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  1. Why would you mass if you wanted LSP? Massing is how you SPEND LSP. Go duo LS if you want LSP.EDIT: Looked at it again and found you were fighting off crashers. Actually I was among the crashers. We were the ones in good equipment.
  2. From 1.5m lsp. FML though, I wanted some points for corp.
  3. Vulcren: I don't get dry trips. There's been a drop each trip for the past 6 I've done. I was pretty sure it would be a dry trip. Maybe 5 kills before we left... [hide][/hide]
  4. it miiiiiiiiiiight be possible at arma if you have steel titan.
  5. Definitely. Ely is due for a price update any day now as well. Once you get the ely and essentials, you should be able to make money with solo bandos/slayer/solo arma etc.
  6. 100k tickets could be spent on 32m agility xp.
  7. 125 hooks at 800 tickets a hook would be 100k tickets at 50 tickets an hour so 2000 hours.
  8. I wouldn't use the word leach. Secondly most of the money I spent on herb came from several armadyl hilts. (1 Solo, 2 Cs.) I also farmed about 1500 torstol to make into overloads on double xp day. Unspamify [hide][/hide]
  9. Good trip, 91 hp on kc and then a solo skirt! [hide] [/hide]
  10. Quasar


    Spend a few hours in pvp and just buy the damn thing. I don't care if it's the principle, just do it.
  11. I keep hearing calls for armor that's as good as addy/rune but has no negatives to mage. There is. Wear agile with an amulet, a hood/helm, a bss/arcane and a wand and you've got about 80 mage attack and as good defence as black hides with a shield and fury and such.
  12. For melee, I sold legs automatically at max, plate at 110m after about 5 minutes, and kite for max after about 30 minutes.
  13. You're right to do 4 man with the new lsp system. It's more lsp and more chance of a sigil lol.
  14. Giga if you just want the shield here's my advice. Buy the rediculusly overpriced pumpkins with crashing junk. These merchers are cyclical, it'll go back up. Then trade 2 or 3 pumpkins+cash for an ely.
  15. Thanks a ton! Forum Name:FuryZ RuneScape Name: Elysianarrow Name to use on picture:FuryZ Picture: URL:http://img3.imageshack.us/img3/9003/g4j9a9xh.png
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