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  1. Oh, right, you have a P2P alt, right?
  2. This. Also, since the Tip.it help-site (as a distinct thing from the Forums) are basically dead and outmoded by the Wiki/Twitch/Reddit, there's really no real for new people to join the forums, and without new blood, it's sort of a slow death, particularly as older members move away from the forums. Which is a shame, because there's a lot of people that would be better to suited to traditional forums as opposed to Reddits, or better suited to using both (as I do), but they aren't aware of it. I constantly see people posting blogs/trivial accomplishments of Reddit, only to get - understandably - hate for spamming Reddit, when they could just as easily post that elsewhere.
  3. Traitors should avoid 71. ;)
  4. Arc is definitely worthwhile. It provides: - The best non-Cache experience for Divination (even better than Incandescents), and pure AFK. - The best non-Warbands and non-Crystallize experience for Mining (even better than Seren Stones) and extremely AFK. - The best non-Crystallize-Teak experience for Woodcutting, (even better than Crystal trees) and pretty AFK - not extreme - but still above average - AFK, though. - Comparable hunting experience to Crystallize, but less, and less tedious than Crystallizing (if you find that to be tedious). - Decent fishing experience, not sure how it compares to Waterfall, definitely less, but decent still. I think about 150k+. So it's definitely worth doing.
  5. Wkw, please. You aren't even ever in the Hyt FC. As for worlds, usually 71, though quite a few others for other stuff.
  6. Been away for a while, but back now. Time for achievement spam!
  7. Wow. Sad. So you finally saw the message, but I guess OP no longer plays?
  8. What do you mean by that? Culd you elaborate? What kind of shock are you talking about?
  9. Runetrack has been obsolete and broken in all sorts of ways for years now. The person who owns the site does minimal work on it and usually very late, and refuses to sell the site to others who have offered to buy it. Personally, I like Runeclan these days. It tracks experience like Runetrack, but for users *and* clans as well. The site is also updated a lot more frequently than Runetrack, an doesn't seem to have the same problems with name changes messing up tracking in the database and experience records.
  10. It was basically a filler content for a filler week. I can understand why some people are upset about them essentially celebrating this type of thing, but I don't personally have strong feelings on the matter, one way or another. I didn't even bother visiting the place.
  11. Well, we're still better than a lot of those other old forums that had to shut down completely! Though we're probably not too far from there. :(
  12. While I don't really support his actions or think he's right, I think most people would probably react similarly if they were in his shoes. I don't think you can be "normal" and spend 35,000 hours playing RuneScape within such a relatively short time period. Pretty much. Which was always the point that I made during this thread, back in the day. I don't think most people would have reacted the same way though. They would have been angry if Jagex cancelled their trip (even if deservedly so), but they wouldn't have had public nervous breakdown. That's indicative of other underlying psychological issues.
  13. Well I presumed that this forum is mature enough not to react childishly to that whole situation (like Reddit did). I only mentioned it tangentially anyways, though it was relevant. ----------- He's still at it, he's basically having some sort of prolonged public meltdown. A few interesting details did come out though, namely that Jagex essentially cyber-bullied him, and Suomi given the highly sensitive and troubled person he is, has never gotten over that, or the cancellation of his 5B party. He revealed he's basically sent Jagex dozens of emails, crying, begging, apologizing, (sent to a particular email they sent him), and they have never responded or acknowledged him. Given his highly vulnerable state right now, that's pretty questionable ethically on Jagex's part. If you mention the word 'suicide' even as a joke in such a way as to imply you're contemplating it, they'll call the cops on you, essentially, but a very famous player from your community is having a major public meltdown now (and was apparently privately having it too for years, and you were aware), and you decided to play hard to get? I sincerely hope he gets the help he clearly needs, though with the way people are responding to him on social media, this could end really badly. I guess he's sort of the stereotypical hardcore player (unlike Zezima), where you suspect they have personal issues.
  14. Not sure if this is relevant here, and I am certainly not being malicious here, though if this violates rules, certainly take it down, but has anyone been following Suomi's Twitter? He's been posting hundreds upon hundreds, if not thousands of tweets all in the span of the last 2-3 days (2.5K tweets, and the earliest that Twitter will show is from 2 days ago). Some sort of breakdown and continual ranting against Jagex. The reason? That they canceled his party for 5B experience years ago. So he's not over that. I remember that was a big topic of discussion here, so I thought I'd would post this. I presume this isn't against Tip.It's rules of targeting famous players, since this is unfolding on social media out in the public with Suomi's full consent. Sad though, he seem to have severe problems with anxiety, depression,and what not that are unraveling... https://twitter.com/SuomiRs If anyone is here curious. He also takes great umbrage at the fact that OSRS J-Mods are protecting Emily from all that drama, while he was never treated that way, and was more or less disowned by Jagex after that one rant. (All his posts, most of them, come back to that). He seems to have no self-awareness about how foolish it was to rant at Jagex after they generously offered to fly him down and give him a party, and his friend Jake too, at *no* cost. Ultimately, it appears he's seriously upset about it still, and is completely unable to help himself, or stop the ranting (though he repeatedly insists he's done). :(
  15. The threshold boss pets aren't super RNG (and have a threshold mechanic that actaully improves your chances as you do more kills, to a limit). Also, they aren't a Comp or Trim requirement. (Which is actually a good thing).
  16. Oh heavens no. That isn't me. IIRC, he used to be in my clan and was a total troll and viscous homophobe who was kicked and perm banned for insulting our clan leader with slurs (who happens to be gay). Imagine that.
  17. I think the main issue is that these cases are time-limited comment so I don't know how they would handle reqs... If you didn't play in may 2016 you can never comp....ever. Problem solved! It makes the cape more exclusive, and is therefore automatically a great idea. I am in favor. Can we throw in some absurdly RNG based requirements too? More exclusivity!
  18. To be fair, River of Blood was a pretty nonsense quest that was not worthy of the mantle of GM, like a lot of recent so-called GM quests. Anyways yeah, Meg Cases are a filler update, like the Myreque Memorial. Thankfully this isn't a req for anything and optional, though worth doing and quite easy.
  19. Oh, and I'm done God Wars 2, one month and one week in. Max Rep and everything: Oh and at one point I was the top Helwyr (normal mode) killer in Runescape. That was a fun month. :D Am so ready for boss pet overrides this coming Monday.
  20. Ah okay. So your main/original is still f2p for life?
  21. Traditional forums are on the decline as whole, though there are still many robust forums out there, but I think with RS the problem is compounded by the fact that RS itself is also on the decline in terms of users and popularity. Most casual players can get by fine with just Reddit and RSwiki. So can experienced players, though they tend to stick for the community.
  22. I thought you only played F2p? Also, that Akrisae is an intentional easter egg that's super rare, in case you didn't know.
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