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  1. Biggest recent disappointment - how V's return went down. Biggest recent skilling release - divination/invention and it's broken promises. Overall disappointment - the release of MTX with no change to how content access works. (Pay membership, and then pay extra stuff on top. Because!)
  2. Brandon, don't share things like this on the internet. When you have a diagnosis like this you're fighting a constant battle against public perception. If your cousin does do anything stupid like press charges, don't give him fuel to reference online and twist against you. Don't be stupid and think that they can't make the connection between your online aliases and your real name. And please don't go down the road of casting aspersions on your friends. That's not cool. It's what got your last topic removed and it WILL be what gets this removed if it continues, you know this. E: wrong spelling of your name 2 many brandons/brendans 5 me
  3. >Max early december >fall in love with boss portals >jk guys invention is a skill again >try not to cry >cry a lot At least it seems they've made up their mind. Honestly for a returning player: nothing. You are already techincally "behind" in terms of gear and supplies for how long you've been inactive. That needs to be your priority. Anything else could be a catastrophic investment right now.
  4. It is a forum by the very definition of the word, but it's layout and style doesn't actually lend for any prolonged and lengthy discussion. It distills discussion down to short points or pointless altogether when actual thoughtful replies often go unnoticed due to the display style/upvote system. Basically it becomes like an echo chamber. It's unfortunate.
  5. I'm not sure what you're asking. Are you talking about the phpbb version of the boards, or earlier? Most of the phpbb topics if I recall were migrated when they switched to IPB software. The phpbb topics are there if you dig, for the most part.
  6. I'll point out that one of the top ranking builds is currently a Linza build which certainly uses gold generation to pull out their win conditions. I had all sorts of scathing things I said in a previous revision that were not generous and unfair. Can I just ask one thing? Please don't start dragging this into a discussion of ranking as though that's be-all-end-all. If you actually have a greater insight into the game, cool, share it constructively. Don't just demean everyone you're talking to by making this a dick measuring contest. I respect your ranking. It obviously represents some level of skill. But there's no need to use it as a full-stop in discussion. No one benefits that way...at all. It shouldn't be surprising that higher levels of play are highly distilled with less variety and everyone has matchups they'll lose or matchups they'll just win assuming both players are on equal skill/knowledge levels. That's when tech choices are key. So let's make this discussion more positive: what are you teching in to deal with Raptors lately as Linza? I haven't gotten into crafting much myself. Your insight'd be pretty valuable!
  7. You haven't explored Linza's (or heck, any Legend's) potential if you feel that you only need 2 gold at most to have a decent winrate. I think a lot of your opinions will change drastically (no bullshit) if you stick with it longer. You have barely seen enough of how these classes play out to make such definitive statements. Gold is almost essential in every Legend build to build up combos that can take out your opponent before the final showdown, or even more simply to just hinder your opponent's plans. Yes, Ozan's goldbomb decktype is pretty common...there's also his Deadshot/Snap shots that make him quite formidable. Yes Raptor can really rely on using his health as a resource to build up armor instead, but there are weapon and pure brute builds too. Yes Ariane can do lots of cheap casting, but one of her most infamous combos is Earth Blasting an opponent for 18 damage+ in a single action at a cost of a whopping 8 gold. Give it time. Unlock the Legend-specific cards in some ranked games...or practice mode, if you'd rather try something solo. Knock out your dailies, pick out some boosters. Try building some decks, or just look on the subreddit for an easy decklist to play with. You've got so much more of this game yet to see and you may find yourself pleasantly surprised if you open your mind a bit. Armor focused Raptors are hard to beat with just the basic cards available to you, so if you can't beat em then join em. You'll always have unfavorable match ups against certain archetypes. That's not "X beats Y, Y beats Z, Z beats X", that's just the nature of card games. More importantly, don't let him get value out of cards like Ice Nihil or Saradomin Brew. He'll try to use Nihil whenever he thinks his opponent's going to get a beefy weapon (hello, Linza's easiest and most common class build right now!) to stack up crazy amounts of armor - look for cards that bypass armor like Undead Dragon. He'll try to use Saradomin brew if you've noticed him using life as a primary resource early-game and then suddenly start ramping up armor - [bleep] up his gold amount with wealth-stealing cards! We're all still learning what cards are out there and how to build effective builds with the absolute basics. The sooner people can start crafting effectively (wahoo first changes to crafting coming soon) the easier this will become.
