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I've possesed 99 Thieving for a while now, and it's time to move on and let the cape trimmed. I've picked a skill i've always loved, since level 1, nd ever since i started playing, planned to get 99 in it. This is that time. Crafting is probably my favorite skill, but it's hard to train at higher levels. Regardless, this is what i've chosen after opinions and considering the options. With the addition of clan chat, this goal got a whole lot easier, so i won't get bored tanning things as easily. I'm starting with level 75...first up, it's level 80.












The Plan:








-Barrows. I need a good chunk of cash, i'm looking for about 5M-6M before starting.








-Get 55 Necklaces of skills, and a wagonload of dueling rings. If you would be able to donate emeralds, gold bars or rings themselves, i would appreciate it deeply!








-Next up, i'm going to buy up green d hides in intervals of approximately 5000 for 1500-1550 ea. If you have any of these you'd like to donate, again, it would be appreciated.








-Alright, it's time to tan. If you'd be interested in tanning for me, give me a pm on tif, or in game, or in blogscape clan chat. If no one's up for it, i'll be busily tanning using the crafting guild teles on necklaces of skills, and then crafting somewhere.








-After Crafting, it's time to make some nats. For that i'll need some pure essence, which would be appreciated if people donated!








-After nats, its time to find someone who will purchase the nats and bodies for a good price. I'll see if i can't get people to buy the bodies themselves for 4680, but if i can't, that's fine.








Crafting Levels:




(once this fills up with levels, i'll use hide)
























[hide=Crafting Goal Bars]dark_alcyte.png
























[hide=stats ahoy]2q3n22p.jpg




November 30th 206












December 9th 2006












March 17th 2007 (starting stats)[/hide]








[hide=Other Levels][hide=Attack]




























































































[hide=Agility]No Agility Pics[/hide]












































































[hide=Fletching]No Fletching Pics[/hide]








[hide=Herblore]No Herblore Pics[/hide]








[hide=Hunter]Not sure where my two or so hunter pictures went...anyway:








Congratulations! You are now 49 Hunter![/hide]




































[hide=Smithing]Noooo can't find 60 Smithing Around.[/hide]








[hide=Thieving]See 99 Thieving Portion of the Blog[/hide]
























[hide=Skill Pure Levels]In retrospect, i've realized i haven't been really posting these...oh well. Here are a few.
























[hide=Skilling Goals!]Dark%20Alcyte.gif




Runecrafting: nats, nats, nats...not much else to say lol.












Agility: This one won't be to hard to get, i'll just go to wildy course or ape atoll and round this one off.












Herblore: This one will be gotten through various rnaom potions, probably some super energies and super antis and prayer potions, i have no real way of leveing this one up, i'll just do it when need be for Fairy Tale P2












Thieving: this one's obvious, not much further to go here lol...i'll be heading for rank 400 sometime though.












Crafting: Ah, one of my favorite skills, this is a short term goal really, i plan on doing glass and green d hide bodies for this one. Glories ftw.












Fletching: Yeah, i hate fletching...i'll just get 70 for yew longs for alching purposes...not one of my favorite skills as its boring.












Mining: Soz oreo lol, but mining isn't one of my closest skills, but i'll push it up for ya! I'll be doing coal, gem rocks and iron for this one.












Smithing: This one won't be difficult at all. I want 63 for devious minds. I'll use a dwarf stout (M) though. I have already made all the iron bars i needed, and have started on the knives..so i'll just finish this one up.












Firemaking: My previous mentioned way of leveling prayer through asyn shades will also level firemaking. However, it won't be to 75 i think...so willows are my best bet after that.












Fishing: Monkfish ahoy! I want sharkies, so this one will be my target. I may mix things up with fly fishing, but a lot will be at monkfish












Cooking: Cook the stuff i get from fishing + a little more...i'll probably just get 78 from the monkfish and forget about this one lol >_<












Woodcutting: Again, not a favorite skill of mine, but i'll be using willows to level this one...won't be that bad, but i'll use the willows to burn for my fming goal.












Farming: Probably my toughest goal, and it'll take the longest..but i really like farming and i want yews and i want to raise this one up. So won't be that bad i think.












Construction: I'm not sure bout this one, but 55 seemed like a nice place to stop with formal gardens and all. This one i'll play by ear.












Slayer: In unicon with combat and ranged, this one will be hard, but it won't be that bad, because i like slayer and 70 seemed like a nice place to stop.












