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  1. Getting rid of wildy is stupid imo, specially since I got a whip kill with my clan yesterday :D but new minigames sound cool
  2. LOOL at reply #1 yeah we do need a better bank system. current one is just so outrageously bad.
  3. Yeah , I love to stay silent while skilling but i say things periodically though Reason: *me hunting peacefully* *spot stealer comes tries to steal spot* *me keeping at my same spot even after decreased xp rate* Spot Stealer: Omg you hunter bot u botz gtho nub reported Me:??? Spot Stealer : Gf nice autotalker #-o
  4. "If it aint broke, don't fix it" comes to mind... :lol:
  5. Hmm yeah we do need a huge money sink :o Comission on every sale for the exchange?
  6. Hmm Yeah that may be... Its a good point but I thought they stated that ALL of the entry fees put together go to the winner :o
  7. it does doesnt it :o I was gonna comment on that lol but i better not say anything more cause i'll prolly be wrong. Not american see :D
  8. :D Nice. I hate this update RS is becoming babiiscape.. a loada other solutions coulda been provided but they choose the worst
  9. Staking doesn't create money, it gathers it from players X and Y to player 1. Now when you aren't anymore potential of becoming rich from staking, people who want/need money collect it other ways, either by starting dmin with valuable items or cash in their inventories by "creating" it through gaining raw materials that can be turned into alchables. Also due the fact that high alching isn't only creating money, it's also a good way for magic xp for those who can't afford losing big amounts of money, nature runes and alchables have felt to a level where they really can't drop or rise a lot. In my eyes this panicin about economical crashings, rare items and mass hysteria are based on realism as much as my last night's dream. I agree with most of your points , but the first was a bit pointless as i never said staking created GP from nothing :o
  10. Cool i said something of the sort yesterday in lightningchat In my opinion this is a really good alternative
  11. Interesting Latino. But the make/alch thing is on a smaller scale than the buy alch I would think. Correct me if I am wrong :D
  12. Hi i'm 3ricardo3 in game and in this post i'm gonna try and assess the impact of the new update on the RuneScape economy. More specifically i'm going to try to spark a debate about how this update affects YOU, the normal player who doesn't own billions in RSGP. Please bear with my not too impressive english, it's never been one of my strong points... Okay, so here is the thing. People have been running around w83 and select other worlds in mobs rioting etcetra, people have been panicking since the update about rares prices and prices of other valuable items . (Chicken little anyone?) But is this update really so bad for the economy? Staking. It was widely recognised as the most efficient way to build up a fortune. Because of it's demise as a mass money getter, Less money will be transferred amongst the richer people. (12k an hour per person max :D) Normally in a population, the top few percent of richest people will have a high percentage of the money in the economy. I think we will all agree that most of the rich people in RuneScape are stakers. If they have no millions in stakes, getting money is considerably harder. This will mean that they will spend less on Recreational equipment such as 3rd Age armour ETC. More importantly, because money is harder to get for them, therefore more valuable to them, people will Alch less because that 132gp or something you lose on average per alch will be of more value. This may result in less money coming in the economy in the long run, because Alchemy is the biggest money creator in runescape. (An excellent article by "Duke Freedom" i think valued the whole money in RS economy and the Alching part of it is interesting) Alching is like our printing. If we print less money becomes scarcer, Which means people will spend even less and prices will drop even further and money will be worth even more and the economy will go to even further down a spiralling state of depression. But there is another standpoint you could take on this, a more optimistic one. If money is worth more and those Bandos tassets which went for 13 million yesterday you had to sell for 12m, essentially you would still have the same amount of buying power that you had yesterday. Okay, you haven't gained anything but you haven't lost anything either. So what do you think, have our bank accounts suffered from this new update? (Thanks to someone who I can't remember on lightning chat for the little Chicken :o sorry :() PS: If there's a debate forum on TIF and a moderator feels its more appropriate there please move the thread. I just posted in general to get more opinions from people :D
  13. Party hats are a great investment queltar. Everyone has to recognise that. The supply never rises but the demand generally does. So it's the safest bet you can place in RuneScape. But that is why it is my firm belief that rares should not be allowed to continue in the same way, because they are SURE to go up in the mid to long term. No brain needed. No knowledge needed. No thought needed. just keep an item in your bank and watch it raise to huge prices and tear the economy apart. And this is probably only a temporary crash .. theyll go back up soon
  14. item staking doesnt work, tried a santa "you cannot transfer more than 3000 gp of wealth" Inbuilt price guide? Yeah, it'll prolly be the standard price guide after the grand exchange
  15. *hunts with leet hunter skeels* Mu-hahahah? Well Gl on your goal .. and where r teh 91 lvl up pic with me 1337 msgs? PMG u r lost it? lol Nyse bird nests gimme lol
  16. That already happens =) I agree with the other stuff though
  17. You should have posted this somewhere else If you don't have the patience or skill to do monkey madnes there is NO WAY you will reach 99 Strength. Some people gave you good suggestions but you didn't even try any before you said no to them. I guess just posting the topic gave you some weird satisfaction or something, but really this was just your own monologue, not a request for help =S Anyways good luck on maxed out strength
  18. you need to apologise for breaking the rules in your appeal and prove that you acknowledge how you may be belittling the purpose of the game by drop trading, and then hold aspirations to play the game more fairly. Like so maybe: Intro: Why you were banned and when Point 1 : what your actual offense was Point 2 : Apologise Point 3 : Acknowledge Point 4 : Tell them how you will be a law abiding player in the future. Conclusion : Ask them to unban you because you acknowledge what you have done wrong and plan to never do it again PS: to all those people who dont care about it why even post? Just pure spam and you like to take potshots at someone who is already down? I bet most people who posted on this thread have cheated a few times in the past, and maybe some do still... If you did cheat in the past and don't now you should sympathise with this guy because if you can stop cheating why can't he? And if you still cheat now then well... Hypocrite much? Anyways hope I helped :S
  19. Well i'm pretty happy about the updates. Big changes are needed to engage players for a long time which is just what jagex is doing. Good job jagex \
  20. Wow.. I mean just wow... What a month! I love jagex for all this new stuff i mean like Great updates and uber suspense... LEAK PLEASE?
  21. Naw mate, merchants will still find a bargain... because there are two things people capitalise on while merchanting EG: the time: sometimes people want to go pking with mates but dont have sharks or super sets, they may buy these for upto 5x the original price. And also the time as in the seller wants quick cash in the bank which means that merchants can still capitalise on that and find something cheap in the players shops and buy. But i'm uber happy cause no more AUTOTALKERS. YAY!!!! Rejoice my friend!
  22. Dude... seriously... How many people have 600 cats in runescape? NONE how many people have 30m in runescape? thousands PLEASE keep them. I know I am new but i have been lurking around rs related forums for a bit now and it would be such a shame if you sold them. If i had a reasonable amount of money I would pay you 30m just to keep them... seriously... please keep. Every time you say your going to sell them a kitten dies! (quite literally)
  23. The richness burns >.< lol nice account i it. And respect for getting your Mage book yourself xD... and the wand (though you dont need the wand... CROZI FTW)
  24. I like the idea of making it cost 10 of each rune... but i would include combination runes too. That would make it fill up some 18 inventory spots ( prolly wrong) and itd be easier to walk to bank. 10 nats 10 laws 10 bloods = some 11k so it wont be a uber overpowered spell =D
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