a few statuettes. I constantly get drops of value up to 1m, and generally they are no less than 200k.


If you have a good amount of EP, you can bet that you will almost always receive a respectable chunk from doing this.


You may get some crappy loot occasionally, take a look at this clip of me killing an EPer. I got 16k loot after 2 failed attempts:



I hope this guide helps you guys out, if you do happen to get lucky, make sure to post some loots :) Thanks.



Legalize baby punching. Tax and regulate it. Punch babies erry day.

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Thanks for the comments, they are much appreciated :)


I will try and improve this over the next couple of days, giving more in-depth information on rushing techniques, adding tips to improve chances of getting loot and just generally make it a better guide.



Legalize baby punching. Tax and regulate it. Punch babies erry day.

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Yes, i will :P Although those EPers are most likely not AFK and are extremely hard to kill (dragon spears, teletabs, rings of life, pheonix necklaces etc...).


The brass key room with the ladder leading to the hill giant cave. People go in there as there is a required item to access the area. It is best to dress as an EPers (dhide, dragon spear) and hop to a PVP world from a normal world. Once in the PVP world, sit underneath them and change into your gear. Pot up, pray and attack. It is best to team people in here as it is multi and allows you to both teleblock and freeze people effectively. The best ice spell to use is ice blitz as it is single target, therefore it won't freeze your team.


The small area south east of the Varrock east bank has a room containing the NPC Guidor (i think that is correct, tell me if am wrong). You require priest robes to enter the room. Unlike the brass key room, it is single combat. So it is best to teleblock and then entangle your target.


The mining guild to the south of Falador east bank is often used, as not many people go there. You don't require any stats to use the buildings surrounding the mining guild entrances.


Any rooms in Ardougne, Falador and Varrock will be used by EPers. Look up stairs in random houses an you are bound to find someone eventually.


That is all i know regarding PVP worlds. I don't suggest attempting to kill people EPing in PVP as they almost always teleport, dragon spear special you, ring of life teleport or have a lot of food to use. They are FAR harder to find and kill safely.



Legalize baby punching. Tax and regulate it. Punch babies erry day.

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In pvp worlds I use darts and broodoo shields and go on another forum like /b/. I survive 50% of the time, and the other 50% of the time my risk is lost so the person who pked me gets no loot. I once had a mage rage at me for not risking. I'm not going to make it any easier for some [wagon] mage to get free loot off me.



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My problem is that I can't find many EP'ers within my attack range, heh.

Obtained quest cape and base 92 before obtaining any 99s! Currently finishing out my 99s with the (long-distant) goal of comp cape.


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sounds fun but i don't think i'll try it anytime soon because someone who read this guide could go "wow that would be easy enough" and thought of a way to bait people trying to kill epers, I know i did.

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Oh and another thing - The 'Best' (or one of the best) ways to do this is to be in Ahrims and Dragon Claws, Cast Barrage and start special attacking. Sometimes DDS is too slow and they manage to drop the weapon. But you rarely see these guys anymore, since the 'trick nerf', so it's pretty useless.

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Another method for gaining EP is using Imp Boxes or a Yak. You simply send your risked item to the bank (although the imp may fail, so you must spam click).

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Any idea if throwing Gnomeballs at people works in PVP? Force giving an EPer an extra item could be quite useful for this if it did.

Good thinking, but i highly doubt that a gnomeball would have a high enough alch value to be kept over anything.



Legalize baby punching. Tax and regulate it. Punch babies erry day.

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They won't work anyways, I think you need to have both your hands open to catch the ball. You also need aid on.


Another method for gaining EP is using Imp Boxes or a Yak. You simply send your risked item to the bank (although the imp may fail, so you must spam click).


How does the imp fail? All you need to do is use the item with the imp box, right?

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The imp CAN fail, but it's not very likely. Just spam click between the item and the box (yes, using the item on the box works).


What I mean by fail is, it refuses to send the item to your bank. In dialouge, it'll tell you this, but if you use the item on the box, you get no warning when it fails--it just doesn't send it to your bank.

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Wow I've never seen that, and I use imp boxes a lot. Does it happen more when you're being attacked? If so, I'd be weary pking with my chaotic cbow now. I was planning on using imp boxes to bank it after every kill, but now I'm not so sure.


But ya, I've used tons and tons of imp boxes, because I don't summon. And that has never happened to me.

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