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~Queenie's Mad Blogginess~

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Welcome to my humble blog!




Bah, I need to make meself a banner.








Queenie, Queenie, rocks like bees.




All skills 70+ will be done with ease!




GOOOO Queenie! WOO!











Thank-you bubbles for the cheer!








I- Introduction




II- Goals




III- My Days




IV- Pictures




V- Dag Kings Mini-blog




VI- Buying/Selling








I. Introduction




Woo, I'm back to tip.it!




Well, yeah. Being back, I thought it was time I remade the ole' blog. I've got a great many goals, some short term, some longterm.




There's a whole section for the dag kings, which is one of my very greatest in game passions (And cash sources!)




So, I'll get on with it.








II. Goals
















That is my stats as of the beginning of march.




My short term goals are to last a month only. If they are incomplete, they will be carried over to the next month.




My long term goals are anywhere from six months to a year.








Short term:




Attack- 85












Strength- 80




Defence- 80




Hitpoints- 85












Magic- 80




Ranged- 75




Runecrafting- 65




Construction- 70




Thieving- 70




Fletching- 85




Slayer- 70












Hunter- 65




Woodcutting- 75








Statistics bars will appear in the week that I am working on that stat.








III- My days








04/03/07- Day of Dawning




Had a large, free day, nothing to do. Went on two DK trips, then got drawn off by a link from a friend onto his tip.it blog.




Couldn't resist making my own. Just couldn't do it.








Made a nice 1.3m profit off the first trip, bought lots of pots from laila for more trips. Must remember to pick up yesterday's 1.5m share! Lost out on the second, what with the whole new mage/new hybrid combination (That we didn't know about until we arrived!).








Got to do some slayer. Feel free to pm me friends, I'm a bit bored!








08/03/07- Ohhh, for the love of sleep!




I wonder where bloodvelds get the meat to put on their pizzas? Do I really want to know this? Why are they so curiously loveable? Why am I thinking about pizza anyway? Mmm, food.








Ugh, not had much time for runescape AT ALL! So many rehersals (I'm a lead in a production and it's hard as hell, learning words, and music, and dances!) and all my other standard coursework! I swear, my tutors are sadists.




Anywhoo, popped on to get a bit of a break, chatted to some friends at the abyssals and then went off to complete a slayer assignment (Wooot, bloodvelds) and realise I'm now under 1k from 65 slayer :)








Fell asleep at my desk, so now I'm going to move to the bed and collapse there. Still singing the musical scores, dear god, what state is my voice going to be in next week for performance! :ohnoes: :ohnoes:








<3: you all, night. Wish me luck tomorrow, all day rehersals.




Queen out.








IV- Pictures








~Valuables picture coming soon~








Level pictures:








V- Dag Kings












Well, I love the dag kings to bits. I go with my friends from GOF (Guardians of Fate) which is a fantastic group for 100+. It's not only for DKs, but mostly it is :P








My aim is to gain a bank double for my santa, and a dragon chain, purely by DKing (And not having to sell any items or rares).




Oh, and to have as much pure cash as possible. Heeheehee.








Log of Trips:








VI. Buying/Selling








Well, obviously, to achieve my goals, I'll want to buy items, and also sell my produce.




This will change, and be empty/full depending on what skills I am working on.








Thanks go to:




All you people at GOF!




Everyone in SODB, and especially the management team :P




All those in the IRC channels: #g.o.f and #tip-it.




Finally, all of those lovely people on my friends list! You're the thing that keeps me playing.

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grreat, now add it is girl to special thanks list ^^








!!! Change your name nao :shock:








Go for it Queenie! We all know you can do it :D .
















PS: You still owe my a "compensation" for all those suicide missions :wink: .


Cabbage owns, 'nuff said.
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Hey! Those were my first times.








Queenie, dker, extra-ordinaire.




She also does slayer, and has no need to go after bears.




Cause she is better than all of that.




70 slayer, is at the end of her more than awesome bat.








GOOOOO Queenie! WOO!


Cabbage owns, 'nuff said.
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And that's why you banned me?????




Btw, I meant baseball bat but since you're one mean dker I will delete my cheer <.< .










Cabbage owns, 'nuff said.
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Queeeeny !!!!! :D




Goodluck with all your goals and with DK'ing. That shouldn't be a problem since you are teh luck bringer!! :P








Pls don't let your clones take iver RS



..::Attack, Mage, Ranged & Hitpoints 99 | Total DK Drops: #223++::..

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Queenie, Queenie, rocks like bees.




All skills 70+ will be done with ease!




GOOOO Queenie! WOO!








I prefer this cheer. (Add to the first post)


Cabbage owns, 'nuff said.
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Noob. :twisted:




Just joking Queenie. I love you really. Dont tell Laura.












If you can read this message, Queenie will give you 100k

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