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  1. http://www.news.com.au/perthnow/story/0 ... public_rss
  2. Link to the article on the first page is broken. Here is the correct one: http://www.news.com.au/perthnow/story/0 ... public_rss All I have to say is that those parents are living in la-la land. If your son was addicted to heroin, you wouldn't put an ounce of smack on the counter and walk away, would you? Well they shouldn't have a computer in the house if their kid is addicted, either. Same difference. Stories like this infuriate me. Parents who fail love to blame everyone but themselves. Sure, maybe they didn't know at first, but what did they do when they found out? Took the kid to a psychologist. Maybe getting rid of the computer would have been a good idea???? Sheesh.
  3. Did you look on the main Tip.It website? There's a guide there called Security Centre. Take a couple of minutes and read through it.
  4. Do you have your clue with you? It won't work if you don't.
  5. You don't need the navigation tools (sextant, watch and chart) for Uri clues. You only need them for coordinates clues. [*:51hd7nse]make sure you have your clue with you [*:51hd7nse]make sure you're in the right wheat field. The one you want is the one next to the windmill between Draynor and Lumbridge [*:51hd7nse]make sure you're wearing a BLUE gnome top. Not turquoise, BLUE [*:51hd7nse]make sure you're wearing a TURQUOISE gnome bottom. Not blue, TURQUOISE (turquoise is halfway between blue and green. Examine your gnome bottom to make sure it's the right colour) [*:51hd7nse]make sure you have an oak SHORTBOW equipped, and nothing else [*:51hd7nse]make sure you're not wearing anything else other than the gnome clothing. This means no boots, capes, gloves or jewellry [*:51hd7nse]make sure you use the THINK emote AFTER you double check all the above
  6. To all of you commenting that you don't like the Letters to the Editor, did you take the time to vote in the poll asking if you wanted Letters to the Editor or not? The Tip.It Times had to be changed, for a variety of reasons, to a monthly format. So we decided to ask the community if they wanted us to publish Letters to the Editor on those weeks no Times was being published. The majority of Times readers that voted wanted us to publish Letters. So there you have it. News Announcement about the Times & Letters: http://tip.it/runescape/index.php?news&id=1888 Poll: http://tip.it/runescape/index.php?poll_id=55
  7. If there is a problem with one of the main site's guides, then you should report it here.
  8. [email protected] = The Blokes at Jagex Towers First used by our Tip.It Times Editor in his Times article entitled It's Getting Better All The Time!, published on 11th August 2006.
  9. BTW, there IS a Forum User Guide on the main site. So how about a "Search Tips" sticky that would simply point to the guide? You would need to beef up the Searching section of the Forum User Guide first though. It could use some more info. And now that I think of it, the guide probably needs complete update anyway, and this would be the perfect opportunity to bring it up to date and advertise its existence. And maybe someone should take a look at this sticky while we're on the subject. When was the last time it was updated?
  10. This suggestion should be moved to the Forum Updates & Suggestions board, shouldn't it?
  11. I started posting on the forums here in September 2004, became a website crewbie in March 2005, and took over as Crew Leader in September 2005. Sometime after that, I also took on an Administrator role, in addition to being website Crew Leader. I just recently retired to attend to some real life business, but I may be back sometime in the fall of this year.
  12. This topic has been done to death... http://forum.tip.it/viewtopic.php?t=258
  13. A little far-fetched (OK, a LOT far-fetched...you're REALLY reaching to prove your point), but an interesting read nonetheless. P.S. to MPM - check your code for the Times' news announcement...you've got the whole second paragraph acting as a link to the article...
  14. They're called post counts. Read this: http://forum.tip.it/viewtopic.php?t=478642 And next time, maybe a quick search would be in order.
  15. Sorry folks, you're wrong. Using "them" for the third person singular is a grammatical no-no - but I'm sure misplacedme only used the word "them" to avoid using the word "him" or "her". I've said it a million times and I'll say it again. There is only ONE EDITOR. As Crew Leader for Tip.It for the past two years, I should know. And as I've always said, I'm not trying to mislead you all here...there is truly only one editor.
  16. Next time, you might want to try looking in the Treasure Trails Guide before posting. The map you posted is in the guide.
  17. Take a look at any major newspaper's Letters to the Editor section. The Editor doesn't answer the letters from readers. The letters are for readers to share their opinions with other readers.
  18. Just popped in to tie up some loose ends, and what a nice surprise to see this topic. Thanks to you all for the kind words. I will be taking a few months off to see to some personal matters (don't worry, nothing scary, I'm trying to sell my house so I can get a bigger one!), but I will probably be back sometime in the late fall. But not as Crew Leader - as an Admin or a Mod. And of course, that's if the Admins will have me, lol! In any event, thanks for everything, the past two years have certainly been quite an adventure. Keep on 'scaping, and PLAY NICE! :wink: ~Kiara
  19. A special edition of the Tip.It Times has been released. Feel free to discuss the article or post any comments. If you have any criticism, please make sure it's constructive! :D Click here to read the rest of this article. Remember! You can now write a Letter to the Editor if you have some thoughts to share about this article! Selected letters will be published in the Times' usual space on the main website during those weeks that no Tip.It Times article is being published. For more information on writing a letter to the Editor, please visit this forum topic.
  20. School is for learning, not for playing video games. Topics asking for help bypassing a school's security/censor are not allowed on these forums. Locking.
  21. http://tip.it/runescape/html/world_map.htm Locked.
  22. Please refer to our Treasure Trails Guide. All the information you need is in the guide.
  23. Post any comments or corrections for the Grim Tales quest guide here.
  24. This week's poll, If you use other RuneScape help sites, what is the reason? is up on the main Tip.It website, please be sure to vote before the poll closes. If you'd like to discuss the poll topic, or talk about the poll results so far, this is the place to do it. This is also the place to provide specifics if you selected answer number 4., "They have tools/databases/information you don't have". Or, if you've selected answers 1, 2 or 3, we'd like to know WHY you think other sites' guides/databases are better. We'd like to know what more we can do to keep you coming back to Tip.It.
  25. Post any comments or corrections for the Varrock Museum guide here.
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