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  1. Doesn't its defense apply more evenly against all 3 styles too though? Not just no accuracy penalty but also a boost in defense rating.. but they lower the stats by a massive amount which effectively makes it junk? it is nice against ppl that use multi style, but weak against ppl that focus on same style, but can counter using prayer but the armour are too exp So it would be perfect in FOG? (Assuming people still played :( )
  2. Anything but combat was what i was doing. Fire spells on ice warriors/giants. But for someone level 200 combat, are there any groups of monsters that are aggressive? I was wondering about the way f2p gets magic up the quickest, if there is a new method. http://forum.tip.it/topic/315670-f2p-combat-training-plus-monsters-and-their-weaknesses/
  3. Why do they always give that "Thousands of hours of gameplay" metric? I fail to see how that would make someone go "oh damn, I need to play this now!" (and the fact that it's an MMORPG would limitless play makes it weirder - I remember when they first started using this phrase that people thought we would be kicked out of the game after a few thousand hours, haha.)
  4. With the awesome graphics and whatnot now I would be really interested in someone whipping out their Orb of Oculus and taking some pretty nature pictures for desktop backgrounds <3
  5. Awesome, so it's still a possibility <3
  6. Does this allow us to send offline messages? Or is it a disappointment?:( (Also, is the gambling icon accessible?)
  7. The only activities that aren't XP/time waste are: High alching Firemaking Merchanting
  8. > Gardevoir Blasphemy, I'm pretty sure nothing exists beyond season 2 of Pokémon.
  9. They all do unfortunately (this account is from like 05 I think, and a past member). 40k is such an arbitrary number, at least 100k would make sense while still being limited. (btw, l2quote, I'm not sure what's with tif'ers and forgetting to press 'quote' haha)
  10. Personally I camp at the island with Finix and siphon Body Hounds until either a Fire storm or Fleshy growth node appears, that way I have a continuous cycle of essence and high XP.
  11. After looking at this picture again, what's with the faded dice button under the minimap, next to Solomon's hat? I noticed that after I posted it, too. I guess the new gambling feature is going to be accessible right from our interface, not its own building in some town....
  12. I'm sure this has been said already but I'll point it out anyway: Oh dear God let that be a way for us to send messages to offline players! :pray:
  13. Oh, how come? I heard they quit once. They're not very legit.
  14. The OP needs some major cleaning up/updating.
  15. Wow, really O_o? I could've sworn it was in the 2008 update when they added the running icon next to the minimap, but obviously that wasn't true as it was included in the 2007 version. I'm finding it hard convincing myself that it was included with RS2 ><
  16. Even though its March? Especially because it's March, just over a week until April 1st.
  17. I'm trying to find the specific update News article on the update but haven't had any luck. It wasn't included with the launch of RS2 was it? I thought it was a later update (in 2007 perhaps, given that it's in 2007scape), because I was crafting at the time and I remember how useful the update was (unless I'm being delusional). If you know the specific date/news article it would be super helpful.
  18. They'll likely spam more about gambling IRC channels now instead.
  19. Elias needs to learn how to use screen capture software, haha.
  20. Clan Cloaks should give armour bonuses equal to Team Capes. Ring of Devotion should also give armour bonuses (or at least a prayer bonus).
  21. Does anyone know if they fixed the Combat Academy (I don't see it mentioned in the patch notes), it's been unbeatable for 2 or 3 weeks now.
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