Hunter: This one i'll do salamanders to 53 probably then chimchompa's the last level. Hunter is pretty fun, and 54 seemed good for gloves of silence.








This concludes my skilling goals! Hope i can make most or even all of them![/hide]








[hide=Clues]As i range and melee, here are some clues.




















[hide=Combat Goals]Dark%20Alcyte.gif




Ranged: Mainly by slayer tasks most likely, i like doing greaters in the cage and hellhounds a lot as well.












Magic: I'll be alching and super glassing for this one for the most part.












Prayer: This one i'll be using asyn shades, because its unique and i can make a lot of cash. I started this one a while back, but never finished...i'll finish up making Olive Oil (4) sometime and douse yews and burn them, thus helping with firemaking as well. If anyone wants to donate Asyn Shade remains, that would be extremely appreciated.








I have no attack, strength or defence goals, because i'll be leveling them up on asyn shades, and i don't know how many i'm gonna kill yet.[/hide]








[hide=Barrows Log]karilscoifleathertop.jpg




Wow, that was fast. First drop ever, and a double drop.








and right after...












Woo, broke a very prolonged drystreak with this one












Got on one morning on (secretly of course) and got this one...lol.












After a stressful barrows run (see pg 53 for story), got this one, breaking a 1 run dry streak..wee












K Coif #2!!! YES!!!...sort of[/hide]








[hide=99 Thieving Information]40a5ixd.jpg




Banner made by Oreo9870, Runescape's Favorite Cookie -- Thanks Oreo!




















~99 Thieving Party Information~








When: March 10th or 11th




Where: Meet at party pete's pad




Time: 4:30 CST, 5:30 EST, 2:30 PST, 10:30 GMT. For any other times, look at a time convertor that i am unable to get now. Time may be subject to change because i may or may not have a rl conflict. Probably not though.




Why: To Celebrate me getting 99 thieving!




What: 99 Thieving!




Attire: your best party clothes, bring a games necklace as well, to tele to buthorpe for my cape.








We will probably be going to a minigame or someone's house. I really would like a nice 70 Con+ house, so if anyone KNOWS they will be coming, and has a fairly nice house that they'd be willing to let us use, just send me a pm! Thanks. (i'd use mine, but i'm 48 con neeb)








hope to see you all out there to watch me get my long awaited and drawn out 99 Thieving!
















Ello tip it,




well, i've always loved skills....some i've always particularly loved, like crafting...got that somewhat high. But i got a little bored with that, and i saw one stat at lvl 50 or so, theiving. When i came back from camp in the summer, i caught wind of a new uber theiving training method, called "pyramid plunder". I did MEP1, some quests and other stuff until school started..then decided i wanted to train theiving a little, so i pickpocketed knights to 61. Acheivement capes came out and i wanted one, and despite the looks or emote, i chose theiving because i loved it. So i trained and trained from 61, got 75. Took a break to hunt, then just hardcore leveled, and i really have been camped out at the jasalvrah all the time except to do a useful quest or tet events. I achieved 90 and 91 quite recently, big accomplishments. But anyway, Without further adeu, my starting stats. (see page 3 for 80 theiving pics)
























Thanks to everyone who came, sorry i took so long and that noob kept killing the men...>_<












(thanks hotchick and bossi!)




Oh, and thanks dusty for the great screenie




















Level Collage:




















Since plundering is so hard to keep track of exp wise, i'll give my starting exp for the day and ending, games played and average exp. Btw, i've started to run short on sharks, so any and all donations of sharks or anti poisons of any type are graciously accepted :thumbsup: The red color on numbers means that it can still increase, i just have to get off for a little bit...maybe play later.








Day 1, Thursday November 30th 2006




Starting Exp-1217419 (lvl 75)




Ending Exp-1246799




Exp Gained- 29,380




Lvls Gained- None




Games Played-3.5




Average exp-8,394




Total Gp-None for today








Day 2, Friday December 1st 2006-Luck has befallen me and the entire area, and due to large amounts of icy freezing rain and sleet, school is canceled today, thus a full amount of play! Unfortunately, due to the ice, internet is going out at random times. =\ "on the fritz" Update: Theiving is now my highest skill, passing the exp for magic, hp and attack! I set a new game exp record as well, with an exp of 11,300!








