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A Day In The Runescapian Life of WolfhunterXZ

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A Day In The Runescapian Life of WolfhunterXZ




Dras is my hawt kay Que buddeh. We like doing lots of Bug Abuse to that ugly KQ! :D (Not literal bug abuse, duh...)












Welcome to my Blog! Where I may have set goals, or just talk about my lovely barrowing adventures! Anyhow, this first post will talk about what I'm currently doing.








If YOU have the time to READ THIS POSTas well as my Blog entries; then YOU can post a REPLY/COMMENT!!!












1st Post: Stats, Bank Picture and Goals as well as introduction to blog and other nonesense!




2nd Post: Barrows Blog




3rd Post: Skilling/Normal Blog








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My Starting Stats:
















[hide=Bank Pic (Out of Date)]




Also, My Current Bank, Organized better than it was before. You see a black dividing line in the middle, follow the FIRST SIDE to the bottom for the FIRST HALF OF MY BANK. Then follow it back up to the top of the 2nd half for the 2nd half of my bank picture.
















Alright, now that that's all out of the way, I shall write down my current goals as of right now.








Overall Skill Total Goal:












New Goal: 99 Woodcutting








Woodcutting Blog Will be on Page 5








These are Ina slight order of how I'm doing them.




Attack: WolfHunterXZ.gif




Strength: WolfHunterXZ.gif




Defense: WolfHunterXZ.gif




Magic: WolfHunterXZ.gif




Ranged: WolfHunterXZ.gif




Prayer: WolfHunterXZ.gif








Non-Combat Goals, in close order to how I want to complete them:




Slayer: WolfHunterXZ.gif




Runecraft: WolfHunterXZ.gif




Fishing: WolfHunterXZ.gif




Cooking: WolfHunterXZ.gif




Smithing: WolfHunterXZ.gif




Herblore: WolfHunterXZ.gif




Fletching: WolfHunterXZ.gif




Firemaking: WolfHunterXZ.gif




Crafting: WolfHunterXZ.gif




Thieving: WolfHunterXZ.gif




Agility: Wolfhunterxz.gif








Other Goals:




Get Full Veracs: COMPLETED




Get Full Ahrims (No Staff): Not Even Started




Get Full Dharoks: Not Even Started




Get Full Guthans: Bought




Get Full Torags: Bought








Any donations ARE welcome, and I'd love you forever if you did. And I am NOT asking for them, I am saying I accept them and all that whatnot.
















1) Lord Soultar / 15 Anti-Fire Potions












Anyhow! Welcome to my awesome blog of hawtness.




















If YOU have the time to READ THIS POSTas well as my Blog entries; then YOU can post a REPLY/COMMENT!!!

Wolfy is Officially Retired.

I miss you all (Well, mostly my friends n stuff)

If you want to talk to me, send me a message, I check the boards daily. :D

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Wolfy's Barrows Blog








If YOU have the time to READ THIS POSTas well as my Blog entries; then YOU can post a REPLY/COMMENT!!!








Here's My Barrow Set-Up, I tend to use 0-1 doses of Prayer potion as well.












My Barrows Method:








1) Start: Dharok, if Dharok is tunnel -> Ahrim -> Karil -> Guthan -> Torag -> Verac.




2) Start: Dharok -> Ahrim, If Ahrim is tunnel I go to Karil -> Guthan -> Torag -> Verac.




3) Start: Dharok -> Ahrim -> Verac, if Verac is tunnel -> Torag -> Guthan -> P-Pot Dose and Karil.




4) Start: Dharok -> Ahrim -> Verac -> Torag, if Torag is tunnel -> Guthan -> P-Pot Dose and Karil.




5) Start: Dharok -> Ahrim -> Verac -> Torag -> Guthan, if Guthan is tunnel -> P-Pot Dose and Karil.




6) Start: Dharok -> Ahrim -> Verac -> Torag -> Guthan -> Karil, if Karil is tunnel, well duh, I go to the tunnel.








