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  1. Depends on how you wanna play the game.. my guess is 2011 will be the biggest year for Jagex with Stellar Dawn upcoming and so :P IMO, no.
  2. RS2 Beta was not only for members only! http://services.runescape.com/m=news/rs2-beta-online-to-free-users?allcat=true
  3. you need to have exactly 6 fire runes.. not more than that ;)
  4. Nothing reading my RS mails for 4 months.. when i finally got the time to read them, i had been invited become a pmod but they had enough pmods for the moments so they cancelled it 3 weeks earlier! Gah :/
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2uVcqjMmMM
  6. bossi

    Golden Horde

    Why did have to start a war against Filosti Empire on Imperial Palace, riemis?
  7. i'm not sure but i think thats Andrew.. sitting infront of the computer ;)
  8. I'd love to see a mountain dew; game fuel version for runescape :D
  9. I might be wrong but ain't Armadyl the brother of Zaros.. and if so i highly doubt Zaros will return without any hints of Armadyl
  10. i searched around brazil rs and found this: http://www.runescape.com/l=3/kbase/view.ws?guid=level_up_payment anyone?
  11. yey finnish forums :D but we don't really need it :P (like everyone under 25 can speak pretty good english here :P) there is always google.com/translate if u got problems to understand :P
  12. for me its not taboo.. not even in school, becuz one of my classmates also play.. and we love to talk rs around the others becuz they always goes like: huuh? and stuff :P
  13. My best usernames is: A N Y O N E killer_n00b party goblin
  14. why are ppl so ashamed of being called "nerd"? i got 2 classmates playing RS and we talk openly about it around the rest of the class.. of course some think it sucks but they don't say anything :P PS. also like everyone that knows me knows that i play RS.. PPS. And its not a big deal here in Finland many plays rs anyways :P
  15. well i got all 6 i could and no ban ^^
  16. Think about that. Really, think about that. Level 3 with 51 slayer. But yes he could do the quest, as the 51 slayer is only required to kill the phoenix after the quest is complete. lucky for me i got 52 :P ps. highest slayer a lvl 3 got is 70 slayer (soul in pain)
  17. they could make agility more like parkour :D:D
  18. Morphic clay fletching knife is so worth it! ive used about 20 of them already, and got 10 more. Normal yew long(u) xp: 75 Clay knife yew long(u) xp: 111.5!!!
  19. OMG! back2pray got 7m theiving xp! that guy is unbelivable.. i use to race him in theiving when he was about my xp.. but he got too much everyday so i lost him :P
  20. thanks srjoker ;P i just posted this becuz i was boored ;P funny of everyone love to rant on this forum ^^
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