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  1. I go to failure during strength training some of the time, but I make sure I a) have a spotter and b) make sure I rep the weight at least ten times.
  2. To be honest, people are crazy these days. It wouldn't surprise me if someone did that because they had a cross-hair on their district. But honestly, it's just coincidence. Though to have a cross-hair on it let alone have the slogan above the website is not acceptable.
  3. Powman3


    I got a Sector 9 longboard for Christmas. Longest one you can get... I LOVE IT. :)
  4. I got a pair of FiveFingers... They're amazing to use for running and doing leg workouts.
  5. This. http://www.paleonu.com/ http://stronglifts.com/stronglifts-diet-muscle-gains-strength-building-fat-loss/ http://doubleyourgains.com/eat-this-and-get-healthier-in-just-10-days http://paleodiet.com/definition.htm http://robbwolf.com/ Low carb, high fat/protein is the healthier diet. Also, an explanation of why grains are horrible. The general gist of the article is that grains contain lectins, a type of protein. Lectins wreak havoc on your body. When you say this, do you mean bread generally or just whole grain bread?
  6. If you want to gain weight, you have to eat and workout. High fat/protein diets will curb the excess bodyfat, and the protein will help build the muscle. Remember... 3500 EXCESS calories makes ONE pound. Diet is a major factor in this. Also, you should change up your routine every once and a while. Shocking your body is a good way to get results fast. You always want your body to ask you "WTF are you doing???" That way you don't get use to any workout, therefore you don't hit a plateau.
  7. So you're saying that just because it's harder to breath, cold air must be thinner? Very dry, hot air is just as hard to breath, does that mean that it's thinner as well? I find it easier to breathe in a hotter climate than a colder one. But that's just me.
  8. Please source this. The only explanation I can think of to go along somewhat with your claim is that colder temp = dry air = less O2 absorption in lungs = less blood O2. But as far as I know, cold temperatures do not produce lower levels of O2 in the air. I believe you're flasely associating lower temp with lower O2 because as you increase altitude, you decrease temp and O2 levels. Warmer air increases the rate of diffusion in the lungs and therefore a greater supply of oxygen to the muscles for aerobic respiration. (Pretty sure the cold has a higher density (thicker) than the warm air: Heat provides energy therefore atoms spread out more, while cold air provides less energy so the spread of atoms is far smaller and hence denser. Or I am barking mad at 2am?) If it was thicker, it'd be easier to breathe. You must be barking mad at 2am :)
  9. Please source this. The only explanation I can think of to go along somewhat with your claim is that colder temp = dry air = less O2 absorption in lungs = less blood O2. But as far as I know, cold temperatures do not produce lower levels of O2 in the air. I believe you're flasely associating lower temp with lower O2 because as you increase altitude, you decrease temp and O2 levels. It's not that cold itself produces less oxygen, it's just that the air is thinner so you have less oxygen being supplied to your lungs. I have a hard time running in the cold for that reason alone.Trying doing a high intensity mile in 45 degree weather or colder, and you'll see what I mean.
  10. I'm getting something that's apparently really expensive from my parents this year, so I didn't get many gifts. But I'm very grateful towards it.
  11. My personal fitness coach said that working the hamstrings will increase your speed... I believe him, but I'd like to know why it does exactly. Does anyone know?
  12. The reason why it gets so hard to breathe is because the air is thinner, so there's less oxygen. When it starts getting warmer, you'll find that you'll be able to run better. If you're running in weather below freezing, wearing a balclava. Those help.
  13. If I myself were in that situation, I would feel like I didn't earn it. However, I do feel that benched players earn their rings.
  14. Arm workout today, along with some ab exercises. If I'm not sore tomorrow I'm going to be MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD.
  15. Powman3


    Weightlifting burns more calories than just straight up running. Sprinting also burns more calories than distance running. Anyway, on the subject... I've heard it works really well. I'll be getting my copy this week from a friend. :D
  16. Well, I was right in that it's heavier than Homesick, but I found it less relate-able than For Those Who Have Heart [which remains as my favorite overall album of all time]. Great album, but I'm not sure they'll ever live up to FTWHH again. I just don't want it to sound like I'm diminishing the new album in anyway shape or form, cause I've seriously already listened to it all the way through 34 times. yes I'm counting. And no, I don't sleep. I absolutely love FTWHA and Homesick. And I was expecting a good hardcore/punk mix, like The Downfall Of Us All. I'm also not diminishing the album, I've listened to it a lot as well. But it didn't amaze me like I expected.
  17. I love the band, however the new album did not amaze me. But I like it.
  18. Pro-Choice. It's their decision.
  19. Powman3


    America ftw. We have a four-day weekend due to Veteran's Day (which I never take for granted, ever). Anyway, I get to meet my girl's parents today... Yeah, awesome... :ohnoes:
  20. Completely agree with the religious argument. Using the USA as an example of a state-society, I think we need are states to function correctly. We're much too big to just have one central government.
  21. You're a pretty big for your height. You should try playing receiver. Mile speed is different from sprinting speed. If you want to sprint faster, work on your calves and hamstrings (don't live so heavy, don't want to weigh yourself down), do plyometrics (box jumps, burpees, squat jumps, lunge jumps) to work on explosiveness, and when you're sprinting you should sprint on the balls of your feet instead of running heel then toe. When you try to sprint with your heels touching the ground before the balls of your feet it creates a resistance. Now, if you want to run a faster mile you're obviously going to have to do longer distance jogging. You will also lose muscular gains faster if you do that.
  22. I've been skimming over the past few pages, and I have one thought on my mind. What makes ANYONE think we're a country of majority? Uh, no. That's why we have the electoral college when it comes to presidential elections. Proposition 8 (now this post is definitely related to homosexuality in a way) was itself unconstitutional. It doesn't matter if all the homophobes voted for it, it's going to be repealed when it passes through the Supreme Court in the next couple of months. A lot of Republicans are mad because they think justices change laws out of ideological reasons; it has nothing to do with that. It is about upholding the Constitution, about equal rights for all citizens of the U.S. (14th Amendment). I don't see the problem with homosexuality and for homosexuals to have equal rights as other Americans do, no matter if they're gay, straight, or bisexual. It's not a choice; you can't choose who your attracted to. It doesn't play out that way. I can't wait for the day that equality prevails in this country. It started with race, then gender, now orientation. It will end the same way as those all did: with the majority not getting what they want (and ending up getting use to it).
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