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Black Mesa release

Bohemian Rhapsody

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Omg omg omg omg

We are releasing Black Mesa to the world for FREE on September 14th! Give us a THUMBS UP to help our game get on Steam! When we are on Steam we’ll be able to reach more players and make installation and future updates easy for everyone!


Prepare for an experience that you will find Nostalgic' date=' exciting and fresh. Black Mesa is a re-envisioning of Valve Software's seminal game Half-Life. You will re-visit the inaugural role of Gordon Freeman and his memorable journey through the Black Mesa Research Facility.


Expect tremendously detailed environments to explore, a huge cast of characters and experimental weaponry. All-new music, voice acting, choreography and added dialogue give way to a more expansive and immersive experience than ever before. In a nutshell, play Half-life the way we think it was meant to be played!



Play for FREE! You need not purchase anything!

8-10 Hours of single-player gameplay, up to the Lambda Core chapter.

Feast your eyes on over 2,000 custom Models and 5,000 custom textures – more than HL2!

Experience over 2,000 choreographed scenes and over 6,500 lines of dialogue from all new voice acting!

Immerse yourself in an all new soundtrack and over 2,300 custom sound effects!

Feel the impact of custom systems such as the Face Creation System, Custom Gib System, Deathcam and more.


Future Plans:

(w/ Steam) Stat tracking along with Steam Achievements

(w/ Steam) Updates to address community feedback

Future additions of Xen and BMDM! (Black Mesa Death Match)



I've been waiting for this game for many years, I'm so excited!

What about you guys? What's your opinion?

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Any Way The Wind Blows...

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Finally! I've been waiting for this for a while, glad they didn't pull the pin on it all together.

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Merely calling it an "improved HL1" or "HL1 in Source" is a little bit unfair to the creators of this mod. It's basically a complete re-imagining of the original, which adds a lot of cool little things, and you can see that they really put a lot of work into it all. At the same time, it does stay faithful to the original. Definitely enjoying it thus far.


Downloaded it about eight hours ago, the torrent worked just fine and the entire download took me around 10 minutes. Keep in mind that you must also download the Source Base SDK 2007 through Steam for Black Mesa to work. Assuming you don't have either, it's a 6-7GB download. Feel bad for those who are stuck with shitty internet :(

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Been playing this today. Just launched the Rocker.


The game is so good. It has small changes which keep the game fresh, but they seem very faithful to the spirit and feeling of the original. The game also feels so much more real, with must more unique interaction with the other characters, as well as the massively upgraded graphics.


I'm honestly loving the game so far, and I think it's better than many games which cost money.

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Is anybody else finding this game MUCH harder than the original? I think with the advanced AI, the army is incredibly tough. I think I've been coddled by modern shooters too much, and i'm getting killed with an alarming frequency. The section shortly before 'Surface Tension' begins, just after all of the test chambers took me so many tries. The enemy flank me constantly and do a fair amount of damage. I'm now at the dam section and don't really seem to have found a solid tactic for killing them yet.

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This is what HL1:Source should have been.

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