Starting Exp-1247019




Ending Exp-1,484,739




Exp Gained-237720




Lvls Gained-76,77




Games Played-23




Average Exp-9,820 Per game




----Banked And sold articfacts after trip 10----Gp Made=26.7k




----Banked and sold artifacts after trip 21------Gp made=18.3k




Total Gp=45k








Day 3: Saturday December 2nd, 2006-Today, i'm really hoping to get 79, it'll be a stretch tho, about 30 games. I'm going to try to do 10 in the morning, 10 afternoon and 10 evening. I have assorted things going on but if i don't get 79, i'll be very close. i gotta really pick up the pass now, i had a bad first game, a low exp, i should start searching the snakes in the 61 room more often like yesterday.








Starting Exp-1485509




Ending Exp-1631559




Exp Gained-146050




Lvls Gained-78




Games Played-16




Average Exp-9128




----Banked After trip 15---Gp made:19.75k




Total Gp-19.75k








Day 4: Sunday December 4th, 2006: Well, this day i'm very happy about. I met with warning 3, who gave me a lot of inspiration on continuing my goal, and i achieved a great philosophy on theiving. Failure, is simply part of the skill, and if you can achieve a certain level of patience, then you can overcome that failure. You will get paid for that. And to show it, take a look at this loot from my first trip today. Time to bank that now. Btw, i'd like to dedicate that sceptre to bossi (warning 3), because he taught me that you need an inventory space to get one :wink: Oh yea, and oreo, because he's a luck charm...i was in the 31 room and talking to oreo, not really paying attention...it was my last trip before banking. So i search the chest move on...then i'm in the 41 room, check my inventory only to see that beauty lying in there!








(gave me 21,250GP!! w/o that beaut <3: )








And just got another one in the same room...incredible. 2 on the same day, this is very pleasing :D 2dw9qfk.jpg








Starting Exp-1631559




Ending Exp1,827,559




Exp Gained-196k




Lvls gained: 79




Games Played: eh, didn't keep track...i'm guessing around 20?




Average Exp:9800




----------banked after trip (around) 13-----Made 21.3K + Pharoah's Sceptre!!!!!




--------Banked after trip unknown after getting 2nd sceptre, got 6.8k








Total Gp: 28.1k + 2 pharoah's sceptres








Day 5: December 8th, 2006: well, not much to report but my first 80!!!




Starting Exp:1,827,559




Ending Exp:1,986,109




EXp gaied: 158k




Lvls gained:80




games played: 17 bout




Average xp:9,353




---------Banked after trip 16----------21.7k----------------




Total gp:21.7k
















Day 6: December 9th 2006: Got 81 theiving...a new room pl0x. 81 room is by far the best so far...everything lines up, 3,3,3,3,1. Anyway, R.I.P. 61 room means that i'm never going to be checking urns there again! that's where i started...so kinda sad to move on. Anyway, fun day also, met lord umega there, had a few runs, then ajc100 logged in right as i was walking buy and we all did a few rounds, then we went our seperate ways.








Starting Xp:1,986,109




Ending Exp:2,208,030




Exp gained: 221k




Levels Gained: 81




Games played: 20 give or take




Average Xp: 11k




------Banked After trip 18--------------18.7k




Total Gp: 18.7k








Day 7: Nothing today, finals work, studying and G.E.S. event whcih was a blast








0s everything! Expce t total gp, 20k from winning the item hide and seek contest thing lol. The title involves at the lvl 80 party, wild goat 14 told me i could kidnap goats :XD:








Day 8: ...studying hard for finals won't play to much.... nm really, bout 13 games till 82 and i really need to get work done.








Starting Exp:2208030




Ending Exp:2407143




Exp Gained: 199k




Levels Gained: None




Games Played: 15




Average Exp: 13.3k




Total Gp: 22k








Day 9: Got a few games done, 82 theiving..and mainly studying for finals more. WEdnesday is when the uber theiving starts.




Starting Exp:2407143 (there's a mistake, i didn't get the right exp here, ended with the wrong one above)




Ending Exp:2,673,114




Exp Gained: 265k (wrongo)




Levels Gained: 82




Games Played: indeterminable




Average: same




Total Gp: none








Day 10: Well, nice start. School's out for winter and till january 8th no school. I'm gonna have to make some super anti poisons soon, running out...need donations pl0x \:D/








Starting Exp: I did some games in the week, not sure.




Starting Exp:2539289 (bout that)




Ending Exp:2679589




Levels gained: 83




Exp Gained: 140,000 about...