  8. Did they? As of yesterday they were only toying with the idea of a partial/full wipe. Got a forum link? Also they ARE confirming now that they'll be tweaking Legend token gathering sometime after the new year: https://www.rschronicle.com/forum/posts/list/417.page
  9. I'm getting the feeling for that too. Part of "getting" the right cards in a game like this is buying boosters or crafting. I intend to be pure f2p until something really gets me going, so that means I'll be grinding daily quests a lot and crafting. Both are fine for me, I expect to spend a lot of time since I have the privilege of playing for free. BUT. The crafting system as it is requires Legend tokens as the basis of Sapphire/Emerald/Ruby/Diamond cards (this game's version of rarity). Legend tokens are really hard to get right now. It also makes me scared because the shop seems like selling "Legend Token Boosters" could reasonably be a thing and these tokens remain scarce - else I cannot imagine the need to complicate the system. It's too early to say yet, though. The Chronicle team has been absolutely amazing with community interaction so far though. A jmod had said though that they're looking into balancing out crafting currency as the beta progresses, so I am not so depressed that I don't want to play. I just wish I had better feedback to give over "GRGRRRRGRGRG ITS SLOW 2 CRAFT >:(". Oh also what are your IGNs guys? Two guesses as to what mine is...lol
  10. https://www.reddit.com/r/RSChronicle/comments/3u8908/key_megathread/ They've been absolute gents, all of them. You can try your luck requesting there, maybe. If I had a spare key I'd share it. :( Actually let me double check my inbox, maybe I did get one after validating my email. e: nope :(
  11. It's in closed beta, but the subreddit has a megathread where people are kindly helping others play by giving away their extra beta keys. One kind fellow helped me get in today. Not sure how I'm liking the gameplay so far. It's great, but it burns sometimes having so few opportunities to react. Each Legend gets so many actions before the next planning stage and there aren't a whole lot of cards available at the beginning that allow you to interact with others besides just doing plain damage. I'm hoping as I unlock more cards and pick up a few more basic packs, that'll change. Anyone else trying it yet?
  12. Cool little update. I'm looking forward to doing a task later.
  13. Now I'm curious, what would you attribute to the large discrepancy between your estimated gp/hr at TDs (7mil/hr) and RSwiki's (3.5ish/hr)? So I know what to avoid in particular.
  14. Been a while and I have no real idea of where to find this information. I don't trust the RS wiki or, god forbid, the RS forums. I know there's still a pretty avid group of bossers on Tip.it, so what should I expect at: QBD Solo GWD (Kril/Graa/the sara bird) Solo Nex (beginner-to-avg skill) Rise of the Six Vorago Raids KK duo/trio I have problems with focusing/attention so it's a bit difficult for me to more than two things simultaneously while still keeping a decent APM. Currently I have a very low skill cap and I don't think it can get much higher even with practice. Current gear: I'd appreciate any suggestion on gear needed for getting my foot in the door at the upper threshold of bossing (solo nex/rots/rago). I know I won't have the gear for raids for a long time still.
  15. That is very true. What I find most alarming is that it seems to have grindy RPG-like elements. That is something I hope is not core gameplay. It's exactly what I don't want to see in more games - added timewasting elements that simply aren't fun added just to pad the length of the experience out...and to entice you to part with some cash to make the path shorter.
  16. The sad thing is that it would have been a really good update if it came out a decade ago. A decade ago I don't even know if Burthorpe actually existed. I don't even know if it was ever that popular to be considered 'good', even to members way back when. I'm all for not starving the Free to Play base but that's a bit hyperbolic don't you think?
