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how long have you been playing rs


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how long have you been playing rs? i wanna know




well i started my char xx_76 played for about a year then made a pure got it to 30 got bored and quit. 4 years later i come back and i cant remember pw to xx 76 =( so im stuck on a level 30. but im almost 60 now so its all good..how about yall

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started aug 2001, lost main(bmms) in aug of 2003, started new main, gott bmms back in december, played on it till january 2006, then main bmms jr


and stil playing





Aefx(started 11/1/2002) Cb: 200 TS: 1900+
Bmms--Jr(Started on 1/24/06)(Banned 11/13/09 ) Cb: 119(pre-eoc) TS: 1700+
Bmms(Started 8/?/2001)(Banned 1/24/06 ) Cb: 101(pre-eoc) TS: 1350+

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I started on December 11th, 2005! I remember because my friend came over to my house and showed me all about RuneScape. I remember the first thing I did was try to kill a goblin. Unfortunately, the goblin won, and it took me ages to get all the stuff back.

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Late November, early December, I forgot the exact date. So around 7.5 months, 6.5 being members.

"The cry of the poor is not always just, but if you never hear it you'll never know what justice is."


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First created an account shortly before the option to be either a PK player or non PK player was removed (RSC). Had no idea how to play, so left it. Tried it again a month or so after (the PK choice had been removed by then), found out that you had to click to move, then ended up playing solid for a year or so. since then it's been of and on, since I got a bit bored and I have yet to go members.




If anyone can date that, be my guest.

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Hmmm that i should ask my best friend. He introduced me the game.


I think its some 3 years. But i've been playing an other game for some 6 months...


But whent back to rs. Its better and free :D



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neway rsc came out in '99




Didn't it come out in 2001? The beta atleast, I know alpha was before that but I also know half the people that claim they were alpha testers never even heard of runescape then. This March marked the 5 year mark for 'Huzzah'. Long ago this character was born a Necromancer. :)



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I've been here since not long after RSC was made.




I've never really attained even decent stats, highest being like, 54.




My new account was made a few weeks ago due to being wrongly banned with a denied appeal. :(




1x Dragon Chainbody (1 Dust Devil Trip)

3x Black Mask (2 trips)

1x Drag Skirt (50+ trips)



1x Robin Hood Hat

1x Guthix Platebody


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i definately started playing runescape in 1974. my accounts level is 543 and i own everything on runescape. i wasnt alive while i started playing but does that really matter? im a real runescape fan.

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Ive been playing on and off (more off) since the october when christmas crackers were dropped. I never got one though, we always have to do family things at christmas, so I didnt have chance to log on.

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Well, I had my first account, Soonanaka, but I lost interest in the game/lost password. Then came I_Queen_Blue, lost the password shortly after. =P And then my final account, Blue-To-Die which I've had for about 3 years now. :mrgreen:




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