Games Played: 11 or so




Average: 12,727




Total Gp: 22k








Day 11: Eh, not much done today...i finished animal magnitism, and really all i did was farm irits and work on my costume for tomarrow. I got a nice amount of irits, and they'll be made into super antis soon. Almost 49 farming btw. I did pickpocket a lot of knights of ardy and paladins, so thats some work done.












Day 12: Todays the party, and my costume is now ready....i'm sorry for anyone else who is planning on entering into the strange category :XD:




4cj7tad.jpg there's 49 farming for ya.








Day 13: I got 83 today, and some nice arrows and exp overall...of course i'm very lost on the data, so i'm just omitting this day from the record books. I'm gonna have to get a little more organized :|








Day 14: 2 weeks of thieving today...christmas eve and very exciting. Today i got 3M+ experience overall in thieving. 300k to level 85, so assume i will get that after christmas, actually on the 30th or 31st...because im going skiing 26-30th i think. Regardless, if i push hard i can maybe get 85--Elves ftw? There comes a point whenever u get a new room, where it takes some getting used to, a few levels and such when you finally reach your optimum exp...i've just about hit it now!








Starting Exp:2956585




Ending Exp:3083940




Exp Gained: 127k (ALMOST HALVED EXP FROM BEGINNING-174k till 85)




Games Played: 9




Average Exp: 14,150...doing great!




Levels gained: none








Day 15: Christmas day and i got a little thieving done, got some nice gifts, but i playe about 8 games and i'm unsure about my details on that. I have starting and ending however. Tomarrow i leave for a 3 day skiing trip with some friends, should be a rockin' good time.








Starting Exp: 3083940




Ending Exp:3177735




Exp Gained: 93795








Day 16: Well, i just got back today at around 8:30, had an amazing time, only crashed a few times :wink: Not much done today, 3 or 4 games played because i got home late (6 hr car ride)








Starting Exp:3177735




Ending Exp: 3222280




Exp Gained: 44,545




Games Played: 3 or 4




Averge Exp:---








Day 17: Alright, i really need to start making a push to 91 to make my expected level up date in late february. I have about 8 or 9 days to hit 91, and this requires playing around 185 games, so basically around 20-25 games per-day. I'm still a little unsure about if i'm gonna make it or not, but i'm really gonna push to try for it! Anyway, got 85 today and i missed the stupid pic...grr. I"ll try elves sometime maybe








Starting Exp: 3222280




Ending Exp: 3442422




Exp Gained: 220,142




Games Played: 16




Average Exp: 13,785




Total GP: 23k








Day 18: Alright, 86 here i come, i wanna get close to 87 today also...i'm beginning to think that 91 is maybe a stretch...90 would be more realistic. Good start to the morning, i got 86, that's 150k exp. bout 370k till 87 so i wanna shorten that a lot for tomarrow. Anyway, good start to the day i'm having some good rounds after a terrible bad luck streak. I'm taking a look at my average exp and it looks slightly unreal :shock:








Starting Exp: 3442422




Ending Exp: 3782937




Exp Gained: 340551




Games Played: 21?




Average Exp: 16,216




Levels Gained: 86




Gp: 23.5k








Day 19: Well after that tremendous day that's gonna be hard to beat...87 should be in the bag, then its off to 88. I've worked up quite a collection of steel arrows right now lol...anyway, Happy new year! When barb assault comes out i may have to try what looks like a thieving section to it... :-k








Starting Exp: 3782937




Ending Exp: 4040407




Exp Gained: 257470




Games Played: 18 seems about right




Average Exp: 14303




Levels Gained: 87




GP: 21.5k








Day 20: Wow. What a day, got a ton of exp in the morning after pping with a fellow tifer for a while. 91 may not be as far away as i would expect, i guess it depends. well i'm keeping up the good work, and now i'm moving farther and farther away from a level a day...curses <.< . Anyway, had a wierd story..see page 6 for it.








Starting Exp: 4040407




Ending Exp: 4402575




Exp Gained: 362168




Games Played: lets say 24




Average Exp:15090




Levels Gained: 88




Gp: 20.5k (woulda been more if it hadn't been for that one incident)








Day 21: Ah, this day was quite rediculous....I was thinking to myself, if i get 89 today, i can get 91. *looks at exp* 440k away....It'll be a longshot. But thanks to the efforts of me, and a lot of help from ajc (showing me where the doors are, pp is A LOT easier with 2+ people), i got 420k exp, 20k away...which i simply easily got the next day.