I also tend to only get a Kill Count of 6-13, I don't like spending 30 minutes killing loads of crypt monsters, considering it only helps with better rune drops anyway.








When Run is done, I house telly (tablet) to my house, pray at my chapel, then go to my Kharyll portal, bank in Canifis, then use the Myreque shortcut back to Barrows.








[hide=Barrows Blog]








Day 1 (Dec. 31st '06): No barrow items today, mostly all money, deaths, minds, blood runes, and chaos runes. -sigh- I hate getting nothing, it's kind of annoying. Anyway, had a few bad runs where I wasted a lot of food or took forever to kill ahrim or karil, hope I get something tomorrow. :(








Day 2 (Jan. 1st '07): Once again, no items. Did 8 runs today, just gp, chaos, deaths, bloods, and some bolt racks. I did get some black D-Hide legs and top, as well as 500 deaths and 130 or so chaos runes and some blood runes, some newbie died to Ahrim while I was fighting him. He never messaged me for stuff back. Lucky for him he kept his Barrows armor or I would have kept those.








Day 3 And Day 4 (Jan. 2nd-3rd '07): Didn't do barrow runs, been doing Slayer and Herblore.








Day 5 (Jan. 4th '07): No barrow runs done, yep.








Day 6 (Jan. 5th '07): Once again, no barrow runs, been training Slayer lately.








Day 7 & 8 (Jan. 6-7th '07): No barrow runs.








Day 9 (Jan 8th. '07): Once again, no barrow runs.








Day 10 (Jan 9th. '07): Yep, none.








Day 11 (Jan 10th. '07): You guessed it, still none, been doing other things!








Day 12 (Jan 11th. '07): None, again. But probably do a few tomorrow (the 12th)








Day 13 & 14 (Jan 12-13th. '07): None, at all.








Day 15 (Jan 14. '07): Nothing








Day 16 (Jan 15. '07): Still none!








Day 17 - 19 (Jan 16-18th. '07): None.








Day 20 (Jan 19th. '07): Did the typical 4 barrow runs at a time. Of course, got nothing, Just some bloods, bolt racks, and a pretty good amount of deaths for once. That's about it. :( No item(s) -sigh-








Day 21 (Jan 20th. '07): Did 8 barrow runs, on my 8th run I got... 1 HP level, 1 Magic level, and Dharok's Helm!!! Wooohooooo!!! :) anyhow, also to update, I don't use veracs flail anymore, I use whip + rune defender. I wasn't using those before due to that glitch where you stopped when you got hit, but Jagex fixed that :)








Day 22-26 (Jan 21st-25th. '07): Barrow runs barrow runs barrow runs, unfortunately, been busy this week. No items gotten, just the runes and gp and the bolt racks. -sigh-








Day 27-32 (Jan 26th-31st. '07): No barrow runs after the 25th. Been busy with schoolwork.








Day 33-40 (Feb 1st-8th. '07): None, been doing PC still.








Day 41-58 (Feb 9th-25th. '07): None, doing PC and being lazy n stuff. LOL!








Day 59 (Feb 26th. '07): None.








Day 60 (Feb 27th. '07): Still none :P








Day 61 (Feb 28th. '07): None, may do some tomorrow, not sure.








Day 62 (March 1st. '07): None.








Day 63-64 (March 2nd-3rd. '07): None








Day 65-74 (March 4th-13th. '07): None.








Day 75 (March 14th. '07): None, planning on doing some this weekend probably if I get the time to.








Day 76-81 (March 15-18th. '07): None!








Day 82 (March 19th. '07): None.








Day 83-84 (March 20-21st. '07) None, busy doing other things.[/hide]

Wolfy is Officially Retired.

I miss you all (Well, mostly my friends n stuff)

If you want to talk to me, send me a message, I check the boards daily. :D

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Wolfy's Daily Blog of Skilling and Err Other Stuff








If YOU have the time to READ THIS POSTas well as my Blog entries; then YOU can post a REPLY/COMMENT!!!








