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are "one red paperclips" schemes possible?


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Does anyone think it's possible to do something like this on RS?




Has anyone actually done this before?




For example, here would be a theoretical path:




1. start with a cooked tuna


2. trade tuna for coal


3. trade coal 20 air runes


4. sell 20 air runes for 300 gp


5. buy 2 uncut gems with 300 gp


6. trade 2 uncut gems for 5 lobsters


7. trade lobsters for herbs


8. sell herbs [if high quality] for 2k







Baratus [AS] max hit: 166 with Moon Battle Hammer

ixfd64 [AS] max hit: 116 with (untitled spell #2)

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It's a fun (challenging too) game that already exists. Called the egg game I think (3 guesses what you start with :P ).








1. Hammer?


2. Chisel


3. Pot?




Why so hard question!! :P




Yea I know of this paper >> house thing.




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Cool, now shut up.




I did the egg challenge a bit, I got up to a few cut gems but I had to go out and didn't resume where I stopped.




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hmm, uve peaked my intreast, i think ill wait till all the intrest about the paperclip guy has died down, as everyone will be trying to do it atm. Ill wait 6 months then do it! On the day they introduce this years thing for christmad, i shall create a new character!

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people do this on noob accounts all the time...and in theory...isnt this how everyone became wealthy...we all started with our bronze swords and wooden sheilds(of if your like me, your pot and tinderbox or w/e an adventurer got)...




the only diff is we didnt have to scavage items, but could build skills.




but i know a friend who when he first started, collect feathers, traded them for cash, used the cash to buy like 2 runes...traded them at street price, bought more runes, sold at street price, bought more...ect..until he had roughly 20m...he moved from runes to colored gloves for a lil while i beleive, and when he had enough moved to rune items eventually onto rares.




I think he made a post on this forum, if you can find it

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