Starting Exp: 4,402,575




Ending Exp: 4,822,295 (bout that)




Exp Gained: 420k




Games Played: noooo idea, but lets say 27 cause the average comes out something close




Average: 15555




Gp Gained: 24.7k








Day 22: Well, i got 89 real quick, but i took a day break to try my hand at barbarian assault, in which i'm very good at a collector imo lol. So no thieving today, oh well. I took a very much needed break.








Day 23: Ah, it was a little hard to get back into the swing of things, but i started out. First 5 games were quite bad, i dunno if it was my internet connection that was spotty or that the servers were packed, but everything was running a little slow, no lagging, just taking a long time to get from urn to urn and door to door. But i got hefty amount of exp afterwards. I've maid the decision that i probably will not go for 91, even though its in reach. I still may however. I may wanna spend my last precious few days of winter break hanging out and playing minigames. Depends on my mood i guess .








Starting exp: 4,822,295 (bout that)




Ending Exp: 5,227,994




Exp Gained: 385,699




Games Played: i'm bad at keeping track of this XD, 26 sounds good




Average Exp: 14834




Total Gp: 23.7k








Day 23-24: Unknown exp, got 90 though, wo0t!








Day 25: ALright! 91 today, thats very happyful. The final room is here!!! 8 more.








Starting exp: 5,600,000 (round that)




Ending Exp: 5903011




Exp Gained: 303,011




Games Played: 19 or 20




Averge Exp: we'll just say 15,500




Total gp: 19.9k








Day 26: 614k seems like a lot doesn't it? Well today's the day when i test out the 91 room. I broke 6M exp today, hoping for 92 tomarrow and halfway to 99! A new room for me always takes a little getting used to, within getting about 500k-2m exp i'm getting it really good. I started contact today, got to the final boss but i couldn't beat it...oh well, try tomarrow!








Starting exp: 5903011




Ending Exp: 6235853




Exp Gained: 332,842




Games Played: 18




Average Exp: 18,491




Total Gp: 23.5k (loads of gold statuettes!)












Day 27/28: Ah ok, time to finish contact and get that nice new bank...pp just got a whole lot easier...Woo! Moving on, i tried once more at the scarab, had to tele out again...meleeing wasn't working with me right then. So i was heading back to try again and saw oreo, was nice chatting with him for a bit. i was reading some posts on a guide, and it said maging works...so i got my armor, some fire wave runes, headed out and completely destroyed it...melee locust rider never hit me, only got hit by mage and ranger never showed up...lonely without him. 92 today i'm hoping! I've jointed day 28 with day 27, because i'm a little lost on xp...so the starting exp is the starting for 27, ending is for 28...i'm not gonna have amount of games played however.








Day 29: Ah back to the pyramid after a brief intermission on friday while farming and clueing. i'm not really sure exactly what my starting xp was, but it was around 6.7M








Starting Exp: around 6.7m




Ending Exp: 7,234,625




Exp Gained: 535,625




Games Played: i know it is at least 30




Average Exp: 17,200




Levels Gained: 93!




Gp earned: 62k (had some leftover statuettes and scarabs from a while ago that i forgot to sell)








Day 30: Ah a very depressing all around day, didn't feel very motivated today :S








Starting exp: 7,234,625




Ending Exp: 7441605




Exp Gained: 206,980




Games Played: x




Levels Gained: None




Gp: none








Day 31: Good day all around, was motivated again and got back into the swing of things.








Starting exp: 7441605




Ending exp: 7800614




Games Played: Hard to keep track of now...




Exp Gained: 359,009




Gp: None








Day 32: Another fun day, got 94 and went to tet trawlah for the first time and talked round a little bit, didn't realy do much but get some rusty swords lol. Came back and did some more thieving after a soccer game.








Starting exp: 7800614




Ending Exp: 8220085




Exp Gained: 419,471




Gp: None again, i'll sell all the artifacts i've accumlated tomarrow








Day 33: Alright then, last day of a great weekend, fortunately i have a short week, friday off...so i'll expect to get 95 and then im planning on going the old fasioned way from 95-96, regardless of how much slower it is.








Starting Exp: 8220085




Ending Exp: 8433371




Exp Gained: 213,286




Gp: 86k (lots of stuff lol)








Day 34: Well, not much playing time today but i got some nice work done.