Day 1 (Dec. 31st '06) Did barrows today, so no skilling happened, considering I was busy with family, went out to lunch and watched movies till Midnight to watch the fireworks on TV at the Space Needle. Tomorrow I'll probably do some barrow runs and then work on firemaking, or fletch more, or fish, depends on how I'm feeling.








Day 2 (Jan. 1st '07) Bored today. Some guy tried to get my whip using a lure. I did what he asked except he didn't get my whip. Here's how it goes, I'm fming in Edge, he says "Could you come help me finish the last part of my PKing vid, I'll give you a D Battle if you do, just bring whip" I say "Okay" But being smart, I brought JUST my whip, some food, ecto, RING OF LIFE, and an anti (never know which exact lure it may be!) so he says "Let me get you down to low life" once we're in wild. So he starts attacking me, gets me LOW enough for my Ring of Life to telly me, so I ge tellied. Me now figuring out what the trick was to this. I was lucky I had my ROL. He was (probably) going to get my life down, give me battle axe, then PK me because Dragon battle axe protects over whip!








Other than that, I got 59 firemaking, and I'm now currently working on Herblore, getting herbs and whatnot at Chaos Druids at this point.








Day 3 (Jan. 2nd '07) Didn't really do much, worked on herblore some, didn't gain levels, takes so long to get herbs and ingredients, and I'm too poor to buy stuff! I did end up getting 79 HP as well though.[/hide]








Day 4 (Jan. 3rd '07) Yeehaw! Actually got stuff done! I finished my Bloodveld assignment for slayer, and while I was there, Lep was there I guess and he was having a get together of TIF friends for his 85 slayer, that was random haha. Anyhow, got 56 slayer today, still working on my Greater Demon Assignment, also got 79 attack. Tomorrow I'll probably work on my Slayer, I want to get it to 58 for sure to get black mask, and then 65 next, for Dusties








Day 5 (Jan 4th '07) Woke up this morning before I went and took my shower and then going to school. I saw that Barbarian Assault was released and read the details! I was so excited, I couldn't wait to get home to try it. So I did! I logged on to world 99, and MAN was that place packed, went through the tutorial, I loved the idea. So, I go to Room 1 where there's LOADS of people, and I didn't want some Noob party so I start saying "Looking for a Tifer team!" And low and behold, Cdub Foo decides to invite me in, and I'm interested in being the healer (I couldn't be an attacker cause I'm on Lunar Magick). And then after we do some waves, people kept leaving each time, so we waited and gathered up other fellow TIFers! And we finally got to the queen, and of course, won. So I also bought the granite platebody. I think it looks cool, gives better defense than Rune plate, so it's good for some slayer tasks. And I hope to go back to Barb Assault tomorrow or something. My team was, and I think it's alright cause everyone knows who they are cause they're TIF and it's nothing bad were...








WolfhunterXZ (Me!)




Cdub Foo




Who Le Ow




Lord Soultar




and Metallica56 (One of our awesome TIF P-Mods!) so yeah, was a lot of fun, every one of us were getting used to how to play so it was more fun, took us like 30 minutes to beat the Queen lmao! But we did eventually win. I like the new minigame, it's challenging, and it teachers people how to use teamwork, CW was supposed to be a team game, and sometimes it is, but a lot of time you just have people going around doing what they want. Anyhow, that was my day, that night I went and finished my greater demon slayer assignment, and now I have like 100+ Shadow Knights or whatever. Easy.








Day 6 (Jan. 5th '07) Did a LOT of working on Slayer mostly today after I got home from the mall which I did after school. I finished up the easy task of Shadow Warriors, only to then get Fire Giants (Woot!) At Fire Giants I get 57 slayer! (YAY!) I also got lucky with rune drops, I got two rune scimmies (which were 1 right after the other!) and 2 Rune Battleaxes! My lucky day! As well as 1k+ fire runes and a few ranarrs. Now I have 124 Bloodvelds, to be done tomorrow or sometime eventually. I also got 56 prayer today.