  17. I'm a huge fan of Hearthstone. One of the things that intrigued me the most about this Runefest was that they actually didn't scrap the idea of Chronicle, the MTG Online/Hearthstone knock-off. And you know what? That's cool with me. I don't care if it's not as big as Hearthstone. What I'm looking for is a balanced and intriguing game that is viable for free to play people much like Hearthstone is. If it's packed to the gills with microtransaction bullshit, as Hearthstone is barely a year after being released, I'm not going to touch the beast let alone considering spending a damn dime on it. Card games are super-popular right now, but it's risky going against a behemoth like Hearthstone. It could be really, truly great. I'm really rooting for its success...but these are some big shoes to be filling, with more expectations than I expect a smaller company like Jagex would be able to match. But enough of doubts. Woo Chronicle. Give me my card game fix!
  18. I've seen better Groot knockoffs in a Dollar Store. This looks like a planted fetus. Excited for the actual content updates, in particular the Falador graphical rework. The Goebie stuff on Mazcab has never particularly interested me, though I do need to give it a fair shot. I just had no reason to go to the area originally because raids are beyond my skill level.
  19. Yes, I agree that tick cycle resets should be consistent. I don't know if it's a bug or if they intended it, but it makes very little sense set up as it is.
  20. No one is defending Jagex by telling you you're wrong. Are you so arrogant to believe your opinion on the situation is the only truth? I don't care if you're 10 or 50, your arguments are inherently flawed and it is ruining the only reasonable premise (Jagex has broken the game with its direction) you could lay claim to.
  21. This was never a glitch. This was a byproduct of disease ticks. It's been like this as long as farming has existed. Having 99 in a skill does not mean you know everything about the skill, as shown here clearly. Accept the fact that you're wrong for once instead of turning a blind eye to criticism. I played since farming was released. This is how it's been like since that time. Doesn't mean I like it. Doesn't mean I'm happy with it. It's a simple reality of the situation. If you instead suggested, "hey this should be changed because it's bullshit" you'd have no end of adherents, with me at the top of the list. You can't cry about how hard done consumers are by Jagex when you didn't even research the service and game you were paying for to begin with. You don't get to have your cake and eat it too here. How you are tackling the issues that bother you as a consumer, as a player, are neither productive or even rational. Your misdirected anger is a disgusting by-product of your gross sense of entitlement. You have a whole group here who would be willing to lend a sympathetic ear because unlike you, we've actually been playing this entire time -- which of course is to say we actually are passingly familiar with the many flaws of Runescape. You, however, choose to insult these people, deliver a broken message founded in pure willful ignorance. In all honesty I wouldn't be surprised to hear you've likely dislocated your shoulder with how hard you've patted yourself on the back for this latest slew of insults you've levered our way. I half believe the moderation staff hasn't closed this topic because watching your trainwreck of an attempt to verbally spar with your betters is probably the best piece of entertainment this board has seen since the Dragon Battleaxe debacle. You're only embarrassing yourself. Knock it off.
  22. Disease ticks still extend how long it takes to reach fully grown even if you have a gardener watching it. You honestly don't know what you're talking about. Cool I get that you're pissed, you paid for a month's membership and you have certain expectations. Bowling in here like you're bigger than the mountains throwing down gauntlets of "truth" (when really they're misinformation at best) as if it makes you some messiah to sufferers of Jagex's [bleep]-ups just shows how childish you're behaving though. Go cool down and come back later. If Jagex's game state, which will always prioritize EoC over legacy as they said when they rolled it out, still pisses you off this much then cancel your membership. You are completely within your rights to do so, hell it's even laudable to do it. But [bleep] off with this "HUR IF YOU CAN'T SEE THIS YOU'RE BLIND WAKE UP SHEEPLE!" bullshit. Many people here have been witness to Jagex's blunders and triumps while your voice was still cracking as you answered your teacher's questions. Don't direct your anger at fellow board posters when it's Jagex you're really mad at.
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