Starting exp: 8433371




Ending Exp 8640136




Exp gained: 203,235




Gp: none








Day 35: 95 time, then its off to pickpocket....ugh




Starting Exp: 8640136




Ending Exp: 8889690




Xp Gained: 249,554




LVls Gained: 95




Gp: 73k








day 36-41: 100% pickpocketing until 96. Making exp that i get at TET and GES Plundering back though, i'm getting a lvl regardless.








Starting Xp: 8889690




Ending Exp: 9937427




Xp Gained:




Knights Needed From The start: 9430




Gp: 510k




Levels Gained: 96








Day 42: Back to plunder today, and i'm gonna beast the way to 97! Great day, got a sceptre and 10m Today!!!








Starting exp: 9937427




Ending Exp: 10388329




Exp gained: 450,902




Levels Gained: None




Gp: Sceptre!!! wo0t!
















Day 43: aww...well i died today, shame. But i did get some nice xp there, taught jesse and poker how to plunder and got poker hooked...which i'm not sure is a good thing lol.








Starting Exp: 10388329




Ending Exp: 10832833




Exp Gained: 444,504




Gp Gained: 18.8k




Levels Gained: 97








Day 44: Not much today, same old same old.








Starting Exp: 10832833




Ending Exp: 11119363




Exp Gained: 286,530




Gp: -




Levels Gained: none








Day 45: Great day, i got more than i would ever have thought i could do! Loads of exp.








Starting exp: 11119363




Ending Exp: 11557133




Exp Gained: 437770




Gp: -




LEvels Gained: None








Day 46: 98 Today, i think today was a great day besides the consistant bad luck and lag...








Starting Exp: 11557133




Ending Exp: 12089699




Exp Gained: 532566 MOST EXP IN A DAY!




Gp: -




Levels gained: 98








Day 47: Alright, the trek to 99 begins 100% today! except the wind here is so bad its pretty much inhibiting play, the lag is the worst i've ever had period. I decided i'd sell a bunch of my artifacts after one of my buds got 99 thieving...got a nice wholesome 205k.








Starting exp: 12089699




Ending Exp: 12280939




Exp Gained: 191,240




Gp: 205k








Day 48: ok, well not much play in today. Firstly, i get home later on fridays because track takes quite a while to finish...go until like 5:00-5:10 every day. Then i went to the school play and that took a few hours. *shudders* rl....So not much in today.








Starting Exp: 12280939




Ending Exp: 12380439




Exp Gained: 99,500 (ouch)




Levels Gained: none




Gp: none




Levels Gained:








Day 49: Alright, more time intoday hopefully, but i have some rl stuff to take care of again. SLightly busy weekend i'd say. But i'll suspect i'll be very close to 99 by sunday. Morning so far isn't great, because 120 is packed with noobs who open sarcophogus' in every room, and they leave, then change doors on me..growl.








Starting Exp: 12380439




Ending Exp: 12766329




Exp Gained: 385,950




Gp: none




Levels Gained: none








Day 50: wow, day 50 already? seems like more >_< Not much play time in...so much rl stuff to do. Doesn't matter, if i don't get like 500 xp away from 99 today, i'll do it friday. I"m quite convinced someone didn't want me to play this weekend. lol...








Starting Exp: 12766329




Ending exp: 12859367




Exp Gained: 93,038




GP: ||||||||~.:N o n e:.~|||||||||




Levels Gained: none








Day 51: Alright, time to get close to 99...4xp away today, then the last 4 tomarrow!




Starting Exp: 12766329




Ending Exp: Level 99 Experience -4 lol.












I'll be keeping this up until spring break, then its gonna hit the road into a word document. Having gotten 99 thieving, i'm gonna start out by doing a little range at the hellhounds using slayer. After that, i'm gonna spend less than a day getting rank 400 thieving...i really love that place, 4 months of being trapped there really makes ya love it, kinda. Fortunately, rank 400 is i think about 200k away, most people stop after 99 lol. So after that it's back to getting 70 range. After that, 53 or 54 rcing, then i'l use the nats and buy and alch some green d hide bodies that i'll get for 80 crafting, geting me a few magic levels. following that, some fishing to 76 is in order, finish all the quests maybe except sheep shearer...i can't beat it. Regardless, thats the plan. rank 400 thieving, 70 range, X slayer level, 53 Rc, 80 crafting, 78 magic, 76 fishing, X cooking[/hide]
















The second from mirrorforced...take a look at the bottom of my post to see it.












tanx so much ranged...it'll really be helpful!