Day 7 (Jan. 6th '07) Didn't do much of anything, was gone in Seattle so I was pretty tired when I got home. Mined 500 iron to smelt for arrows (didn't use ring, didn't want THAT many arrow heads)








Day 8 (Jan. 7th '07) Once again didn't do too much, smelted the iron, made 2k arrowheads, then made 2k arrow shafts and 2k arrows to use for my 124 BloodVelds slayer task. Then I killed 10 and now I'm writing this and headed to bed.








Day 9 (Jan 8th. '07) Worked on Slayer some more, I got 58 slayer, went to Cave horrors, they hit a pretty good amount, probably just going to buy a black mask than waste food.








Day 10 (Jan 9th. '07) Did some slayer, kept getting cruddy tasks from Chaeldar and kept burthoping them. Went to W2, sold my Guthan skirt (yeah I know :() to buy a black mask for 500k. Now I have Fire Giants for slayer, but I need food, so I'm at Piscatoris fishing for tomorrow probably, need atleast 1k Monkfish, which means I fish more like 1.4k because of burning.








Day 11 (Jan 10th. '07) Continued fishing at Piscatoris for Monkfish, gained a fishing level, now I'm level 74 fishing. Only need about 700 or so more Monkfish, and then I get to cook them. No school tomorrow due to snow day. Spend a few hours in the snow, come in, warm up, play some Runescape, maybe go back out in the snow, then come back, and play more Runescape if I get the time to do so.








Day 12 (Jan 11th. '07) Finished fishing my Monkfish, then I went and cooked them. Then off to do my Slayer Task of Fire Giants, didn't do all of them, loving the Black Mask as well! lol. Anyhow, at Fire Giants for awhile doing my slayer task. Do more tomorrow n stuff.








Day 13 (Jan 12th. '07) Finished up my Fire Giants and whatnot, also got a defense level, now it's 71!








Day 14 (Jan 13th. '07) Went and got a new Slayer task, got crummy desert lizards. Went and did those, and ended up getting 59 slayer in the process. Then I went and got another task, Trolls! Oh boy, those are atleast better than lizards! Anyhow, went up to Troll Stronghold, was there for a few hours doing the 100+ trolls, they weren't hitting me like, at all! Anyhow, did my entire task on ONE LOAD of food! And I still had like 3 sharks and 6 monkfish left in the end! Got a few ranarr weeds, and harras. Also got a defense level, now I'm 72!








Day 15 (Jan 14th. '07) Got 60 slayer! Then pranced around like a weird person (just kidding haha). Anyhow, went and got a new slayer task, got 54 Iron Drags I believe. Did those, and started figuring out how to kill them efficiently, Lord Soultar helped me out and we killed some but then I went to bed. Also made some prayer potions.








Day 16 (Jan 15th. '07) Did nothing, logged in for like 30 seconds to see who was on and make sure I wasn't hacked overnight or anything :P








Day 17 (Jan 16th. '07) Finished up that iron dragon assignment, got a new one, ew Pyrefiends, LAME! Burthorped, got monkeys, sat around and killed the like 48 monkeys I got. Went to get a new assignment. BAM! 27 Irons! I know how to kill them efficiently and I have gotten free antifire pots, and just made prayer potions on Jan 14th, so why the heck not?! Go and do that, get 73 Defense, also gain a combat level 97 combat for the win! Went and got a new assignment, got some more Fire Giants! My FAVORITE! :D I probably have school tomorrow, but it's atleast 2 hours late. Anyhow, that's what I did today.








