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  1. Honestly, none. RuneScape (like any MMO) is a game I have to play myself, I'm not interested in seeing some guy click on rocks or spam 213452134 on his ability bar. I actually prefer watching LP's to playing games myself in most cases, but RuneScape is an exception. I've watched some quest guide videos in the past, though, so there's that.
  2. I'm definitely in favor of its removal. I was devastated when I saw it was included in this snapshot of 2007, it's a symbol of the events that led to the removal of the Wilderness and everything thereafter (also it's annoying for Runecrafting I guess, and I hate seeing people hanging out in its neutral zones).
  3. On principle, I still see them as P2P skills despite the ability for us to train them, and as such personally wouldn't. It's hard. We've never encountered something quite like this, nothing to compare it to. A definite gray area....
  4. What are some new training methods we can do in Taverly/Burthorpe for skills we already have (e.g. woodcutting, fishing)? A change of scenery could be nice if possible.
  5. The websites I personally use every semester: BigWords (catch-all for all other textbook websites, tells you the cheapest and gives you a coupon if available; also, especially useful for selling your textbooks). Bookbyte (probably 50% of my purchases are either from this website or Amazon) Amazon (of course) Half.com (very rarely; surprisingly their prices aren't the greatest usually) (I used referral links as they usually give you a discount/special stuff.)
  6. The Bestiary is extremely laggy for me, probably 2-3 FPS. Wish you could zoom in/out (unless there is a way to do that that I didn't see). Will clearing my cache remove the files or do I have to do something else?
  7. As expected, they're turning to DLC: http://www.aceofspades.com/forums/showthread.php?16646-Valentine-s-Day-Massacre-Pack! :wall:
  8. Pine tree (christmas tree) trimmer. It was surprisingly fun (talking to the other workers, listening to music, zen-like stuff as I thought to myself) despite its repetitiveness and the soreness (basically I just swung a machete for four hours), and really good pay ($10 per hour). That experience has really made me eager for my next job.
  9. Probably (maybe someone with more experience can say more definitely). Air-blasting Hill Giants was supposedly pretty good (as they're weak to it and drop big bones) as well. Ok so... what exactly should I change it to? Remove the things I have listed currently and put just Law/Nature Staff? Thanks :)
  10. Yeah :/ The whole reason I did combat was so I could AFK and take breaks from skilling, now that's gone (I don't play anymore, though, so I guess all worked out). I imagine it's interesting for PVP, but I don't understand forcing it on PVM. I do like that they finally made different weapons/armours more useful, but at the cost of enjoyable combat.
  11. Also, don't bother looking for the yellow wizard (afaik it's a waste of time unless you get very lucky).
  12. Using the combat triangle: Melee armour is strong against ranged attacks, it's weak against mage attacks. Ranged armour is strong against magic attacks, it's weak against melee attacks. Magic armour is strong against melee attacks (that's some strong cloth, haha), it's weak against ranged attacks. ----- For Melee: Deadly red spiders use ranged, so melee armour is best. (There aren't melee boots so ranged boots seem like the best alternative, mage boots would be a bad idea as they're weak to ranged.) ----- For Ranged: Lesser Demons and Warped Bats use magic, so ranged armour is best. Ghosts use melee, so mage armour is best. You were correct with your concern with ranged, I had some things mixed up, I've updated that (thanks!). ----- For magic: Ice Warriors use melee, so mage armour is best.
  13. 1) Go through the portal at the top of Wizards' Tower to enter RuneSpan. 2) Start by clicking on the Floating Essence and getting 25 essence: 3) Click on the various Esslings (the creatures) and siphon them to get more essence. This map shows where to go for different Esslings: 4) Click on various Nodes (the unmoving elemental things) and siphon them to get better XP (siphon from the highest ones you can), siphoning nodes is your main objective: 5) Repeat #3 - #4 until level 33 Runecrafting. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6) At level 33 Runecrafting, use the Vine ladder to middle level (see map, on island #51). Most people simply stay on that island you come up from (see map, island #1), not bothering to venture to other islands as it tends to have pretty good variety with Nodes. 7) Siphon from the Body Esshounds for essence (I like to get at least 2k essence before moving on to Nodes): 8) Siphon from the various Nodes that appear (siphon from the highest ones you can): 9) Repeat #7 - #8 ad infinitum to your desired level. (pictures via Wikia)
  14. The game is $5 for the next 22 hours: http://store.steampowered.com/app/224540/?snr=1_620_4__45_1 That was my pricepoint, too... but I really don't think I'll be buying (it really doesn't look very appealing, maybe in the future when/if they add more stuff).
  15. OP updated (hopefully with minimal inaccuracies, haha). I've tried summarizing the advice from the F2P General Discussion thread.
  16. Unfortunately the player who was running the Skiller List has decided to go P2P, and therefore as a P2Per cannot really (and probably is no longer even interested in) running this list. I wish him the best of luck in his new rs adventures, though it's a shame this never got fully off the ground. Hopefully this thread will remain open, though, as I'm sure it would be a very valuable database for whomever decides to maintain the Skiller List next. Well that fell apart quickly....
  17. I totally forgot about Pliigi/SDCentral until now. Is Stellar Dawn still going to be a thing? (I see their website is still up with "coming soon"). EDIT: Wow, their Jagex forum is really interesting, a lot of stuff I didn't know about. What's with all of the domain purchases O_o e.g. they purchased 121212.com most likely for the AoS release, yet never actually used it... and now the domain is pretty worthless.
  18. I seem to be the only person that holds this opinion - lanyards. I'll be so glad when that fad dies off.
  19. Good to see someone finally took the initiative to start this back up :) (former rank 3 skiller, totally going to boast about that given its relevance haha) EDIT: Man, I have no idea who any of these new skillers are (or if they're actually new or just old skillers with name changes).
  20. Protip: add ?context=# to the end of the URL for context of the parent (where # is a number of how much context in the thread you want to show). :) Vague responses as always, haha ><
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