Thanks to Nekyia13 for both of her donations!!!




















And footy












Thanks hev for 200 steel arrows!












Thanks moosey for forgivin me and for this!












Thanks to all who gave a b-day present! I appreciate it so much![/hide]








[hide=Assorted Thanks]~Pharynx of Fanks~




I'd just like to thank a few people who really have inspired me and helped me out along the way.








Coren Greive: First off, i know you don't play anymore, but you were a great friend to play and got me interested in members








Benisawesome (beniscool218): Just a good friend to talk to while plundering, although you scare me sometimes lol








Goldenalcyte (galcyte): For being everything that i am not, you like rangin...i hate it. Like ben, thanks for being a good friend to talk to








Captainzolof: Yeah, you don't play anymore, but thanks for giving me moments that really boosted my self esteem








Oreo9870: For being one of my best in game friends, and for putting up with my bizzare comments, plus the hawt banner <3.








Jesselitton (hellbellz): Once again, being great to talk to and getting owned by tz tok grandma :s








Mirrorforced: We'll miss you here on p2p! The camel was/is always a great person to talk to while plundering, plus he gave me my brand new hawt sig...thanks so much.








Dusty668: the only one so far that appreciates my hands are bananas...the only one so far who i've given a seal of approval to....so you gotta be pretty good.








Ranged Crave (ranging beast): Thank you so much for your donation, it'll really be helpful and its much appreciated!








Lord Umega (umega): Ah, the first tifer i met down at the pyramid...you were and remain a great friend and gave me faster exp








Ajc100 (adamskii): Another great plunderin mate, it was always a great time plundering with you and watching you own me in xp, and i never got to plunder the whole pyramid with you! still waiting on that...








Warning 3 (bossi): My current plundering mate after ajc and umega got 99, and you're almost there now too! Plundering with ya is always fun, and thank you so much for the amazing donation. Always a good person to chat with, gratz with your 99!








Sheynara: Thanks for bein such a great friend and really helping welcome me into the TET, always great to chat with ya, and have you beg me to come to yews with you lol.








Deiophobus: Deio, was a pleasure plundering with you, and been friends ever since...one of the few who i tolerate wearing the hat!








Hardwick246: For making me a great banner, much oblodged...if that's how you spell it








TIF Forums and its users: Been here over 2 years now, and i love this place...the community here, the best support i could ever find, and friends.








~Sorry if i forgot your name, but i'm tired right now, and i'll say do'h! in the morning when i remember you[/hide]












Ending Remark: Thanks for reading my blog to this point, i've played for quite a bit and am very proud to have come this far. But i wouldn't have done it without all the support and community at tif, so thanks to everyone again for that.












Last but not least, the serious cat we've all gotten to love still lives on!!!





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Awesome, I got the first post on your blog. Its good to see you finally going back to your Thieving, so good luck on your path to 99 :thumbsup:








*cough* Get your Scepter back *cough*









Expecting a good life because you're a good person is like expecting a bull not to charge because you're a vegetarian.

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Good luck with 99 Thieving, never been one of my favorite skills... <.<


8,325th to 99 Firemaking 3/9/08 | 44,811th to 99 Cooking 7/16/08

4,968th to 99 Farming 10/9/09 | Runescaper August 2005-March 2010

Tip.it Mod Feb. 2008-Sep. 2008 | Tip.it Crew Sep. 2008-Nov. 2009

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Awesome, I got the first post on your blog. Its good to see you finally going back to your Thieving, so good luck on your path to 99 :thumbsup:








*cough* Get your Scepter back *cough*
















man i'm hawt <3:








lol, i'll try with that! :thumbsup:

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I think its funny how you wear that Moonclan Hat of yours even in Pyramid Plunder :XD: Gratz on 77 Thieving though, 22 to go \'

Expecting a good life because you're a good person is like expecting a bull not to charge because you're a vegetarian.

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Totally off topic but I just wanna say here that Jesse's location is awesome. I gotta go see Tenacious D this weekend.








Also, good luck again :mrgreen:

Expecting a good life because you're a good person is like expecting a bull not to charge because you're a vegetarian.

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Your Blog Banner and Stat pics aren't working. That red "x" is just appearing there. I don't know if its just me lagging or not, just wanted to let you know.








Nice job on 78 Thieving :thumbsup:

Expecting a good life because you're a good person is like expecting a bull not to charge because you're a vegetarian.

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