Day 18-19 (Jan 17-18th. '07) Wasn't even online those two days. Took a short break. :)








[Day 20 (Jan 19th. '07) Did a few barrow runs for an hour, that's it. Nothing else, barrows felt like it was calling me, but I didn't get anything! No skilling at this moment. Probably going to do more barrow runs tomorrow.








Day 21 (Jan 20th. '07) Doing Barrows, so just leveling magic and defense and hp and stuff. Combat stats in other words.








Day 22-26 (Jan 21st-25th. '07) Barrow runs, so in other words, combat related levels.








Day 27-32 (Jan 26th-31st. '07) Doing Pest Control till 70(+) range! Also, joined a certain clan for it, don't know if it's allowed to mention it? lol. But I bet everyone knows what it is. :P








Day 33-40 (Feb 1st-8th. '07) Pest Control, now at 65 range, 5 more levels to go! I'm guessing around another 200-300 pest points to get to 70. Havn't been on alot, been doing a lot of school work, and then there's also my oncline class work, and been addicted to playing Sim City 4 (lol). And tomorrow (the 9th, or day 41!) is my birthday! And a link to my PARTY EVENT THREAD is in my signature for all the information you need.








Day 41-58 (Feb 9th-25th. '07) Wow, been lazy as hell lately lol. Doing PC, and whatnot. And now been bored trying to get a fair amount of Dragon Bones so I can get the last two levels of prayer for my 60 goal. I bought Saradomin robes and whatnot, considering I'm a follower of Saradomin. That about brought me to complete 'poorness'. Anyway, I went to KQ a few times with people, I went with Dude of War on his first trip. Then did a few with my buddy Druminator. Also went to KBD with Pandy and I forgot the other guy (SORRY!). And then went to solo myself, forgot my prayer pot so I had to leave... I try to head back... I wakka boat to the wild, take the transporter... Bam, I get pked because I telly to the rogue fort place and get mobbed by a noob PK clan who of course has the guts to yell "OWNED!". So I say okay, I'll try again, I go to wild again, and badluck strikes again, I get tellied to the rogue spot again and telly through it again but I was already dead. So I die. And I look for my whip in my inventory, it's not there. I freak out, message Pandy and Soultar cussing the f word lol. And I head to the bank... And there's my whip... I forgot to even bring it... Man I'm stupid! Anyway... I did the new quest (Tower of Life) still need to do Contact! umm, did a level 3 clue scroll, got nothing, just two rune plate bodies 14 sharks and black d-hide top and legs. Then I log on today for a bit (Sunday) and I guess irulepoker scammed a TIFer (One I don't know) and I still don't know the story or whatever. It doesn't concern me though, but I will be removing poker off of my friendlist for what he did I guess. Whew, a lot to write, hadn't updated for like almost a month, sorry guys!








Day 59 (Feb. 26th. '07) Went out, killed some green drags for bones. Got a clue scroll, did the scroll, got Saradomin plate legs, 20 bloods, rune pick, rune battle, and 9 white firelighters. The last clue which was a coordinate clue was DEEP wild, just outside the ardougne lever telly house in the wild. Was digging around, saw a 109 pass me by (119? lmao sorry dude). And I was freaking out thinking he was a PKer, nope. So I dug, killed the zammy mage easy peasy pretty much with all 4 DDS specs lol. Ran to mage bank cause I needed to get my Saradomin cape back because I got PKed. And that 109(119? lol) was there, it was Muggiwhplar! So I said hi and he was there getting his Sara cape back too, and told me his membership was running out n stuff but would get it back. So he left and all that good stuff. I then decide to go do Ectofunctus for my prayer, just finished my 68 dragon bones, got 59 prayer! One level till 60 which is my goal, woohoo!








Day 60 (Feb 27th. '07) Got 60 prayer! Bludragon went to world 2 to get me a Saradomin Crozier, and I payed him the like 325k for it back lol. So now I have full t-trail Saradomin robe outfit! I also went and did Contact! And used the lamp to up my range level to 67. Did a few KQ runs with Druminator, didn't get anything, horrible luck as always.








