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Anger while doing things you enjoy

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    Ghost Cloak

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I don't generally get frustrated enough to shout at a game.

If I get killed in an FPS (especially online), I'll try the same technique again, and if I get killed again, I'll change my tactics until I minimise my losses. I see it as a way to develop my tactics for future games. Unlike some who insist on trying the same methods over and over again in the vain hope that they might kill the person.

In racing games, if I spin off, it's usually down to lack of concentration. If I keep spinning off, I'll take a while off it to calm down and refocus on the game.

I have become quite angry in the past, but I try to see the positive in 'frustration'.

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    The Pittsburgh Pirate

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I get furious at halo because my team is so damn awful always. I will gain a level and then lose two because of awful awful luck with teams
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    Dragon Slayer

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I get furious at halo because my team is so damn awful always.

I have a MAJOR problem with teams too. Get it? :-P

But seriously I'm thinking of going on a Halo forum and finding a decent team. Although I'm going to hate it, I hate these [bleep]ing people that spent hundreds of dollars just to stare at a wall while I'm out there consistently fighting 1 on 3 battles more.

The Observer
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The Observer

    Lead the charge

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I know I get frustrated at people who sit there in a corner for the entire match. Especially if they're on my team during Team Deathmatch. At least use a window. This way you can get some more kills.


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