Day 61 (Feb 28th. '07) Didn't do much, finished the rest of my yew logs that were collecting dust in my bank, got 71 fletching. Then went with Wolfmon56 to KQ for a run, she lagged when we finished the first form and died. So I picked her stuff up that she dropped and gave it back, that darned nasty queen! I was about to go eat and stuff but Wolfmon convinced me to go back with her to finish the second form, an man, am I glad she convinced me! The second form was being a nasty little bugger. I got the kill... And... DRAGON CHAIN!!! I didn't get the screenshot of the chain on the ground though (sorry) but I have a pic of me wearing it. And I'm sure she took a picture of her wearing it too.
















Day 62 (March 1st. '07): Bought some bowstrings, then went and attached those to my finished unstrung yew longs. I also crafted the 1k nature runes to alch. Before I started alching I made a lovely trip to World 2 Falador park, bought a Fury ammy (Woohoo!) and a Beserker ring (woohoo, own some nubs in CW, PC, and duel arena ftw?). So now I'm sitting around at World 99 Edgeville, probably tomorrow night alching the 1k stuff. Then start all over or, sorta ish anyway. Got to 72 fletching, as well as 53 runecraft today as well.








Day 63 (March 2nd. '07) Finished alching the yew longbows. And in all honesty, that's pretty much all I did that day.








Day 64 (March 3rd. '07) Bought 1.5k steel bars to up a few levels in smithing, got 2 smithing levels so now I'm 58. I log on later, bored and decide to go do some slayer. I head to the fire giants, get 61 slayer. Woohoo 4 levels till Dusties! Still have Fire Giants to do, but it is time for bed, considering it's pretty much 3:30 in the morning :)








Day 65-73 (March 4th-12th. '07) Mostly sat around and did nothing, did some KQ runs and whatnot, ran out of food so I begun to fish more monkfish to cook.








Day 74 (March 13th. '07) 76 Fishing! Finished fishing up my monkfish, got a maze random during it. Went to edge, made my own fire and cooked. Got my SECOND maze of the day. And then I go to cook, light my fire and click the monkfish on it and boom, drill demon random! Woohoo, I get the camo pants! And then like 10-20 minutes later, I go to bank my cooked and burnt monkfish, and WAM! Another drill demon! Today MUST be my lucky day, so now I have full camo, and have gotten like 3k feathers (from the maze random.) I also gained a fishing level, now I'm 76, and here's the pic: wolfyubersharkfishing76qe2.png








I also got two cooking levels, boosting me up to 77 cooking, 3 levels from my 80 goal. Once I was almost done cooking, I heard Leesters yelling "open house in Taverly" so I went, and he got 90 prayer and 125 combat, bunch of TIFers were there n stuff :)








Day 75 (March 14th. '07) Big day lol. Logged on, did some Slayer tasks, got bored, decided to sell a bunch of my stuff. So I head to World 2, sell my full set of Saradomin Treasure Trail Robes (Vestment top and bottom, mitre, cloak, crozier, and stole), then I sold my Fury, and then my Beserker ring. Came out to a nice 10m, I also sold other things. So I'm like, hmm, what should I do with this 10m? Should I buy a bunch of iron bars or something and get my smithing up so I can finish Devious Minds? Nah... How about... Guthans! So I did, I bought FULL GUTHANS! And still had like 1.5m left over (yay, money I can use to repair the guthans and my barrows armors yay!) anyhow, did more slayer tasks, trying to get a good one to use my newly bought Guthans, so far no luck in that lol. Gained a defense level, now 78, 2 more till my 80 goal!








Day 76-81 (March 15-18th. '07) Been doing Slayer and KQing with Dras. No good KQ drops lately, which is annoying lol. Got 63 slayer, getting loads of herbs from Aberrant Specs, need to get a new assignment tomorrow (19th), time for bed. Pretty uneventful past days though.








Day 82 (March 19th. '07) 80 Mage! Been bored lately, got my firemaking to 60, and also got 80 mage woohoo!!!
















Thanks to everyone who came too :) Got a new slayer assignment, trolls oh boy! And lets see, bought 2k iron ore and 3k coal (I have 900 coal, so I need to mine a little bit of coal to make it 4k coal) and then smelting + smithing for smithing levels oh boy how fun!








Day 83-84 (March 20-21st. '07): On the 20th (Tuesday) I did like 16 KQ trips with Dras (Drasyka) and of course, we got nothing haha. Hope we get some luck sometime soon, cause it's discouraging to have done like 50+ runs and not gotten a chain or anything that worthwhile. Anyway, been smelting the steel bars, was smelting and got 59 Smithing, still have like 1.5k bars to smelt, and that's what I'm doing, at Port Phasmatys, so boring :(








Day 85 (March 22nd. '07): Did more smelting of bars for awhile, only 999 left, 111 trips from bank to furnace till I'm done, then I have 2000 steel bars to smith into plates (400 plates in total). Got bored, did like 6-10 KQ runs with Dras, and of course, our luck is still following us, and we didn't get anything good. Oh well, we'll keep trying, but it's really frustrating.








Day 86-95 (March 23rd-April 1st. '07): Sorry for not updating, wow, I'm SO SO sorry!! A LOT HAS HAPPENED!!!








For starters, I finally achieved my first main goal in life now (haha) getting my Quest Cape, I got it on the 26th and I'm proud to have it. Moving on, got a lot of levels in Slayer, and today the 1st of April (Yes, April Fools Day, but this post is real.) I got my goal of 65 Slayer as well as 100 Combat! I did not get a pic of the 65 slayer because the Troll (Was the assignment) hit me once more and I lost the screen of "65 Slayer" or whatever it says. But I did get a screenshot of 100 combat of course, it will show up as 81 Strength, but I got the 100 combat with it. Thanks to Socc Masta for being the person to let me get the combat level on <3 Also thanks to everyone else who showed up. And sorry Oreo, you missed it by like 5 minutes! Anyhow, I'll try to keep up-to-date now.








Screenshot of Combat Level:












Day 96-99 (April 2nd-5th. '07): Been being bored, doing a bit of firemaking, then stopped, cause I have nothing better to do right now. Waiting for a friend to make me cosmic runes so I can continue to do the mage training arena which may be held up for I'm going for a new goal, 99 woodcutting, going to take forever but I'm going to work on it a lot this next week (Spring Break for me). So oh boy! Anyhow, yeah.

Wolfy is Officially Retired.

I miss you all (Well, mostly my friends n stuff)

If you want to talk to me, send me a message, I check the boards daily. :D

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=D> good to see ya finally got one of these what ya ma callums up now








that makes 2 of us with 1 now :mrgreen:








keep focused however and you will be there in no time at all...








at least you better be..cuz ill be checking on you from time to time :twisted:

CLICK - 770th to 99 SLAYER 2/4/08 - 204th to 99 Summoning 7/1/08 CLICK



[Hide=List of Drops That I haven't updated in Years but want to keep in my Sig anyways...]VISAGE DROP - 12/06/07

3 Duo Sara Hilts, 3 Duo Arma Hilts, 2 Trio Arma Hilts.

Dark Bows: (11) Dragon Boots: (50!)

Whip Drops: (42!!!) Dragon Drops: (90+!!!!!) 2 D CHAINS!, 3 D Axe, 8 D meds, 7 left halfs, 7 D legs, 6 skirts, 8 Spears[/hide]

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Good luck barrowing/skilling/happiness-ing. Hope you do well barrowing. Oh and by the way, the space needle fireworks was awesome, wasn't it?

R.I.P Shiva and The Old Nite

Visit My Huge Goals!!! <---- Click This

My Pk Gallery


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TDs: 3x Solo Claws, 1x Solo Armour Piece

99 Untrimmed HP, 0% Pc'd and before Soul Wars -- Trimmed July 1, 2009

First Untrimmed HP Cape to 96 summon, top 300 to 96 summon

Proud owner of the strength, magic, range, and hitpoints capes.


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Good luck barrowing/skilling/happiness-ing. Hope you do well barrowing. Oh and by the way, the space needle fireworks was awesome, wasn't it?
Indeed it was. They always do a good job.








Anyhow, I updated my blog to include the 31st of December, day 2 will obviously be tomorrow (today, considering it IS January 1st '07, 3am in the morning, off to bed! lol, don't know why I'm even still awake.)

Wolfy is Officially Retired.

I miss you all (Well, mostly my friends n stuff)

If you want to talk to me, send me a message, I check the boards daily. :D

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Thanks everyone :) Barrows blog updated for today, skilling blog will be updated later because it's only 6:45PM and I'm not going to bed for some time, going to go eat something, watch tv for awhile then probably go fishing, been heavily barrowing the past 3 days, took out 400+ of my 500 or so monkfish I cooked LOL!

Wolfy is Officially Retired.

I miss you all (Well, mostly my friends n stuff)

If you want to talk to me, send me a message, I check the boards daily. :D

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Alright everyone, blog updated for day 2, and tells a story about how I almost got lured, but knew it was a lure and well, didn't lose my whip! haha.








Not working on firemaking, currently working on Herblore at chaos druids, even though you can just read that in the skilling/normal blog haha. Anyhow, aww thanks Mirror, who doesn't love me? I mean, c'mon? I'm so hawt and awesome like that!

Wolfy is Officially Retired.

I miss you all (Well, mostly my friends n stuff)

If you want to talk to me, send me a message, I check the boards daily. :D

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1 liek c u 2d4y




(im no good at 1337 speak)








nice blog and all but i did see you just now


click my sig for my blog!!!

Thanks everyone for the sigs they pwn!

No. Why should i give presents for someone in rs?

Most selfish thing I've ever heard

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L13k n0 w41 d00d!!!








Yes, I saw you too Dude of war! lol.








Anyhow, more updates on my blog here.








Added a new "goals" section on the first post, it's "Other Goals". As well as a donator list, and just saying to people that donations are accepted, but, I won't like accept them if it's like... A pathetic joke donation, you know what I mean. And NO I'm not asking for donations!








Bed time, will update tomorrow if I'm even really on tomorrow. School starts Wednesday (It's tuesday, but tomorrow is tuesday morning, you know what I mean I hope)









Wolfy is Officially Retired.

I miss you all (Well, mostly my friends n stuff)

If you want to talk to me, send me a message, I check the boards daily. :D

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Thanks for the good lucks and all that, if you see me in-game feel free to Hyt me and say hi and good luck or ask about what I'm doing! I don't bite! :D anyhow, both blogs updated for Day 3 and Day 4 (2nd-3rd of January). Forgot to update yesterday. Man I'm tired, and I get up in 5 1/2 hours for school oops! Even though the barrow blog didn't really get updated considering I've been well, read the normal/skilling blog for the answer.









Wolfy is Officially Retired.

I miss you all (Well, mostly my friends n stuff)

If you want to talk to me, send me a message, I check the boards daily. :D

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Thanks Eggman :) anyhow, updated for day 5, and of course including the fun at the new minigame! I'm so tired, I really need to stop staying up late on a schoolnight lmao!

Wolfy is Officially Retired.

I miss you all (Well, mostly my friends n stuff)

If you want to talk to me, send me a message, I check the boards daily. :D

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Yeah Knight, I'll explain how I do barrows when I get home from school and have time to update my blog.








Thanks for the idea and reminder about that.

Wolfy is Officially Retired.

I miss you all (Well, mostly my friends n stuff)

If you want to talk to me, send me a message, I check the boards daily. :D

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